Saturday, November 9

A BIG Meteor is just about to hit…

HK Models new and soon to explode onto modelling benches everywhere is the Gloster Meteor Mk.IV in 1/32nd scale, and we have some detailed shots of the built up test kit…

I noticed a nice little conversation on it on Large scalePlanes recently about HK Models new meteor F.4 in large sale. Well worth a read - as are these pics of the newest kit from HK -  It should be in hobby shops (fingers crossed) by the end of the year..

Scale: 1:32
Wingspan: 355mm
Length: 394mm
The Gloster Meteor – the first British jet fighter and the Allies' first operational Jet.

The Meteor's development was based on its ground-breaking turbojet engines, which was a joint collaboration between the Gloster Aircraft Company and Sir Frank Whittle and his company, Power Jets Ltd. The Meteor was initially used to counter the V-1 German flying bomb threat; total 14 flying bombs were accounted by the war's end. Meteor might not an aerodynamically advanced aircraft but it proved to be an effective and a successful combat fighter. Thousands of Meteors were built to serve in the RAF and other air forces. It was service during the Korean War, Argentina, French Air Force, and Israeli,
In 1945, two Meteors were modified for World air speed record, Group Captain H.J Wilson create the first official air speed record by jet aircraft of 975km/h.

The earlier CAD drawings

Proposed box art
On the decal sheet we can see both RAF and Argentinean air forces – old adversaries who once were friends…

Any rivet counters out there will have to relax on this one. I personally went to the RAF museum in North london to obtain any drawings i could and only copies of illustrations remain - as all official blueprints were destroyed to preserve secrecy at the time.

Pretty useless drawings online guys - So these are for illustration purposes only!
We are hoping to have the Meteor for a build in the new year -  till then....