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Hasegawa releases – 2013

There has been so much on recently we almost forgot to keep you up to date with Hasegawa’s new kits – well December from them looks like a great Christmas!

December 2013 Items from Hasegawa

1/48 F/A-18A Hornet RAAF 70th Aniversary Limited Edition
The Royal Australian Air Force's No. 77 Squadron was established on March 16, 1942, at R.A.A.F. Base Pearce. During WWII, it protected its nation from enemy air raids with a fleet of P-40 Kittyhawks. The squadron, who converted to the F/A-18 Hornet in 1987, celebrated its seventieth anniversary in 2012. All seventy-one of their F/A-18As were revamped to commemorate the occasion. This limited edition kit features new antenna parts.

Stock Number: HSGS7361
Skill Level 3
226 pieces
Decal Option:
Royal Australian A.F., No. 77 Sqn., 70th-anniversary special marking, Code: A21-49, 2012

1/72 F-15K Slam Eagle Limited Edition

Sixty specially modified F-15E fighters were transferred to the Republic of Korea with improved engines, avionics, electronic warfare suites and target acquisition systems. All those improvements are needed to offset the substantial numerical advantage of North Korea with which South Korea has been at war since the 1950s. These improvements are backed by the solid performance and massive (23,000 lb 10,400 kg) ordinance capability that is present in all F-15s. This Limited Edition kit features two sets of decals for the Republic of Korea Air Force 11th Fighter Wing.
Stock Number: HSGS2070
Mfg. Number: 02070
Skill Level 3
160 pieces
Decal Options:
Republic Of Korea Air Force 11th Fighter Wing Code: 039
Republic Of Korea Air Force 11th Fighter Wing Code: 004

1/12 Yamaha YZR500 Tech 21 1989 Limited Edition
From 1973-2002, the Yamaha YZR500 led four 500 cc Grand Prix riders to ten separate world championships. One of the most famous riders to take the helm of the YZR500 was Japan's Tadahiko Taira. For the 1989 season, Sarron rode for the Tech-21 team, scoring 39 points to earn a fourteenth-place finish overall. This limited edition kit features new chamber and fender parts.

Stock Number: HSGS1708
Mfg. Number: 21708
Skill Level 3
162 pieces
Decal Option:
Tech-21 Racing Team 1989 WGP 500, 14th place Rider: Tadahiko Taira

1/350 IJN Hospital Ship Hikawa Maru
On her maiden voyage in 1930, Hikawa Maru was one of the most majestic ocean liners plying the Pacific. Just before war broke out in 1941, the vessel was hastily refitted as a hospital ship. She survived multiple mine strikes, and by the end of the war was one of very few large Japanese passenger ships still afloat. The ship was converted back to a passenger liner until, in 1960, she was converted to a museum and floating hotel. Kit features decals and photo-etched parts, many upgrade kits are available.
Accessories such as photo-etched parts (available separately) add to the authentic looks of the finished model: HSGS2149, HSGS2150, HSGS2151
Stock Number: HSGS4086
Mfg. Number: 40086
Skill Level 3
383 pieces

1/72 Kawasaki T-4 Blue Impulse (2 kits) Limited Edition

Japan's Air Demonstration Team, "Blue Impulse", amazes crowds of spectators with stunning feats of aerobatics in their T-4 trainer aircraft. These subsonic planes are perfect for the precise manoeuvres that the team has to pull off, such as drawing logos across the sky with the plane's smoke pumps. From the Olympics to the FIFA World Cup, the birds of the Blue Impulse team are an infrequent but much adored sight in the Japanese sky.

Stock Number: HSGS2071
Mfg. Number: 02071
Skill Level 3
67 / 67 pieces
Decal Options:
J.A.S.D.F. 4th AW 11st SQ. "BLUE IMPULSE" Code: 805, 26-5805
J.A.S.D.F. 4th AW 11st SQ. "BLUE IMPULSE" Code: 726, 46-5726
J.A.S.D.F. 4th AW 11st SQ. "BLUE IMPULSE" Code: 730, 46-5730
J.A.S.D.F. 4th AW 11st SQ. "BLUE IMPULSE" Code: 729, 46-5729
J.A.S.D.F. 4th AW 11st SQ. "BLUE IMPULSE" Code: 731, 46-5731
J.A.S.D.F. 4th AW 11st SQ. "BLUE IMPULSE" Code: 728, 46-5728

1/72 A-37B Dragonfly Black Eagles (2 kits) Limited Edition

Korea's Air Demonstration Team, "Black Eagles", amazed crowds of spectators with stunning feats of aerobatics in their A-37B Dragonfly aircraft from 1994 to 2007. These straight-winged, subsonic planes were unusual choices for a demonstration team; however, they proved perfect for the team's precise manoeuvres. The twin engines of these Cessna-built aircraft also made them more reliable than the average jet, leading to a lower average of fatalities for the extremely dangerous demonstrations.
Stock Number: HSGS2072
Mfg. Number: 02072
Skill Level 3
61 pieces
Decal Option:
The Republic Of Korea Air Force Aerobatic Team "Black Eagles" Dec. 1994 - Oct. 2007

1/48 Mitsubishi A6M2B Zero Rabaul Limited Edition

When the Japanese attacked Rabaul in 1942, there was never any question of who the victors would be. The RAAF contingent on the island consisted of just fourteen out-dated aircraft while the vessels sent against them could carry ten times that number. In a display of extreme courage, the RAAF launched its planes into the path of the Zeros attacking the island. In the following moments, the Zero's effectiveness was proven beyond a reasonable doubt as the RAAF forces were obliterated.
Stock Number: HSGS7359
Mfg. Number: 07359
Skill Level 3
69 pieces
Decal Options:
I.J.N. Tainan N.F.G. Code: V-117 Rabaul 1942
I.J.N. 201st N.F.G. Code: W1-111 Rabaul 1943

1/48 Junkers JU87G-2 Stuka Rudel Limited Edition
Hans-Ulrich Rudel was one of World War II's most impressive fighter pilots. By the war's end, he'd flown 2,530 missions, with 2,000 targets destroyed in all. These impressive stats resulted in Rudel earning the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds, the highest German military decoration.
Stock Number: HSGS7360
Mfg. Number: 07360
Skill Level 3
113 pieces
Decal Options:
Luftwaffe SG2 Kommodore Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel Code: 494110 Germany May 1945
Luftwaffe SG2 Kommodore Oberstleutnant Hans-Ulrich Rudel Code: T6+AD Hungary Sep. 1944

These kits look to be available soon and are on pre-order at many hobby shops now – check back to the Hasegawa Page if you want to keep up with their latest...
Hasegawa October Releases

Introduced in April 1978, the Mitsubishi F-1 was Japan's first domestically produced jet fighter following World War II. It was favoured by the Japan Air Self-Defence Force's 8th Air Wing, based at Tsuiki Air Base. The F-1 was flown by the J.A.S.D.F. for nearly thirty years before it was retired in March 2006. Replacement aircraft include the F-2 and F-4EJ Phantom II.

Decal Options:
J.A.S.D.F. 8th A.W. 6SQ. Code: 240 2000
J.A.S.D.F. 8th A.W. 6SQ. Code: 244, 246, 273 2000

On January 18, 1911, the first successful aircraft landing on a ship occurred when pilot Eugene Ely landed his plane onto the USS Pennsylvania (ACR-4). In 1986, Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Four (VX-4) celebrated the 75th anniversary of this historic occasion by adding special "Vandy 75" insignia to select F-4S Phantom IIs.

