Wednesday, November 6

that's Riich - and Bronco in a six pounder shoot-out…

….And hopefully the customer is the winner here. Both Bronco and Riich Models have released details of new six pounders in British service for your 35th scale diorama

The OQF 6pdr Anti-tank Mk.IV was a British 57 mm gun that they used as their primary anti-tank gun during the middle of World War II. It of was the mainstay of mobile troops because of their light weight and portability – even by the British Parras. Both Riich Model and Bronco have plans to release a very similar version and so we thought we would show you what we know on these two so far…

Bronco CB35168: OQF 6pdr Anti-tank Mk.IV on Carriage Mk.III (airborne) W crew
Manufacturer:  Bronco Models
Code Number:  CB35168
Scale: 1:35 Scale
Item type:  Military vehicle kits (injection)
full infantry support weaponry included
Photo etched and "cable" included
The kit features a full crew and separate rounds. There is also a set of ammo carriers being made to suit this kit.

Riich RV35018: British Ordnance 6pdr QF Mk.IV Anti-Tank Gun
174 plastic parts
Featuring two 2 types of gun shield
either travelling or firing stances can be shown
A metal barrel with rifling inside for a more realistic kit.
The treads are slide moulded
33 photo etched parts for the finer details of the gun here.

More on both of these kits as it is known – maybe a face off might be in order…