Thursday, December 19

Jeff Shiu's third installment in his Stalingrad Trilogy comes screaming into focus

Jeff Shiu has kept us very enticed with his excellent never ending spring of  WWI and WWII figures – normally German and normally an elite unit ( well do they do sell) Jeff today has sent news of his latest figure in 120mm from the trapped 6th army at Stalingrad…

German 6th Army - Stalingrad 1942/43
 (Part III)
Resin Scale Model
Designed by Jeff Shiu 

Jeff Shiu’s latest of three figures in this set is a great addition to this set -  he is captured in the winter months and in full flight firing off a clip of ammo from his Mp-40 at “Ivan” as he ducks for shelter..

Sculpted by Jeff himself this soldier is a really dynamic figure – his full length greatcoat is flailing around his legs as he runs sideways for cover in his heavy jackboots, steel M42 helmet, his bread bag and canteen on his rear hip banging around with the motion as well..He also carries plenty of ammo in pouches for his Mp-40 and a pistol in the holster off his belt on his left hand side.

The split in the rear of his greatcoat adds to the feeling of movement and urgency.

A lot of thought has gone into making him seem as fast a runner as possible and it has worked – nothing is static on this model at all – every part – including his screaming expression on his face is dynamic.
This figure fits in well with parts I and II of the Stalingrad set int he same scale..
You can get this and all of Jeff's figures by taking a trip to his website Jeff Shiu Miniatures
Previous 2013 releases from Jeff Shiu Studios

120mm SS-Scharfuhrer W/ Panzerfaust, Eastern Front 1943/44.

Item No: JS120029


Resin Scale Model

SS-Scharfuhrer w/ Panzerfaust, Eastern Front 1943/44

Designed by Jeff Shiu

Price – USD$47.00 + P&P

The figure is made up of fifteen parts of grey resin in 120mm – or 1/16th scale –matches The earlier Jeff Shiu figure in the same scale who was carrying a large machine gun – (JS120021Totenkopf, Kharkov 1943 Machine gunner) - this duo make for a heavily armed squad in just these two soldiers!

 This SS-Scharfuhrer or squad leader is equipped not only to fight the Soviets on the eastern front - but “General Winter” as he is wearing a ¾ length fur lined anorak – of which the fur is very finely and realistically depicted here. The Scharfuhrer also has a wrap under his helmet and thick winter weight gloves.

The SS soldier wears an M43 helmet with a “sore throat” or an iron cross on his neck – he carries an MP40 sub machine gun with a bunch of ammo on his front torso in pouches (just in case) Field opticals and a map pack are there but the figure carries a very large Panzerfaust which certainly caught my eye - it certainly gives him something of an "edge"...

This figure – along with all of Jeff’s others is now available at his website Jeff Shiu Miniatures

Jeff Shiu's Miniatures February 2013
“Fallschirmjäger w/FG42 Normandy 1944 (Part 2)
Just landed on our desk are these pictures from Jeff's line of Normandy Fallschirmjäger troops in Normandy in 1944 - this one is a counterpart to the figure we looked at last month with a Panzerschrek.
This parra carries the interesting choice of a semi auto FG 42 which was favoured by the German paratroops, there is a series of shots from the Normandy Boccage that illustrate the wide usage of this weapon and maybe an influence  for the sculptor.

Like his compadre in this series he is crouching - taking cover whilst looking at  his target - not only does he carry his trusty FG 42 but a water and mess container along with a forage bag. His steel short brimmed parra helmet is ringed with wire so he can put foliage in it which would be a good choice for the modeller.

Thirteen parts in grey resin make the figure up - interesting I think is the choice of joins at the limbs which is one of Jeff's trademarks - this ensues a rigid fit for the parts.

You can get this figure from his website directly. - the link should be up in a day or so..

Previous Releases from Jeff Shiu
This figure was seen in it’s genes in a French Militaria mag, and although it isn’t clear the situation that surrounds the subject, this is the person that inspired the sculpture. He stands looking on – I suppose waiting for some more petrol to continue the advance?
Jeff has sculpted him in 120mm scale in 5 pieces of grey resin; you can see how well he fits the early war panzer crewman’s uniform with short jacket and early cap. I like it that he is sculpted doing nothing overtly dramatic – just kicking his heels and contemplating whilst he waits. I like the thoughts behind his pose.
Item Nos. JS120027
120mm scale
Resin Scale Model
Panzer Crew
France 1941
(Part 1)
Designed by Jeff Shiu
This figures shown in early stages of the painting process hints at how nicely you could detail him up. This figure – along with all of Jeff’s others is available at his website Jeff Shiu Miniatures
Jeff Shiu's Miniatures January 2013
Fallschirmjäger W/Panzershrek Normandy 1944 (Part 1)

