Friday, November 29

Christmas with Andrea Miniatures - a new figure and some great reading to be done…

You can pretend you are making and painting this model of Santa and the child as a Christmas decoration? And if that doesn’t cut it as an excuse you can sink into a chair in the corner with your brilliant new boo of thirty years of Andrea History – or if not that there is a brand new Figure International coming….

Andrea Miniatures December Releases
Over the last 30 years, Andrea Miniatures and its offspring brands developed an amazing collection of figures, dioramas, and publications that have established Andrea as a world-leading figure manufacturer and publishing company

Throughout 360 lavishly illustrated pages, the complete Andrea collection of figures, dioramas, publications, and never-before seen works made for third parties are shown here in detail, together with enlightening and engaging texts from the people that helped to grow this company in celebration of 30 years of making figures…
AP-51 :
• Collecting
• Hard Cover
• 360 pages
• 12”x12” (300 x 300mm)
• Over 860 figures
• English
available from December 5

54 mm 1/32
14 pieces of white metal that comes unassembled ready to undercoat and paint depicting Santa and his little helper. The child has a great look of total concentration on his face while Santa gives his advice
A great addition to their earlier Christmas themed releases. 
Price “bare”:$ 53.56 
Painted in HQ:$ 397.86

Figure International Magazine 48

Featuring the instant classic diorama “Tank Fight on the Western Front 1916” and several other of the best figures, techniques and interviews of figure creators from all around the world.
- Available from 15 December – in English, French, and Spanish
€ 7.21 + P&P

All these are now available at the Andrea Miniatures site...