Decal Option:
U.S. Navy VX-4 U.S.A.F. 75th Anniversary Special Marking, Code: 158358, 1986

From its earliest days flying B-17s in 1948, the 69th Squadron has been one of Israel's chief strategic air wings. The nickname of the 69th is "Hammers" and though their aircraft have changed, their objective hasn't: hammer the enemy. The Strike Eagle "Ra'ams" that the squadron operates are American-built all-weather strike fighters capable of delivering an astonishing array of cannon fire, missiles and bombs to targets over an 800 mile (1300 km) combat radius. This limited edition kit features new pylon parts.

Decal Options:
Israeli A.F. 69th SQ. Code: 235
Israeli A.F. 69th SQ. Code: 267

Formed in 1934, Kampfgeschwader 200 (KG 200) was famous for carrying out dangerous, long-distance recon and bombing raids. This special ops unit used Focke-Wulf Fw 190F-8s to test the latest weapons, including SC 1000 bombs. Fw 190s were flown by KG 200 pilots in the Middle East during the last year of the Second World War. This limited edition kit features under-wing panel parts and SC 1000 bombs.

Decal Options:
Luftwaffe 11./KG200 Code: A3+18 W.Nr. 583262 March, 1945
Luftwaffe 11./KG200 Code: A3+LV 1945

Japanese industry was being mauled by American bomber raids. Japan needed an interceptor capable of stopping the B-29. Japanese designers installed a large radial engine into the cowling of the Ki-64. The new engine massively improved the performance of the fighter and the Ki-100s raced off to fight. Without an effective supercharger, however, the Ki-100 still couldn't perform at the altitudes B-29s attacked from. Two bombs from those same bombers ended the war, consigning the Ki-100 to history.
Decal Options:
I.J.A.A.F. 59th F.R. 3rd Company Code: 153
I.J.A.A.F. 59th F.R. 2nd Company Code: 47


Produced in small numbers, the A6M2-K Zero was an upgraded, two-seat trainer version of the celebrated Japanese aircraft. This variant was built at Japan's 21st Naval Air Depot; later models were assembled by Hitachi®. Twin Type 97 machine guns, 132-pound bombs and a 551-pound bomb helped make it ideal for target towing and kamikaze missions.

Decal Options:
I.J.N. Tsukuba N.F.G. Code: Tsu-407 1944
I.J.N. Tsukuba N.F.G. Code: Tsu-415, 401 1944

Phantom II aircraft were the last aircraft to be flown by aces in the twentieth century-carrying numerous pilots to the five kill mark and beyond. They set sixteen world speed and altitude records that stayed in place for decades. They were America's most commonly produced supersonic aircraft. Though they have been phased out of use by the American military, nearly one hundred of these exceptional craft still provide air reconnaissance for the J.A.S.D.F. This limited edition kit features decals for Japan Air Self Defence Force planes.

Vickers machine guns were .303 calibre (7.7 mm), recoil-operated, water-cooled medium machine guns that the British developed and used primarily during World War I. The weapon was capable of firing up to 600 rounds a minute and, with an experienced crew, spare barrels and ample ammunition, was capable of maintaining that rate of fire for twelve hours. That endurance ensured that the guns were used on land, sea and in the air from 1912 to 1968. This limited edition kit features a finely-modelled gun with display frame.

Over an exemplary 50+ year history, the C-130 Hercules has been hauling the massive amount of men and supplies that the world's armies need to keep running. The aircraft can take off with a useful load of 72,000 lbs and has enough on-board space for 3 HMMVs or 2 APCs. Its long range of approximately 2,300 miles (3800 km) makes it perfect for the J.A.S.D.F. which uses the H variant to distribute vital supplies to island bases. This limited edition kit combo features two aircraft with nine total decal options.

Decal Options:
J.A.S.D.F. 1TAG 401SQ Code: 084, 071, 077, 085 (low visibility) Komaki A.B. October, 2009
* Komaki A.B. 50 years anniv. special marking included.
J.A.S.D.F. 1TAG 401SQ Code: 073, 074, 075 (standard camouflage) Komaki A.B. October, 2009
* Komaki A.B. 50 years anniv. special marking included.

Just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Mikoyan produced the MiG-29- a light multi-purpose fighter intended to counter the American F-15. Dozens of other countries, including Hungary, purchased this versatile fighter for their air forces. The aircraft can carry 7,720 lbs (3,500 kg) of munitions nearly 900 miles (1430 km). As a Warsaw Pact country, Hungary was issued with many of these Soviet-built aircraft. They currently keep the aircraft in useable reserve. This limited edition kit features a decal celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Hungarian Air Force.

From 1973-2002, the Yamaha YZR500 led four 500 cc Grand Prix riders to ten separate world championships. One of the most famous riders to take the helm of the YZR500 was Wayne Rainey. For the 1988 season, Rainey rode for the Roberts team, won the UK 500, scored 189 points overall and earned a third-place finish for the season. He would later win three championships in a row in '91, '92 and '93 This limited edition kit features new front brake calliper parts and decals for number 17, Wayne Rainey.


First flown in the middle of 1943, the P1Y1 was not operational until October 1944. Only 1,000 of all types were constructed before the cessation of hostilities and they were available only in small numbers. Those units that did make it off the assembly line were routinely squandered in kamikaze attacks against American shipping. Overall, the aircraft was fast and possessed remarkable range but was severely limited by lack of manpower and fuel.

Decal Options:
I.J.N. 521st N.F.G. Codes: 21-205, 1944
I.J.N. 521st N.F.G. Codes: 21-001, 1944

These kits look to be available soon and are on pre-order at many hobby shops now – check back to the Hasegawa Page if you want to keep up with their latest...

Hasegawa September Releases
Stock Number: HSGS2057
Mfg. Number: 02057
Pieces: 35 / 32
Age: 14+
Skill: 3
Expected Release Date: 9/1/2013
The Ki-44 II Shoki "Tojo" was one of the best armed Japanese fighters of WWII. Its combination armament and a powerful made it one of Japan's few effective counters to the B-29 Superfortress. At the same time an even more heavily armed counterpart, the Ki-84 Hayate "Frank", was also making its way into service. The flight characteristics and armament options on these aircraft made them great counterparts. Units were frequently equipped with a mix of these aircraft. This limited edition set features one of each kit with appropriate decals.
Decal Options:
I.J.A.A.F. 104th F.R. South Manchukuo
I.J.A.A.F. 104th F.R.
Stock Number: HSGS2058
Mfg. Number: 02058
Pieces: 123
Age: 14+
Skill: 3
Expected Release Date: 9/1/2013
B-25 bombers from the 82nd bomber squadron flew in Africa and the China-Burma-India theatre from the earliest days of American involvement in WWII until the Japanese surrender. Their aircraft were used for extremely dangerous tree-level bombing and strafing runs on Japanese positions. The "H" variant's 75 mm cannon and large number of forward-mounted heavy machine guns made it especially adept at strafing.

