Monday, October 7

Dinner - fixing engines or sniping on a large scale – Verlinden leaves it up to you to decide from their three releases what you want to do this month…

Verlinden have stuck to what they know best this month – three solid releases – two accessories and figure sets on 35th scale and a large well sculpted figure in 1/16th resin. Let’s look at them in brief before their release this month..

Verlinden items for September
75 parts in cream resin comprise this set of two Luftwaffe servicemen and their officer who is seen here helping himself to a cup of coffee whilst one of the men looks enviously on.

The two mechanics are seen in simple overalls with a side forage cap whilst their pilot is seen in his officer’s peaked cap or “Schirmmütze”, short flying jacket and pants with flares on a belt on the lag – he is a typical late war pilot.
The engine they are working on looks pretty good as well – a DB601 engine with all of the major parts disassembled ready to be repaired and rebuilt. To help them do just that the mechanics have a large thick table with all manner of tools, vices and anvil, and a tool box. To further set the scene there are several “Jerry” cans, 44Gal drums and other tins as “Scatter” for your dio.

This Para of the British armed forces – a “Red Devil” as they were called, would look very much like he was out for a walk if it were not for his large Lee Enfield .303 rifle, camo gear and helmet! His Thick moustache seems to scream “English Gent”

At 1/16th scale this figure is made up of sixteen pieces of cream resin. The figure itself is wearing a rounded regular issue “P-H4” Airborne Helmet with a small brim and camo netting over it. His “Denison” smock was popular with the soldiers and this one has a scarf inside the neck. He also wears parachute pants tucked into his boots with galoshes wrapped around them.
On his back he carries a pack and on his front spare ammo packs for his .303. He also carries a water flask and forage bag.

90 parts in cream resin – depicting two German tank men having a good old cook up!  From crates stuffed with food – sausages, bread buns, apples, cabbage, lettuce, peaches – you can see them all here in beautifully cast resin. You can see all of the food details and make them all out - there is some wonderful casting of resin in this set

That isn’t all – there is a big block of cheese and a big knife to go along with it, several tins of canned fruit, thin rolls of bread, bottles and packets of food – this is going to be a feast!
There are two tankers of course – and I think they are probably talking about dinner! Both wear panzer uniforms and one holds a carving knife whilst the other one is probably saying “where is my tea?” Francois has added two jackets of the panzer men in a way that they are seen hanging off a point – the jackets hang down beautifully.
There are several bits of equipment as well – German “jerry” cans, several canvas packs and sacks, a bucket half full, there are two small mess containers and a large circular cooking tin as well as the soldier’s personal equipment – gas masks binoculars

You can get all three of these Directly from Verlinden or their Distributors Worldwide