Tuesday, October 22

Reedees reckons it's time for a break....

Long hours in the saddle have this guy a little stiff – well you can understand it – he is made out of resin. In today's preview of Reedees’ new 1/9th figure – the “Heer Bike Rider”

1/9 200mm
Reedees Miniatures Ltd
Price: £60.00 GBP
Postage & packing: £5.00 GBP

Reedlees have a new set of figures due to come out this year  in 1/9th scale – they are meant to match the 1/9 bike kits such as ESCI, Revell, ERTL. Their first is this stiff and saddle sore “Heer Bike Rider”.
The first release comes with separate Kar.98 rifle in the box as well – he is a Heer dispatch rider taking a smoke break and stretching after a long ride. He has minimal equipment for his ride – but he does have all the things a dispatch rider should have – spare ammo pouches, a bayonet as well as some well used goggles on his steel helmet.

He is available now and you can purchase the figure HERE at the Reedees site.