Decal Options:
U.S.A.A.F. 82nd BS/12th BG 35: VIKIN'S VICIOUS VIRGIN Code: 34208 Italy Dec., 1943
U.S.A.A.F. 1ACG 34380: Barbie III Burma 1944
Stock Number: HSGS2060
Mfg. Number: 02060
Pieces: 161
Age: 14+
Skill: 3
Expected Release Date: 9/1/2013
Aardvarks were some of the most versatile and lethal weapons in the U.S. arsenal for years. Variable sweep wings allowed the Aardvark to fly both quickly and efficiently at need and its bomb load was incredible. Over 30,000 lbs of free-fall, laser-guided, bunker-buster and cluster bombs could be carried on each run. In keeping with the tradition of many air forces, the nose of this limited edition kit features a "The Chief" naming decal along with the standard decals for the two versions from the 20th FW.
Decal Options:
U.S.A.F.E. 20FW UH20FW: The Chief Code: 68-0020 1993
U.S.A.F.E. 20FW UH20FW: The Chief Code: 67-0120 1992
Stock Number: HSGS2059
Mfg. Number: 02059
Pieces: 45 / 45
Age: 14+
Skill: 3
Expected Release Date: 9/1/2013
Thousands of pilots have finished out their pilot training in a T-38 Talon. These exceptional craft are supersonic, highly maneuverable and capable of carrying light weapons loads for training flights. For over fifty years they have been the staple trainer for America's fighter pilots and also served to keep NASA astronaut's flying skills sharp. It's best to use the buddy system, so these Talons come in a two kit combo! This limited edition kit features a pair of Talons with decals for both a NASA and a training wing variant.
Decal Options:
U.S.A.F. 9RW Code: BB285

Stock Number: HSGS7345
Mfg. Number: 07345
Pieces: 130
Age: 14+
Skill: 3
Expected Release Date: 9/1/2013

The B7A2 was a long aircraft designed to take on the roles of dive bomber and torpedo bomber in the Japanese Navy inventory. Most aircraft carriers couldn't effectively operate aircraft with a length in excess of 36 feet. At the outset of the war only one carrier could carry the plane and that carrier was sunk before the "Grace" was ready for war. Subsequently the plane was stuck on land, massively reducing its mobility and effectiveness. This limited edition kit features a "Grace" with torpedoes or bombs plus decals for two versions, codes: 752-03 and 752-21.
Decal Options:
I.J.N. 752nd N.F.G. 5th Attack Squadron Code: 752-03 April 1945
I.J.N. 752nd N.F.G. 5th Attack Squadron Code: 752-21 April 1945

Stock Number: HSGS7346
Mfg. Number: 07346
Pieces: 103
Age: 14+
Skill: 3
Expected Release Date: 9/1/2013
With the N1K2-J, Kawanishi did the impossible; turning a float plane into a dogfighter that could stand up to the best America had to offer. "George" fighters were quite capable of shooting down Hellcats, Corsairs and, in the hands of expert pilots, even the vaunted B-29 Superfortress. In larger numbers the N1K2-J could have had a massive effect on the war, but only 428 were built. By comparison 12,000 Corsairs, comparable to the N1K2-J, were produced by the U.S. This limited edition kit features decals for two 343rd NFG aircraft.

Decal Options:
I.J.N. 343rd Naval F.G. 701st Fighter SQ. SQ. Leader Lt. Takashi Oshibuchi Code: 343C-45 Matsuyama A.B. March 1945
I.J.N. 343rd Naval F.G. 301st Fighter SQ. Code: 343-A37 Matsuyama A.B. April 1945

Stock Number: HSGS7347
Mfg. Number: 07347
Pieces: 73
Age: 14+
Skill: 3
Expected Release Date: 9/1/2013
Operation Bodenplatte was meant to break the Allied Air Force and return air superiority to Germany. Heinrich Hackler, an experienced pilot with JG 77, flew the formidable Bf 109K-4 along with the rest of his group to attack airbases in Antwerp. A combination of bad weather, poor planning and lack of communication doomed the mission. Of 59 sent, eleven JG 77 planes were lost along with their pilots. Hackler was among them. This limited edition kit features decals for two planes from JG 77 sent on the fateful mission.
Decal Options:
Luftwaffe 11./JG77 Staffelkapitän Lt. Heinrich Hackler Yellow 10 Germany Nov., 1944
Luftwaffe 9./JG77 White 1 Germany Nov., 1944

Stock Number: HSGS7348
Mfg. Number: 07348
Pieces: 240
Age: 14+
Skill: 3
Expected Release Date: 9/1/2013
The Super Hornet has been an integral part of the U.S. Navy since 1999, delivering American vengeance wherever it flies. These aircraft cover an impressive array of roles from strike fighter to refuelling tanker in a single airframe. Super Hornets flown by VFA-27 serve on the U.S.S. George Washington. Fliers of the "Royal Maces" have flown thousands of strike sorties during Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. This limited edition kit features decals for a single aircraft--VFA-27 Code: NF200 from the U.S.S. George Washington Carrier Air Group

Stock Number: HSGS7349
Mfg. Number: 07349
Pieces: 166
Age: 14+
Skill: 3
Expected Release Date: 9/1/2013
The AV-8B Harrier II Plus has been in use with the United States Marine Corps since the mid-1990s. The "Plus" is distinguished by the APG-65 radar mounted in its extended nose, which allows it to launch some of today's more advanced air-to-air missiles, including the AIM-120 AMRAAM. Since WWII, VMA-311 has been deployed to every major American conflict in support of the U.S. Marines. Its service in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan has been exemplary. This kit features decals for two "Tomcats" fighters codes WL51 and WL01.
Decal Options:
U.S. Marine VMA-311 "TOMCATS" Code: WL51 2012
U.S. Marine VMA-311 "TOMCATS" Code: WL01 2010

Stock Number: HSGS8229
Mfg. Number: 08234
Pieces: 136
Age: 14+
Skill: 3
Expected Release Date: 9/1/2013
Decal Options:
U.S.A.F. 479th Tactical Fighter Wing Code: 70928 Udon A.B. Thailand 1968
U.S.A.F. 479th Tactical Fighter Wing Code: 70925 / Smoke II

These kits look to be available soon and are on pre-order at many hobby shops now – check back to the Hasegawa Page if you want to keep up with their latest...
Hasegawa August Releases

Stock Number: HSGS2056

Japan's Air Self Defence Forces chose the Sikorsky BLACK HAWK to be their rescue chopper in 1988. Ever since the UH-60J Seahawks have operated in some of the worst conditions imaginable in order to save lives. The markings on this craft salute the fiftieth anniversary of Chitose Air Base, one of the major bases the Seahawks are based out of. This kit features new radome parts, windows and antennas.

Decal Option:
J.A.S.D.F. Chitose Air Rescue 50 years anniv. special marking Code: 574 Chitose A.B. 2009

1/350 IJN Light Crusier Noshiro Limited Edition
Stock Number: HSGS4084

For most of its career, Noshiro was an extremely lucky ship. At Leyte Gulf that luck ran out. In company with a force of battleships, cruiser and destroyers, Noshiro surprised the destroyers and escort carriers of the U.S. 7th fleet. Outnumbered, outgunned and outclassed, U.S. forces proceeded to win one of the most lopsided engagements in naval history. Noshiro helped sink a carrier but was sunk by aircraft the next day. This limited edition kit features new carrier deck parts and decals for the I.J.N. 2nd fleet 2nd torpedo squadron.
Photo-etched parts (available separately) add to the authentic looks of the finished model: HSGS4085, HSGS7217, HSGS7237

Stock Number: HSGS2053

When the F-105 Thunderchief entered service in 1958, it was the heaviest single-engine combat aircraft. Today, the F-105 remains history's heftiest fighter, weighing close to 50,000 pounds (23,000 kg). Despite its considerable girth, the F-105 could still achieve Mach 2 speeds at high altitudes. Extensive weapons capabilities made it a hit with the U.S.A.F. during the Vietnam War. This limited edition kit combo features two F-105 Thunderchief kits.

