Monday, September 16

Review: Eduard Brassin 1/48th scale Spitfire 90gal slipper tank

Gary Wickham can do a pretty solid review, and today‘s offering of one of the latest additions from Eduard of their “BRASSIN” range of resin accessories to super detail your new 48th scale Spit does not disappoint – he has lots of historical pics to back it up as well in his review today...

Eduard Brassin Spitfire 90gal slipper tank
Kit No: 648 116
1/48 scale
Resin parts: 1
Photo Etch parts: 1 fret
Available from: Eduard directly & most model shops

The VB series were the first Spitfires able to carry a range of specially designed "slipper" drop tanks which were fitted underneath the wing centre-section. Small hooks were fitted, just forward of the inboard flaps: when the tank was released these hooks caught the trailing edge of the tank, swinging it clear of the fuselage. (source Wikipedia)

The slipper tanks were progressively made available in larger capacity during the war. Common capacity appeared to be 30 and 90 gallons.

Shown below are assorted sized slipper (or belly) tanks at Winnelli, a northern suburb of Darwin NT Australia in May 1943. These tanks were regularly used by No. 54 Sqn Spitfires in patrols during the defense of Darwin against Japanese attacks and are being prepared in readiness for attachment to the aircraft by ground crew (source Australian War Memorial)
Eduard has provided a single piece resin casting of a 90 gallon slipper tank in this Brassin set.
The tank itself is cast in a light grey resin and is up-to Eduard’s normal Brassin standard (ie excellent).
 In the event you do not want to mount the tank on the aircraft, Eduard have provide all the interior detail on the top of the tank as well. This would look particularly effective on a diorama base.
A very small PE fret is also provided that contains 5 parts. These include the two hooks used to ensure a clean separation of the tank upon jettison.
Minor adjustments are required to the tank and aircraft underside when fitted as shown in the instructions.
The resin has a fairly large casting block that extends up the sides of the tank which require some careful cutting to ensure the delicate detail on the part is not damaged prior to use.
Fitting the tank to the Eduard 1/48 Spitfire (or indeed any other 1/48 Spit) will be a fairly simple process as it simply sits on the lower fuselage/wing section. I personally would use brass pins to re-enforce the join but that’s just me being cautious.
In conclusion this very simple set for your 1/48 Spitfire from Eduard is a welcome addition for those modelers who want to build a specific mission loadout or like me looking for extra bits to add to a display base. Highly recommended.

Gary Wickham

Thanks to Eduard for sending this kit for us to show you