Monday, October 28

Only Tuesday and you feel like you are up against a brick wall – Try being a MiniArt kit for a day!

Another of their excellent and easy to construct series of Diorama bases in our preview today of MiniArt’s new 1:35 Diorama with Brick Wall

Coming Soon from MiniArt: 1:35 Diorama with Brick Wall
In 1/35th scale this Vac form simple yet effective base comprises the base and 20 parts in injection moulded plastic. The only thing not included here is the tree and groundwork – but what is included is an ornate lamp that fits in quite well with the equally impressively shaped wall. This looks like a nice section of land here broken by war.

The base and wall
 The sprue for the lamp…
And here they are all together and painted up..

This and all of MiniArt’s other kits can be found on their website..