Decal Options:
F-105B : NEW JERSEY ANG 108TFW 141TFS Code: 57784
F-105D : U.S.A.F. 23TFW 563TFS Code: 24386

Stock Number: HSGS7344

In 1940, Zeros were the unchallenged masters of the sky. By 1945, however, Allied fighters had outpaced their Japanese counterparts. Compounding the technical problems were the absence of trained pilots, the loss of Japanese carriers and fuel shortages. In response to all these issues, Mitsubishi designed the A6M7-the first aircraft ever designed for Kamikaze attacks. The fighter groups at the Yokosuka Naval Yard received these aircraft as a last-ditch defence against the imminent invasion.

Decal Options:
I.J.N. Yokosuka Naval F.G. Code: Yo-143 1945
I.J.N. Yokosuka Naval F.G. Code: Yo-147 1945

Stock Number: HSGS2054

Frederick R. Haviland, Jr. enlisted with the U.S. Army in late 1941, just before the U.S. entered World War II. He earned at least nine kills in the air and six on the ground, becoming one of the Allies' highest-scoring aces. This limited edition kit combo features two P-51B Mustang kits and new canopy parts.

Decal Options:
U.S.A.A.F. 8AF 355FG 354FS Capt. Frederick R. Haviland Jr. "WR-P: The Iowa Beaut" 1944
U.S.A.A.F. 8AF 352FG 328FS "PE-T: Patty Ann" 1944

Stock Number: HSGS2055

The P-3 Orion has served air forces all over the world with distinction for over fifty years. In the 1980s, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force replaced its Lockheed® P-2 Neptunes with one hundred P-3 Orions. Today, the J.M.S.D.F. still relies on the P-3C to carry out maritime patrol missions. This limited edition kit features new resin radome and antenna parts.

Decal Options:
J.M.S.D.F. Fleet Air Wing 2 2nd SQ. Code: 5100 Hachinohe A.B.
J.M.S.D.F. Fleet Air Wing 4 3rd SQ. Code: 5101 Atsugi A.B.

Stock Number: HSGS7343

The C6N1 was the best reconnaissance plane of WWII. This exceptional Japanese three-seat aircraft had a top speed equal to that of America's Hellcat. Because of this, C6N1s developed a reputation as being uncatchable. Unfortunately for Japan, the carriers for these planes were already at the bottom of the Pacific. The aircraft were used from land bases as recon planes and as night fighters in the closing days of the war.

Decal Options:
I.J.N. 343rd N.F.G. 4th recon. SQ. Code: 343-03 Matsuyama A.B. Spring 1945
I.J.N. 343rd N.F.G. 4th recon. SQ. Ens. Mitsuru Takada Code: 343-04 Matsuyama A.B. March 1945
I.J.N. 343rd N.F.G. 4th recon. SQ. Code: 343-05 Matsuyama A.B. March 1945

Hasegawa July Releases
Stock Number: HSGS0031
Mfg. Number: 50031 MU01
Skill Level 3
293 pieces
Age 14+
The Sopwith Camel was first flown by the Royal Naval Air Service's No. 4 Squadron in June 1917. A late addition to Britain's World War I arsenal, the Camel proved to be a formidable foe against Germany's Albatros. It was highly manoeuvrable and incredibly fast, so it was a perfect choice for night-time air raids. Today, the Sopwith Camel remains one of WWI's most iconic aircraft. This structure model kit features new tooling, museum-quality details, all-plastic construction, silver metal-plated cowl parts, functional rudder and flap parts and realistic rubber tires.

Restrictions placed on Japan at the close of WWII caused them to develop jet fighters much later than other countries. When Japan finished the Fuji T-1, however, it was clear they had made up for lost time. These planes were fast, effective and perfectly suited for training future fighter pilots. Only sixty-six of the aircraft were built, but the experience they allowed was invaluable.

Stock Number: HSGS2034
Mfg. Number: 02034
Skill Level 3
49 / 49 pieces
Age 14+
Decal Options:
T-1B : J.A.S.D.F. APG Code: 857
T-1A : J.A.S.D.F. 13FTW Code: 808
T-1A : J.A.S.D.F. 13FTW Code: 812

Stock Number: HSGS4069
Mfg. Number: 40069
Skill Level 3
210 pieces
Age 14+
Decal Options:
After redecorating the first (1943)
Completion (1940)
Operation TEN-GO (April 1945)

German "Night Hunters" of WWII Junkers Ju88Cs hunted enemy planes at night, homing in on their targets with radar arrays and then unleashing the concentrated firepower of its guns. These fighters experienced many successes in the early days of the war because of their similarity to Ju88 bombers. Later versions were equipped with 20 mm cannons in a "Schrage musik" configuration for tearing the bellies out of bombers. This limited edition kit features all new gun, antenna and landing gear parts.
Stock Number: HSGS2037
Mfg. Number: 02037
Skill Level 3
137 pieces
Decal Options:
Ju88C-6 Early type : Luftwaffe 1./NJG2 Code: R4+HH
Ju88C-6 Early type : Luftwaffe 3./NJG2 Code: R4+FL
Ju88C-6 Late type : Luftwaffe experimental version of slanting gun Code: DU+GO

Many aviation experts consider the J2M3 Model 21 to be the definitive Raiden. Thanks to its 14-cylinder MK4R-A Kasei 23a engine and four-cannon armament, it's easy to see why. The J2M3 was originally designed to intercept the Allies' B-29 Superfortress. However, where it really excelled was protecting Japanese islands from enemy bombers. This limited edition kit features new 20 mm slanting gun parts.
Stock Number: HSGS0823
Mfg. Number: 08233
Skill Level 3
162 pieces
Decal Options:
I.J.N. 302nd F.G. Code: Yo D-1183
I.J.N. 302nd F.G. Code: Yo D-1180
I.J.N. 302nd F.G. Code: Yo D-1198

A largely forgotten war was waged between the Russians and Japanese in Mongolia. At the outset of the war, the Ki27 outclassed everything the Russians had in the area. Many of Japan's fiercest aces downed their first opponents at the battle of Khalkhin Gol while flying the Ki27. The Japanese ended up losing the battle but wreaked tremendous havoc on the Russian Air Forces, claiming a total of 1,340 kills.
Stock Number: HSGS2038
Mfg. Number: 02038
Skill Level 3
41 / 41 pieces

Decal Options:
Type Otsu : I.J.A.A.F. 11th F.R. 1st Company W.O. Hiromichi Shinohara June 1939
Type Koh : I.J.A.A.F. 59th F.R. 2nd Company Sgt. Maj. Isamu Kashiide June 1939
Type Otsu : I.J.A.A.F. 24th F.R. 2nd Company Sgt. Gorou Nishihara

The AH-64D Apache is today's most famous attack helicopter. It's also a hit with the airshow crowd. And it's all thanks to the Royal Netherlands Air Force's Solo Display Team, headed by Sqn. Ldr. Roland Blankenspoor and Flt. Lt. Harm Cazemier. This popular aerobatics team debuted in 2002, scoring a Sir Douglas Bader Trophy at 2005's Royal International Air Tattoo. This limited edition kit features new resin chaff flare dispenser pod, sensor and blade antenna parts.
Stock Number: HSGS7336
Mfg. Number: 07336
Skill Level 3
292 pieces
Decal Option:
Royal Netherlands Air Force, Special Marking, Code: Q-19.