Here is the latest work from talented sculptor Jeff Shiu – he has a long rang of  120mm figures – mostly WWII German elite forces – thei sone jouns the club – he is a German Paratrooper in 120mm scale  - made from Resin – called simply “Fallschirmjäger W/Panzershrek Normandy 1944 (Part 1)”
In the Hedgerows of Normandie just after the D-Day invasion the German Fallschirmjäger added to their fearsome reputation by being one of – if not the most heavily and best equipped units in the fighting – good training and tank killing weapons like this Panzershrek that this soldier is carrying nearly stopped the invasion in it’s tracks until air support and hedge-cutting tanks cleared the way for the allies to break out. Some pictures below show some inspiration maybe for this figure…
The figure, sculpted by Jeff is made from resin parts and comes unconstructed and unpainted. He has hawkish features and a stooped over pose like he is running from cover to cover whilst getting gin position to wipe out an allied tank.
Heavily armed with the Anti-tank rocket the soldier carries as well his standard issue Kar.98 rifle plus plenty of ammo to feed it once he runs out of anti-armour. His parra smock and characteristic short brimmed Parra helmet is covered with camouflage and he looks ready for anything.
This figure is available on Jeff’s website - he has some pretty impressive works for sale so have a look!

Item No. JS200001
Resin Scale Model
Designed by Jeff Shiu
 Price: USD85.00 each
 Inl't Shipping w/ Registered Airmail

The figure comes in seventeen parts of grey resin and includes the base as well.
The gunner carries an MG34 machine gun as his main armament and on his right hip is a leather pouch which contained cleaning tools that held everything necessary to keep the weapon in perfect., but as a secondary these gunners often carried a belt holstered P-38 pistol like this gunner does here.
On his chest carrying the anti-yperite cape- Yperite – more commonly known as “mustard Gas”  was a heavy gas that slowly spread and lay on the ground  - luckily this gas was not a factor in WWII – soldiers still carried the protection though until the late war and this  cape served the wearer as protection against the effects of the gas.
On his back, field equipment he wearing is a marching pack, from top down is a blanket roll, a cooking pot, Zeltbahn, Gasmask, entrenching tool 'Schanzzeug', bread bag and canteen.
Spanish painter Vergara Jurado has already started the painting of this figure for Jeff Shiu Miniatures – this is an indication of what is possible for this figure – looks good so far!

Jeff Shui’s Miniatures July/August
 latest master-work in 1/16th scale is the third figure in the war weary Stalingrad series – here is some pictures and info on this – the latest in this popular set.
 Item No. JS120023
120 mm (1/16)
Resin Scale Model
German 6th Army
Stalingrad 1942/43
(Part III)
designed by Jeffshiu
Price -USD49.00 

The figure is seen in his greatcoat with PPsh clambering through the cold winter rubble of Stalingrad's Ruins.

Close ups of the soldier's face show a weathered soldier with almost a look of fear or more likely concern on his face - he does not look like a fresh faces recruit anyway!
 Ten parts of grey resin make up this piece - along with the small base the soldier is positioned on there comes some rubble on it for the trooper to vault over - Seperately are his water canteen and his captured pouch for the cylyndrical PPsH ammunition.

The next figure is of another 120mm sculpt - “German 6th Army Stalingrad 1942/43 (Part 2).”
This figure is seen on a small resin base with what looks to be the soldier’s dropped rifle as the figure pulls the fuse on his stick grenade.
"Watch out Ivan"
Dressed in thick clothing and seen in a muddy landscape this puts the figure in the bitterest of fighting on the banks of the Volga in 1943 – he carries gas canister and rifle ammunition at his hip and looks to my eyes to be peeing round a corner ready to throw his Model 24 Stielhandgranate. 
Item Nos. JS120022
Resin Scale Model
German 6th Army
Stalingrad 1942/43
(Part II)
Designed by Jeff Shiu
The other figure in this series is the first -  “German 6th Army Stalingrad 1942/43 (Part 1).”
Again this figure is wrapped up very well in his greatcoat and warm scarf which tucks under his field-cap - This sixth army soldier is carrying the MG 34 with more than enough rounds to stop most soviet charges dead. - although in this pose he looks like he is running - Forward or backward is anyone's guess - most probably it is for cover!

Item Nos. JS120015 
Resin Scale Model
German 6th Army
Stalingrad 1942/43
Designed by Jeff Shiu
Jeff has done very well with his new figures – he has a bunch of other amazing works on his site for you to oogle at as well. Follow this link so check them all out.