Monday, November 25

When Alpine Miniatures has a tenth birthday we all get presents!!

Alpine Miniatures - the market leader at the very forefront of high quality and innovation in miniatures in 35th and 16th scale figures has just had their 10th anniversary. To celebrate turning ten they have released a very special limited edition anniversary set as well as three other cracking figures for us this month.

Alpine Miniatures November 2013 10th Anniversary

Firstly a small announcement from Taesung Harmms and the team at Alpine…

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Alpine Miniatures is proud to announce it is celebrating its 10 year anniversary.

The last 10 years have been filled with challenges, achievements, steady growth and new product introductions.

We have slowly but steadily evolved and, while we are proud of what we have achieved, we know this would not have been possible without the loving support from modellers and friends.

A huge heartfelt "Thank You" to you all!
Taesung Harmms & everyone at Alpine

This month from Alpine Miniatures they have released a lovely set of special edition figure nt 35th scale as well as their customary 35th scale set of two soldiers – not to mention their great 1/16th machine gun figure as well!!

35166 WSS Infantry #1
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Boxart by Man-Jin Kim
This SS infantryman is caught dramatically “on the run” whilst looking to the left – it sure does look like he has been caught in a still in action of a wartime photograph.
Seen with two choices of headgear -  both a covered and uncovered helmet - both of the heads come with the same face and same look of concern as he scans where he thinks the danger is coming from.
He wears the dotted SS smock over his uniform and in his right hand a KaR.98 rifle. On his torso he carries his gas mask in the round canister, his flask and bread bag on his rear right hip as well as ammo pouches for his rifle on his belt. On top of this is a “potato masher” grenade tucked unto his belt to further detail the subject.

35167 WSS Infantry #2
The pictures show the figure with 2 different heads.
Sculpted by Taesung Harmms / Boxart Painted by Man-Jin Kim
This figure is meant as a possible companion to the fist SS man we were just talking about. His whole body is poised forward as he “legs it” to keep up with his comrade.
He has – like his Kameraden the choice of two heads with the same face but a covered or uncovered helmet. The look of concern is obvious on his face as well as he too scans off to the left hand side.
Again like his (scale) brother in arms he is wearing the SS camo smock with the detailed gathered wrist and elbows and with the tied up front of the blouse it looks very natural and baggy in all the right places here.
 He carries a Kar.98 (with flailing strap)and ammo, as well as his gas mask, flask and bread bag as well as his entrenching tool on his left rear hip.

35168 WSS Infantry Set (2 Figures)
The pictures show the 2 figures, each with 2 different heads.
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Boxart by Man-Jin Kim
These two really suit each other in their body language. Both similarly attired but different in head choices (or the same if you wish) and the same equipment but sitting on their bodies differently as they run they make a dynamic change to what you might have been expecting  in a set of SS men. A great job of sculpting by Taesung Harmms as well as excellent painting by Man-Jin Kim.

16023 WSS MG42 Gunner
The pictures show the figure with 2 different heads.
Sculpture by John Rosengrant / Boxart by Dr. Jin Kim
 This large scale light machine gunner is just bursting with detail – he is seen in a very naturalistic pose with a cigarette in his veiny left hand and his main concern – his MG 42 over his right shoulder.
He is wrapped up for winter all right – with his Kharkov-style warm parka with fur-lined insides open to reveal the choice of two head gears. The covered steel German helmet and a version – painted here by Dr. Jin Kim – of an “oak pattern” covered camo helmet, or the choice of a bare helmet here represented with a battered whitewash. The cut under his eye just adds to the authenticity of the sculpt by John Rosengrant.

Over his lined anorak the gunner wears a belt of MG ammo as well as his webbing which houses a bayonet in it’s sheath, a mess tin, bread bag and canteen. The front of the belt holding it all up has a stick grenade tucked into it as well as a tool bag for servicing his MG.

His wrinkly padded trousers and thick boots meet together in a bunch of wrinkles that looks realistic to the eye. This is a very good sculpt and the painting – showing the battered man and equipment just adds to it.

S0003 "Winter Patrol" Set (4 Figures)
Sculpted by Taesung Harmms
Boxart Painted by Man-Jin Kim & Sang-Eon Lee
This 10 Year Anniversary Special Limited Edition is only available in limited quantity of 200 sets. Each box is individually numbered, autographed, and stamped to guarantee its authenticity.

There are four figures in this set – previously released but never together in this package they are some of the very best figures Alpine has made. A fitting set to bring out on their “Birthday”
These figures are now Available at the Alpine Miniatures list of Distributors to order – they should be in the shops very shortly..

Happy Birthday Alpine!