Hauptmann Hubert Pölz flew his Stuka with StG2 on most of the fronts Germany fought over during WWII. It was in Libya, during the North African Campaign that his dive bomber acquired the snake motif depicted in this kit. A poisonous serpent was entirely apt for the bombers that delivered the kiss of death to tanks, fortifications and men all across the desert.
Stock Number: HSGS7337
Mfg. Number: 07337
Skill Level 3
108 pieces

Decal Option:
Luftwaffe 6/StG2 Lt. Hubert Pölz Code: T6+DP Libya 1941

In the mid-1950s, Cold War tensions were rapidly rising, and Sweden was in need of a jet fighter to take on enemy bombers at high altitudes. The Saab® 35 Draken was the solution. Its revolutionary "double-delta" wing configuration delivered optimal performance at any speed. In the sixties and seventies, the Draken's innate air superiority potential was upgraded with infra-red target acquisition systems and Falcon missiles, creating the "F" series aircraft.
Stock Number: HSGS7342
Mfg. Number: 07342
Skill Level 3
109 pieces

Decal Options:
J35F-2 : Swedish A.F. Div.1/F10 Code: 10-57
J35F-1 : Swedish A.F. Div.1/F10 Code: 10-66

Five years of Luftwaffe service have proven that the Typhoon is an amazing machine. State-of-the-art voice interaction systems, high agility and top speed make the Typhoon a force to be reckoned with. Even with all the advanced features of the Typhoon, pilot training still has to be done the old fashioned way. Two seat aircraft allow a trainer to ride along and safely instruct trainees. This limited edition kit features special decals for the 50th anniversary of JG73 and the Typhoon's fifth year in service, Code: 30+20 2009.

Stock Number: HSGS2051
Mfg. Number: 02051
Skill Level 3
207 pieces

Hasegawa Kit release info June 2013

1/72 F9F-8 Cougar Combo (2 kits) Limited Edition

Cougars were some of the first jet-propelled aircraft in the US Navy. They were heavily armed, with four 20 mm cannon and, eventually, the new (at the time) sidewinder missiles. These aircraft are also remarkable in that they show the first break in the traditional straight-wing fighter layout. They are essential to the collection of anyone interested in naval aviation. This limited edition kit combo features a pair of Cougars with decals for three USN aircraft.

Decal Options:
U.S. Navy VA-56 Code: NF308
U.S. Navy VF-121 Code: D121
U.S. Navy VA-153 Code: H00
Stock Number: HSGS2036
Mfg. Number: 02036

1/72 F-102QA Delta Dagger F-106A Delta Dart (2 kits) Limited Edition

Stock Number: HSGS2035
The 460th Fighter Interceptor Squadron flew their planes out of airbases in Tennessee then Oregon in defence of strategic locations in the Cold War era. The Delta Dagger and its successor the Delta Dart were both dedicated interceptors, designed and built for the sole purpose of stopping Soviet bombers from reaching the United States. They might have been great at that role, but they never had to prove it. This limited edition kit combo includes both a Delta Dagger and Delta Dart with two 460 FIS decal options for each.

Decal Options:
U.S. ADC 460FIS Code: 70778
U.S. ADC 460FIS Code: 70779 F-106A
U.S. ADC 460FIS Code: 0-80780
U.S. ADC 460FIS Code: 0-80779

1/450 IJN Battleship Yamato
Stock Number: HSGS4151
282 pieces
Yamato was meant to symbolize Japan's dominance. She was the most powerful battleship ever built. Her main battery could engage targets 26 miles (42 km) away and her secondary battery dwarfed the firepower of most cruisers. Yamato had arrived too late, though. The battleship era was over. On April 7, 1945, nearly 400 American aircraft intercepted Yamato. After four hours of attacks, Yamato capsized and a magazine detonated, blowing the ship in half. This kit features a simplified build of the Yamato with a full decal set.

1/48 Spitfire MKVI 616 Squadron Limited Edition

Stock Number: HSGS7334
63 pieces
Spitfires, the renowned defenders of the British home islands during World War II, were some of the most powerful aircraft of the era. South Yorkshire Auxiliary Air Squadron No. 616 flew the Spitfire in combat against Luftwaffe fighters from the withdrawal from Dunkirk in mid-1940 to the D-Day landings in mid-1944. Most critically, 616 Sq. was a key component of the defense of London during the Battle of Britain.

Decal Options:

Royal A.F. No.616 SQ. Code: YQ-P 1942
Royal A.F. No.616 SQ. Code: AB534 1942

1/48 Kawasaki T4 Blue Impulse Limited Edition

Stock Number: HSGS7341
118 pieces
Introduced in 1988, the Kawasaki T-4 is a subsonic trainer that replaced Japan's aging fleet of Lockheed® T-33s and Fuji® T-1 jets. Kawasaki produced over two-hundred T-4s for the Japan Air Self-Defence Force. The J.A.S.D.F.'s Blue Impulse aerobatic demonstration team transitioned to the T-4 in 1995. Today, the squadron has eleven T-4s in its fleet, which are usually flown in jaw-dropping formations of six aircraft.

Decal Option:
J.A.S.D.F. 4th AW 11th Sq. "Blue Impulse," 2012-2013

1/48 Nakajima B6N1 Bomber Limited Edition
Stock Number: HSGS7335
170 pieces
"Jill" torpedo bombers were introduced in 1943 as a replacement for the B5N "Kate". The 601st NAG flew "Jills" at the Battle of the Philippine Sea, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Although they were faster and more maneuverable than B5Ns, B6Ns were still no match for American carrier-based fighters who had long before achieved near-total air superiority in the Pacific. Losses were so high among the aircraft that there is only one known example still in existence.

Decal Options:

I.J.N. 601st N.F.G. Code: 12-382 Singapore Spring 1944
I.J.N. 531st N.F.G. Code: 31-364 1943

1/72 Kawanishi H6K5 Flying Boat Limited Edition

Stock Number: HSGS2048
150 pieces
The H6K was developed by Kawanishi in 1934 in response to the RAF's Short Rangoon biplane flying-boat. The first prototype took its maiden flight two years later. By 1938, the H6K was aiding the I.J.N. in the Sino-Japanese War. An ability to endure 24-hour patrols made the H6K ideal for bombing and long-range recon missions during World War II. This limited edition kit features new photo-etched radar parts.

Decal Options:
I.J.N. 901st N.F.G. Code: KEA63
I.J.N. 901st N.F.G. Code: KEA-59

1/12 Yamaha YZR500 Sonauto Yamaha 1988 Limited Edition
Stock Number: HSGS1705
165 pieces
From 1973-2002, the Yamaha YZR500 led four 500 cc Grand Prix riders to ten separate world championships. One of the most famous riders to take the helm of the YZR500 was France's Christian Sarron. For the 1988 season, Sarron rode for the Sonauto-Yamaha team, scoring 149 points to earn a fourth-place finish overall. This limited edition kit features new front brake calliper parts.

