Saturday, October 19

Verlinden get's our motor running... ohh after we make a coffee.. We review the 1/32nd scale “Luftwaffe Repair Section.”

Recently there has been a few releases of 1/32nd diorama material and pilots with their crews for your favourite aircraft. Verlinden have been regular champs in this respect – releasing several sets which are of quality and in parts quantity too. Not just a pilot in this case but two crewman and a disassembled engine and several bits and pieces to make a workshop scene. We put them together today…

Verlinden Productions
Kit no: 2774
1/32nd scale
75 cream resin parts
3 figures & parts + table
Available from Verlinden directly for $29.66

Much needed, often debated and seldom purchased - 1/32nd scale aircraft diorama sets are in turn not often produced by model manufacturers. Only recently several sets have been produced in injection moulded plastic by companies like Masterbox – the plastic world is catching up, but it is still up to resin making companies to shoulder the burden.

Step up the plate Verlinden. Our hats are off to them for their continued support of the larger aircraft scale of 1/32. They have released many modern, 50’s and WWII allied and German pilots in the last few years as well as ground crews and their equipment.  Luftwaffe WWII stuff as usual sells well so “squeaky wheel gets the oil”  - that is what is most made and that is what we have for you today.

75 parts in cream resin comprise this set of two Luftwaffe servicemen and their officer who is seen here helping himself to a cup of coffee whilst one of the men looks enviously on.

The two mechanics are seen in simple overalls with a side forage cap whilst their pilot is seen in his officer’s peaked cap or “Schirmmütze”, short flying jacket and pants with flares on a belt on the lag – he is a typical late war pilot.
The pilot has flare cartridges around both pant legs and he has an iron cross on his chest and large sideboards prominent. His facial features are very good as well. I do not know of any other pilot in this scale making himself a coffee. A very naturalistic pose indeed.

This mechanic looks like he is doing a sideways “whopping ass” with his hand if you weren’t to put tools and parts in his hand. He is seen in overalls which are a little nondescript so I suppose you could make him into an RAF serviceman with a little bit of work and imagination.
He leans in to the right and stands well without help. This signifies good balance and that I put him together correctly! His overalls site nicely on his body and the fit is very good as well, his bare arms fit nicely into the elbow sockets.

Next is ‘ol grumpy pants himself. Not content on doing nothing much but look on he has a priceless grumpy cat look on his face as he looks on at his pilot who is making himself (probably the mechanic’s) coffee. So THAT is why he is peeved!
Arms crossed in “impress me” body language, his sleeves are rolled up and his stance make him about the most unhelpful helper you could have when fixing an engine. He should be making the coffee! I like him a lot as his expression is uncommon and very human.

The engine they are working on looks pretty good as well – a DB601 engine with all of the major parts disassembled ready to be repaired and rebuilt. To help them do just that the mechanics have a large thick table with all manner of tools, vices and anvil, and a tool box. To further set the scene there are several “Jerry” cans, 44 Gal. drums and other tins as “Scatter” for your dio.
The set builds up ok and with some careful carving even the most delicate pats separate from their casting blocks without “collateral damage” It did take me a few hours to clean the resin off the pour stems, glue 'em up, mock them up and put it together.
The resin is well cast and bubble-free on visible surfaces – the figures are lifelike and full of expression without being cliché and the diorama material will look great next to your fighter hardstand.
Here it all is painted up by Joe Hudson

A great kit that is actually being sold at discount at the moment – so much for expensive resin figures in 32nd scale. We have no excuse not to buy now.

Adam Norenberg
Thanks to Verlinden for sending this for us to build and review