Saturday, October 12

Two new sets of Germans pointing telling people to do stuff & Americans on the fone lost in Europe.. So many unfair stereotypes in this world.

MiniArt never stop – they just keep on releasing good figure sets that generally are appealing to modellers – and these will prove to be no different. I mean – who doesn’t need more Panzer men and American officers to tell all of those GI’s what to do in their dioramas?

New kits in progress from MiniArt
or MiniArt offer some more “Yank” officers to bamboozle these “Kraut” tankers...

BOX: 260x162x35 mm
This kit of five figures makes up the officer core of about a company – comprising of 53 parts this kit gives you five different officers in poses which could be used together or separately.  There is just as much procrastinating going on here as there is telling people what to do!

The figures appear to be in winter clothing and all slightly differently dressed which is a good thing – too much olive drab and all of that. Supplied with these highly born over achievers are a radio and some maps as well.

BOX: 260x162x35 mm
This perennial favorite is a fave for a good reason – people cannot get enough German tanks and there is always a need to fill them with new and differently posed figures. The box contains forty one parts with the models of six figures of grey styrene.
Cliché alert – yes there is an officer pointing and a soldier looking on as is to say “what the hell?” – any way these two figures are outside the vehicle as the other three figures look on. Two tankers leaning out as the officer sits upright in the turret ring – maybe they need some fresh air 'cos it smells like sausage and sauerkraut inside?? (there i go again!)
 Look there's my monacle!

These kits are still in progress and we will bring you more from MiniArt as it comes out.