Decal Option:
Sonauto-Yamaha Team 1988 WGP500, 4th Place Vehicle, No. 7 Rider: Christian Sarron

1/72 Tornado IDS Limited Edition
Stock Number: HSGS2049
111 pieces
The Tornado IDS (interdictor/strike) fighter-bomber has been a favorite of air forces all over the world since its 1979 introduction. The Italian Air Force received its first fleet of one-hundred Tornado IDS aircraft in 1982 - and it hasn't looked back ever since. In 2007, the I.A.F. celebrated the Tornado's twenty-fifth anniversary of operation by adding a special "Red Devils" paint scheme to the exterior.

Decal Option:
Italian A.F. 6th Stormo, 154th Gruppo 25th Anniversary Special Marking, Code: 6-31, 2007

1/72 Mitsubishi KI46-III Dinah Limited Edition
Stock Number: HSGS2050
68 pieces
In 1937, the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force asked Mitsubishi for a long-range recon aircraft that was faster than the single-engine Ki-15. Mitsubishi responded with the twin-engine Ki-46. It proved to be highly useful during World War II. 1944's Ki-46-III variant was a high-altitude interceptor with a 37 mm cannon and twin 20 mm cannons in the nose.

Decal Options:
I.J.A.A.F. 28th F.R. 2nd Company Code: 3
I.J.A.A.F. 28th F.R. 1st Company Code: 57
I.J.A.A.F. 17th Company Independence Flight

For more info on these and a lot of their other products just click on to Hasegawa’s site..
Hasegawa's May/June new item announcements..

1/72 B-17F Flying Fortress Knock-out Dropper Limited Edition
No fighter cover, no experience, no Allies on the ground, no problem. "Knock-out Dropper" was the first bomber in the Eighth Bomber Command to fly 50 missions, and then it was the first to fly 75. Since crew members only had to complete 25 missions to be rotated out, this lucky lady carried a full three crews to and from some of the most dangerous targets of WWII. "Knock-out Dropper" was a lucky craft, coming through all 75 missions with minor damage. This kit features decals for "Knockout Dropper" 1944. 98 pieces
1/72 Mitsubishi F-1 Sea Camouflage Combo (2 kits) Limited Edition
The Mitsubishi F-1 was the first jet aircraft that Japan produced after WWII. Its primary armament is the ASM1, an anti-ship missile containing a warhead with more than 330 lb (150 kg) of high explosive that can target ships thirty miles (50 km) away. Couple that range with the F-1's combat radius and you don't want to be on a hostile boat within 400 miles (650 km) of Japan. This limited edition kit combo features parts for two aircraft.

Decal Options:
J.A.S.D.F. 3rd A.W. 3rd SQ. Code: 259 1989
J.A.S.D.F. 8th A.W. 6th SQ. 2000 (one piece canopy)
J.A.S.D.F. 3rd A.W. 8th SQ. Code: 224 1988
Skill Level 3
73 pieces

  1/48 F-104S Starfighter Veltro 1 Limited Edition
The F-104S Starfighter - a licensed Italian version of the supersonic Lockheed® interceptor - was the final F-104 variant. It could carry up to 7,500 lb (3,400 kg) in external stores. The Italian Air Force's 5th Wing, 23rd Fighter Squadron took advantage of the F-104S's Mach 2.2 speeds and extensive weapons arrays for thirty-five years, until it was decommissioned in 2004. This limited edition kit features new ventral fin parts, new resin machine gun cover parts and one decal marking option: Italian A.F. 5th Stormo 23rd Gruppo 5-42: Veltro 1.
Skill Level 3 - 145 pieces

1/72 F4U-1 Corsair Combo (2 kits) Limited Edition
Two famous World War II fighters in one box
Marine Fighter Squadrons 111 "Devil Dogs", 212 "Hell Hounds" and 214 "Black Sheep" all operated the F4U Corsair during WWII. Their aircraft had been rejected by the Navy because of the dangers involved in landing 1As on carriers. The leathernecks didn't care. What mattered was that Corsairs were tough, agile birds that packed the punch needed to put Zeros down. By war's end, the Corsair had an 11:1 kill ratio. This limited edition kit combo features two Corsairs with decal options for the listed squadrons. 34 / 34 pieces
Decal Options:
U.S. Marine VMF-214 CO Maj. Gregory Boyington Code: 883 Dec.,1943
U.S. Marine VMF-212 Lt. Phillip C. Delong Code: 777 Nov.,1943
U.S. Marine VMF-111 Code: 122 1944

1/48 F-16C Fighting Falcon Tiger Meet 2012 Limited Edition
Turkey is just one of dozens of countries that have taken advantage of the F-16 Fighting Falcon's astounding power. This particular Turkish Air Force variant is tasked with suppressing enemy air defences. A sophisticated targeting system guides the Falcons to range, the weapons do the rest. Cannons, rockets, missiles and bombs can all be fielded from the Falcon with a precision and in such profusion that target destruction is virtually assured.
This limited edition kit features decals for a F-16C from Turkey's 192 Squadron, decorated for the 2012 "Tiger Meet." - 121 pieces

1/48 Arado AR234C-3 W/BT700 Anti-Ship Attacker Limited Edition
Shortly after the outbreak of WWII, Nazi Germany began developing a jet engine powered bomber that could outfly any plane in the world. By 1945, the Nazis had produced an aircraft that was uncatchable, largely undetectable and capable of carrying thousands of pounds of bombs, torpedoes and guns. There was only one problem; Germany was out of gas. Most of these aircraft never left the ground.

This kit features detailed parts for an Arado Ar 234 with an aerial torpedo and Luftwaffe decals. 172 pieces

1/72 AH-1S Cobra Kisarazu Combo (2 kits) Limited "Kisarazu Special"
Cobras are the Japan Ground Self Defence Forces' key attack helicopters. Crews and ground crews take great pride in their helis, often giving them extensive detailing for special occasions. It's easy to see why the J.G.S.D.F values the Cobra so highly; it's a veritable whirlwind of destruction. The Cobra's 20 mm Gatling-style cannon, TOW missiles and 38 70 mm rockets will mess up your whole day.
Decal Options:
J.G.S.D.F. 4ATH 20 years anniv. special marking Code: 14 Camp Kisarazu Oct., 2012
J.G.S.D.F. 4ATH 19 years anniv. special marking Code: 67 Camp Kisarazu Oct., 2011
Skill Level 3 - 78 / 2 pieces

1/48 Mitsubishi A6M2B Zero Junyo Limited Edition
At the outset of WWII, the I.J.N. Carrier Junyo's Zeros outclassed most aircraft that America could send against them. After the Battle of Guadalcanal, however, Junyo's fortunes took a turn for the worse. The carrier repeatedly suffered damage that necessitated long repair sessions. Her air crews fought hard, but were depleted again and again.

