Thursday, October 17

MENG pick up W/ ZU-23-2 - now on Video!

MENG share a new Video For VS-004 1/35 Pickup W/ZU-23-2 Model Kit – over half an hour of free tutelage – Ohh what a feeling!

So MENG aren’t calling it a Toyota Landcruiser – but this little “Pickup” has some Toyota DNA all over it - and a BIG gun in the shape of a ZU-23-2 AA gun to add as cargo…

This is another wonderful model building guidance video presented by MENG and Warfare in Scale team! This model building guidance video will bring reference and help for your own building. In this building guidance video, Mr. Jose Moral from Spain will show not only the whole process of building the pickup and ZU-23-2 AA gun models but also his super painting skills and unique weathering techniques. We hereby want to express our gratitude to Warfare in Scale TV team including Mr. Jose Moral for their hard work and cooperation.

Pickup, a light truck with open cargo bay, has gained universal utility in many fields, including military applications.
The ZU-23-2 AA gun, developed by Former Soviet Union, is a light-weighted, easily operated and low cost weapon system widely adopted by many nations and has seen active performance in hot spots in Africa and Middle East. Due to its nature, this gun can be fitted onto various platforms as a highly effective mobile fire support weapon.
This 1/35 scale plastic kit of Pickup w/ZU-23-2 is a faithful replica of the real vehicle with accurate outline as well as interior details and optional door positions. Complex structure of ZU-23-2 AA gun is also accurately modelled with traveling/three firing positions available. Precision PE set is included. Two painting schemes for the Pickup are provided.

Overall length: 140mmwidth: 57mm

The pickup w/ZU-23-2 AA gun is perfectly enjoyable; perfect effect can be achieved by showing it separately as well as in dioramas.

This accurately modelled pickup is precise and detailed; all lights are made in clear parts to reproduce the real ones to the maximum.

Fine cargo box is easy to assemble and small hooks are exactly represented as the real things.
Doors can be built in open position to better present fine interior details.

Chassis subassembly is precisely reproduced with steerable front wheels; tyres made of high quality rubber are fine and soft.

The AA gun is precisely modelled and its complex elevation mechanism is reproduced as the real thing.

The AA gun is equipped with an ingenious sight subassembly as well as fine PE parts.

The AA gun can be built in vehicle-mounted, travelling or firing position.
The kit consists of yellow, green and black sprues as well as a decal sheet and a PE set.
This kit is available at MENG’s distributors worldwide very soon..