When Japan surrendered, Junyo was little more than a floating hulk with irreparable damage and her air crews long gone. This limited edition kit features decals for three different Zeros from the Junyo Fighter Group.
Decal Options:
I.J.N. Carrier Junyo Fighter Group Code: 2-2-103 April 1943
I.J.N. Carrier Junyo Fighter Group Code: A2-2-102, A2-2-157 Oct.,1942 - Jan.,1943
I.J.N. Carrier Hiyo Fighter Group Code: 2-1-128 April 1943

1/72 Kawanishi E7K1 Type 94 Seaplane Limited Edition
In World War II, the limited effectiveness of radar meant ships often relied on visual contact to establish enemy positions. Seaplanes, launched from catapults on ships like the Kirishima, could detect threats long before radar or ship lookouts could. Low speed and light armament made seaplanes sitting ducks if enemy fighters showed up, but the risk was often worth the reward.
Decal Options:
I.J.N. Battleship Kirishima Code: BI-1 1938-1939
I.J.N. Seaplane Depot ship Chiyoda Code: Z-55 1939
Extra markings: Z-52, Z-53
Skill Level 3
85 pieces
1/48 Sea king Har MK5 Ark Royal Limited Edition
The Sea King HAR.5 was added to the 771 Naval Air Squadron's fleet in 1987, just as it adopted a SAR (Search and Rescue) role. Famous for their grey and red color scheme, these helis are on call 24/7, 365 days a year. Sea Kings were deployed from the HMS Ark Royal in the Bosnian War and 2003's Invasion of Iraq. This limited edition kit features new large radar parts, new mesh intake filter parts and one decal marking option: Royal Navy HMS Ark Royal 771 NAS, Code: 824.
Skill Level 3  193 pieces

These kits look to be available soon and are on pre-order at many hobby shops now – check back to the Hasegawa Page if you want to keep up with their latest..

Hasegawa February/ March Releases

Kit No: 07 329 - 1/48th scale Messerschmitt Bf109G-2 "Finnish Air Force"
A kit of Warrant Officer utility Rye beefs Bf-109 that he flew for the Finnish Air Force, in which he became their top ace, shooting down a score of 94 aircraft. The German machine was simply subjected to Finnish Air Force markings before it went into service.
Marking choices:
Warrant Rye beefs Squadron 34 Squadron flying first (July 1943): "MT-222 2" yellow
Lieutenant Eero Corps fighter squadron 2nd 24th (May 1944): "MT-213 3" White
Lieutenant Raurinisshinen first fighter squadron 24th (April 1944): "MT-225 5" Yellow
Extra Resin parts
Top panel nose
Main wheel parts

Kit No: 08 232 - 1/32nd scale P-40N Warhawk "fighter squadron 502"
Depicting the head of a large red hawk on it’s nose, this is a machine of the combat flight 502 337 U.S. Army combat aviation group. This unit was deployed in the United States, and was tasked with the study of the main ground attack support.
Marking choices:
337 combat aircraft group "17" machine Corps combat flight 502 (base Punta Gorda, Florida: 1944)
Captain Robert H. White square machine Squadron 49th Fighter fighting eighth group (November 1943): "KANSAS CITY KIDDIE III 42"

Kit No: 02 031 - 1/72nd scale Eurofighter Typhoon "Italy/Spain"
The Eurofighter "Typhoon” is the most advanced of it’s type made in Europe. This kit in 1/72nd scale replicates the Italian and Spanish Air Force aircraft in it’s markings.
This kit is packed with stores and ordinance that the aircraft carries in it’s service life.
Marking choices:
"36-10" flying machine Corps Italian Air Force 10th Air Wing 36
Air Wing 11 aircraft belonging to Air Force Spain

Kit No: 02 039 - 1/72nd scale Type Hei two seater 45 Kawasaki Ki "fourth flying squadron "
Equipped with a nose mounted 1 E 203 37mm cannon, this kit aircraft belongs to the fourth flight squadron was deployed from the Shotsuki Yamaguchi Prefecture base. This aircraft became a hunter of heavy bombers, and you can see on the markings the eight B-29 silhouettes that the aircraft has painted on denoting eight victories against this type.

Marking choices:
"25" square machine Ensign Joko Kimura second company 4th squadron flight (Mon small base: 1945)
Machine second company affiliation fourth flight squadron (Mon small base: 1944)
Extra Plastic parts
Gun parts protruding nose with hei type

Kit No: 07 330 - 1/48th scale P-38J/L Lightning "Putt Putt Maru"
One of the most famous P-38 Lightning aircraft of the Pacific theatre in WWII -  "PUTT PUTT MARU" was a “ J” Model lightning  although you can make an “l” model from the kit as well.
Marking choices:
Battle of the United States Army Air Group 475
"PUTT PUTT MARU 100" machine power commander Col. Charles MacDonald March 1945) P-38J (Mon 1944 6) / P-38L

Kit No: 07 331 - 1/48th scale 44 single-seat fighter formula I type Shoki two Nakajima Ki machine "W/Contra-rotating propellers"
This was part of the aircraft testing facility to help develop Japanese fighter planes further – and this “Shoki” was improved with the addition of Contra-rotating propellers. One prop cancelled out any torque roll of the other – this machine wasn’t put into production.
Marking choices:
Contra-rotating propellers Japanese Army experimental aircraft (Tab-7XP-1)
Metal parts
Contra-rotating propellers
Cooler parts

Kit No: 02 040 - 1/72nd scale F-14A Tomcat "VF-211 Iraqi Freedom"
The red and white chequered tail rudder symbolizes the markings of VF-211 “Fighting Check Mates" Combat Squadron 211 – pictured in this boxing are the CO & CAG machine with the United States Navy USS Enterprise whilst serving in Operation “Iraqi Freedom”.
Marking choices:
Flight captain "AB101" machine (CO) (2004)
"AB100" machine CAG (2004)
Plastic parts
Launcher for Sidewinder
Lantrin Parts

Kit No: 02 033 - 1/72nd scale Thunderbolt Mk.II "RAF combo"
This two in one package f the P-47 Thunderbolts that were operated by the Royal Air Force, designated as the Mk.II kit and equipped bubble canopy. "KJ348" had the markings of a long red lightning bolt down it’s black painted fuselage whilst "AW F" "GQ B" is an aircraft that marked the SEAC Roundel in natural metal finish.
Marking choices:
"KJ348" combat aircraft training troops belonging to the 73rd (Spring 1945)
"AW F" machine power commander Maj. Flying squadron 42 (1945)
"GQ B" power machine Lieutenant NG Salter 134 Squadron (1945)

Kit No: 02 041 - 1/72nd scale SR-71A Blackbird drone w/D-21B
A still very large kit of the SR-71 has been made even larger by the addition on to the top of the fuselage of the D-21 drone. The aircraft of course is in full black colours with decal markings that are intended to be a combination of the D-21B and SR-71A. Marking made for the M-21 was in silver and black, this is one is the aircraft that have been tested with (Area 51) Air Force Base Graeme Lake anymore.
Marking choices:
"17 950" United States Air Force test equipment (marking assumption)
"06 940" United States Air Force test equipment

Kit No: 02 042 - 1/72nd scale "Chinese Navy" J-15
A new naval fighter belonging to the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy, the J-15 was commissioned in September 2012, the entire surface of the testing machine is coated in yellow paint whilst on the "Liaoning"  - China's first aircraft carrier, interesting is that the moulding colour of this kit is yellow.
Marking choices:
"552" "553 fighter Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy" (2012)

Kit No: 01 992 1/72nd scale B-239 Buffalo
" Finnish Air Force Aces Combo"
A re-release of this popular kit of the Buffalo in Finish air force service – there are two aircraft in this single box  from the 24th air corps from the Finnish Air Force, and both are from top aces in that conflict. Second placed ace is in the machine with 75 kills and eighth ace had 35.5 to his credit. Lieutenant Nils Hans Wind Sgt Yai Nene is Sergeant Erokin'nunen has recorded the score and ranking of # 17 shot down in unit 22.5.
Decal choices:
Third lieutenant Hans Wind power machine company  "Orange 9: BW-393" (September 1943)
Sergeant Nils square machine Yai Nene third company (March 1942): "BW-368 Orange 1"
Sergeant square machine Erokin'nunen second company "White 2: BW-352" (September 1942)
These kits look to be available soon and are on pre-order at many hobby shops now – check back to the Hasegawa Page if you want to keep up with their latest..

February Releases from Hasegawa

Kit no: 02 028 – 1/72nd scale F-15I Strike Eagle "Squadron 69th Lahm"
A kit belonging to the Israeli Air Force - Hasegawa brings you their F-15I. The regular F-15E kit has been added to with al new injection moulded parts and new decals to accurately depict the Israeli F-15I variant. Of special note is the large eagle in the vertical tail which looks very colourful.
Decal choices:
“235” - belonging to the 69th Squadron Israeli Air Force
"267"- Israel Air Force aircraft belonging to the 69th Squadron
Extra plastic parts made for this kit:
Front side pylon (newly developed parts)
Engine parts nozzle cover with Iris (new development parts)
Conformal tank
Navigation pod
Targeting pod parts

Kit: 02 027 – 1/72 Scale - AD-6/7 Skyraider Combo
In a twin pack here in 72nd scale are two United States Navy Skyraiders – one in an earlier dark sea blue and another later version in the Greay and white scheme of the later markings. This is a two in one pack that contains two kits, both with different markings.
Decal Choices
AD-7: "NG506" attack aircraft belonging to the 95th Squadron (142 079)
AD-6: "T517" attack aircraft belonging to the 15th Squadron (134 545) (Year 1954-55)
AD-6: "AG500" machine CAG Squadron 75th attack group (139 802) (1960)

Kit No: 02 020 – 1/72 Scale -P-51D/K Mustang `Pacific Aces Combo`
The USAAF Mustangs of the Second World War get the twin boxing treatment in this kit. Both of the aircraft I this kit are from the Pacific theatre and are very long range Mustangs. Three quite famous markings are represented here – of “Mrs Bonnie”, “Stinger VII 67" and “Sunshine”
Decal Choices:
Major Bill Dunham of 348 combat aircraft group: P-51K (August 1945) "MRS BONNIE."
45th Corps combat aircraft flying combat air group 15th: P-51D ": Stinger VII 67" (Iwo Jima: 1945)
Lieutenant Colonel William T. Banks commander of air group 348: P-51K (June 1945) "SUNSHINE"

Kit: 07 326 1:48th Scale F/A-18C Hornet “VFA-192 Golden Dragons” 2009/2011

From the markings of the colourful “VFA-192” in the U.S. Navy – the “Golden Dragons” in striking Blue and gold this scheme was used on the F-18s in 2011
Also included are the equally as colourful decals for the 2009 markings whilst stationed on the aircraft carrier USS George Washington
Decal Choices:
Fighter Attack Squadron 192 USS John C. Stennis first with "NG400" machine "Golden Dragons" CAG (2011)
Fighter Attack Squadron 192 USS George Washington, the first with "NF300" machine "Golden Dragons" CAG (2009)
Additional Plastic parts
Parts for updates (antenna pylon)

Kit: 07 327 - 1:48 Scale TA-4F Skyhawk `FAC`

In an unusual two seater boxing this TA-4F of the United States Marine Corps was used as an F.A.C. (front air traffic control) during the Vietnam War. The two seats were importand for the back seater to call the strikes from other aircraft and artillery in on the enemy. The “scooter” is equipped with a 20mm cannon in the wing base for self defence.
Decal Choices:
"TM00" flying machine developed Corps Headquarters 11th Marine Air Group 11 (Da Nang: 1969)
"WA00" flying machine developed Corps headquarters of the 12th Marine Air Group 12 (Iwakuni: 1971)

Kit: 02 030 – 1/72nd scale F-4EJ Kai Phantom `2012 Hyakuri Special`
As usual with the Japanese Airforce this aircraft was painted in a very colourful scheme. The kit is a special boxing of a Phantom unveiled last October at the Hyakurikichi aviation show.
Decal Choices:
40th Anniversary sprayer operation JASDF F-4EJ Squadron 302 of the 7th Air Wing
(Hyakurikichi October 2012): "Phantom Samurai The origin of 388"

Kit: 02 024 – 1/72nd scale Mosquito FB Mk.18 `Anti-ship Attack Aircraft`
This boxing of a 1/72nd RAF Mosquito which was used as an anti-shipping and anti-submarine patrol and strike aircraft in WWII
To better carry out it’s role it had the 57mm antitank gun in the nose. Called the Tse Tse this "O" type were produced only in very small numbers.
Decal Choices:
"O" machine Corps 247 in flight (NT225) (June 1944)
"QM D" machine belongs (No.254 Sqn) (PZ468) (April 1945) of 254 Squadron
Additional Resin parts
Nose tip and cannon muzzle
Bottom panel nose
Fuselage underside hatch
Parts tanks
Ground brass ones
57mm gun parts

Kit: 02 025 – 1/72nd scale Sea Hurricane Mk.1B/Mk.2C Combo Pack
By adding the resin parts, this combo two in one kit is equipped with a hook so it can land on an aircraft carrier. In the box are two kits with three different markings from the British Royal Navy.
Decal Choices:
"M2 H" machine with the first member of Squadron 768 aircraft carrier HMS Argus: Mk.IB
"7 N" machine with the first member of Squadron 835 aircraft carrier HMS Nairana: Mk.IIC (June 1944)
"6G" Corps flying machine 800 mounted first aircraft carrier HMS indomitable: Mk.IB
(August 1942)
Additional Resin parts:
The bottom panel with hook rear fuselage landing hook
Firing catapult parts Guide Roller

Kit: 02 026 - 1/72nd scale SBD-3/4/5 Dauntless Combo Pack
Three rather colourful SBD-3/4/5 markings are included in this twin pack of two kits of the 1/72nd scale Dauntless dive bomber from the pacific fleet US Navy and United States Marine Corps.
Covered in this decal choice is"1", "SISTER 16" and "B5" all in various shades of blue but still very colourful aircraft.
Decal Choices:
"SISTER 16" machine Marine Corps reconnaissance flight 233 bombing: SBD-4 (Guadalcanal: Spring 1943)
"1" machine Marine Corps reconnaissance flight 231 bombing: SBD-5 (Marshall Islands: 1944)
"B5" Corps aircraft flying bombing sixth with USS Enterprise aircraft carrier: SBD-3 (Pacific Ocean February 1942)

Kit No: 07 328 - 1:48th Scale Nakajima B5N1 Type 97 No.1 Carrier Attack Bomber “12th Squadron”
From machine Corps Naval Air 12th this machine was operational from the base land airfields in China, This features aircraft with "S" code unit that was used for only a short period of time,
 Decal Choices:
"S-391" machine Naval Air Corps 12 (1937)
Tokyo Kikai issue: "No. 268 Hokoku 3-356" "" machine Naval Air Corps 12th
(Ghost in the machine division commander ship) "Two -301" aircraft carrier Kaga loading machine

All of these kits will be available in February postman willing – from Hasegawa’s Distributors worldwide.