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Pegaso’s new December figures - two dandy's and a brawler to tempt you..

This December we are further tempted to buy ourselves a cheeky Christmas present to yourself by Pegaso as they have three excellent new sculpts on offer!

Pegaso Models December 2013 Items

Code: 75-105
Height: 75mm
Painter: Aleks Michelotti
Sculptor: Ebroin
Material: White Metal
This standard bearer of Napoleon’s Grenadier guards is so beautifully decked out in regalia you had better bring lots of gold paint to the workbench! Sculpted by the talented Ebroin and painted in this instance by Aleks Michelotti the figure normally comes supplied in a box unassembled and unpainted in white metal parts.
The detailed gilded embroided flag, the sash and shoulder boards are all loose and flapping in the breeze as do the tails on this coat. They all hang pretty naturally and we cannot fail to be impressed by this sculpt.

Code: 75-106
Height            : 75mm
Painter: Alexander Cortina
Sculptor: Carles Vaquero
Material: White Metal
Price:€ 37,19

This gladiator has nothing to do with the dodgy TV show full of lycra in the 90’s – this “performer” was heavily armed with a large helmet and a short stabbing sword or “gladius” and his helmet with the tiny eye holes was purpose built to suit this fighter who was often matched with the Retiarius who was armed with long distance weapons like the net and trident. The sport was in watching them counter each other. The name Secutor came from the Latin for "Follower” or "I follow, come or go after"

His scutum or rectangular shield is ornate but the real detail here is the brutish figure of the Secutor as he is built like a tank in Carles Vaquero’s sculpt and his thick belt and armed shoulder guard are very well sculpted as well.

Code: 75-909
Height            : 75mm
Painter: Danilo Cartacci
Sculptor: Richard Galicek
Material: White Metal
Well look at this dandy! This mounted figure depicting a Colonel of the 7e régiment de hussards sure cuts a nice shape as he is seen tipping his cap to someone in a an act of saluting or respect.

His beautiful steed is sculpted here with his tail up and prancing – his ornate reigns, stirrup, saddle and horse blanket truly do match the regalia of it’s owner who could not look more fancy if he tried. This is a great figure for painters as you can see from this painted version.

Pegaso Models November 
2013 new figures.
CODE: 200-050
1:9 (200mm)
SCULPTOR: Viktor Konnov
PAINTER: Aleks Michelotti
MATERIAL: 4 pieces of resin
SIZE: 100
PRICE: € 42,98
Jacques de Molay was born in 1243 in (you guessed it) Molay in France and died a rather nasty death in March 19, 1314, Paris. He was a best known as the last grand master of the Knights Templars.
As leader of the organization Molay was well within his rights when he asked the then pope Clement the 5th to investigate certain spurious accusations of blasphemy and sodomy that had recently been made against his order. Things backfired on Molay when Phillip IV used this opportunity to arrest Molay and his whole order on these very same charges! It didn’t pay to be honest in the 1200’s.
When Molay and his men retracted their statements which they said were taken from them under duress his men were imprisoned and as further punishment Molay was burnt at the stake. It is this dramatic incident which is caught here in this new bust from Pegaso. Sculpted in four parts of resin in 1/9th scale by Viktor Konnov the real challenge will be to re-create the flames licking Molay’s torso..
The sculpt looks like De Molay was screaming his famous last words: ‘Let evil swiftly befall those who have wrongly condemned us – God will avenge us.’ And can you believe it - within a year, King Phillip was dead.

CODE: 75-104
CATEGORY: 03 Ancient Rome & Italics
PAINTER: Danilo Cartacci
MATERIAL: 13 White Metal pieces:
SIZE: 75
SCALE: 1:24
PRICE: € 37,19

Usually a man of many years in the service of ancient Rome the Centurion commanded about 80-100 men in his unit called a …. That’s right a Centuria.

Often these soldiers’ doles out not just orders to their men but pay and often punishments of needed.

The centurion in the infantry is chosen for his size, strength and dexterity in throwing his missile weapons and for his skill in the use of his sword and shield; in short for his expertness in all the exercises. He is to be vigilant, temperate, active and readier to execute the orders he receives than to talk; Strict in exercising and keeping up proper discipline among his soldiers, in obliging them to appear clean and well-dressed and to have their arms constantly rubbed and bright. (Vegetius. De Re Militari,)
This Centurion  from the first century AD however is made in 24th scale (75mm) from thirteen parts of white metal  and was sculpted originally by De Meo.
He has a great expression of rage on his face as he screams an order (– maybe it is “where’s my whip?) and his shield and feather plume on his helmet look resplendent under the brush hand of the box art artist Danilo Cartacci.

Pegaso Models October 2013 new figures.

Kit no: 75-103
Category: France xvii-xix cen.
Sculptor: Andrea Jula
Material: white metal
Parts: 16
Weight: 230
Size: 75mm/scale: 1:24
Price:€ 37,19

Jean-Andoche Junot, 1st Duke of Abrantès (24 September 1771 – 29 July 1813) was a French general during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Nicknamed "the Tempest" for his unpredictable and courageous behaviour, he first met Napoleon Bonaparte during the Siege of Toulon in 1793 when he became his secretary. And later Primary aide de camp.
He had a very colourful life and served with not only the French but Italian armies and seved in Portugal before later in life he began showing signs of erratic behaviour from a blow to the head he received as a younger man.  Said to have maybe faked his death after an apparent suicide you should look him up – he was an interesting man!
Sculpted here in 75mm or 1/24th scale in white metal Andrea Jula I think he is a good representation of the man as seen in drawings of the time. He does look very resplendent in his uniform!

Code: LE-0175
Height            : 75mm / 1:24 scale
Painter: Pietro Balloni
Sculptor Ebroin
Material: White Metal
Price:€ 63,93
Available from 10/10/2013
As a part of the celebrations of their 20th birthday Pegaso of Italy have brought out a figure from the “Black Watch” in the Napoleonic war  join the celebration..
Originally a Scottish militia raised by General George wade to keep watch for local crime and rustling – the “Black Watch are one of the most famous units in the British Army. By 1815 the single battalion 42nd fought at the chaotic Battle of Quatre Bras on 16 June and was one of four battalions mentioned in despatches by Wellington.

Two days later at the Battle of Waterloo, the 42nd and also the 2nd/73rd Highlanders, which was later to become the new 2nd Battalion, Black Watch, were both in some of the most intense fighting in the battle and lost 289 men. The standard bearer was a symbol of the unit’s honour – and now Pegaso have chosen one of these soldiers to represent their 20th birthday anniversary kit.
This figure is sculpted by Ebroin, the in house man at Pegaso and painted in this instance by our man Pietro Balloni – he has done a great job to bring not only the soldier but he large standard to life in such a dramatic fashion.
Cast in 1/24th scale (75mm) in white metal you can see a lot of detail in this soldier – his sporran brings your attention for all the right reasons – in fact there is minute detail all over this kit which is very fine and Ebroin is indeed a skilful sculptor
Because this was a limited edition of 299 signed figures, and the model has already been presented to several people at Euromilitaire only 70 pieces – so for your own sake get in there fast people!

Pegaso Models September 2013 new figures.

Code  75-908
Height            75mm
Painter           Diego Ruina
Sculptor         Richard Galicek
Scale: 1:24
Pieces:           39
Weight:          720g
Height:           75mm
List price:       € 103,00

Crossing from the east into the west these mounted warriors conquered all before them – well until they were bribed to go away that is! This sculpted Mongolian horseman front e 13th century is in 24th scale (75mm) and features as well a short steppe horse which were native to the plains where these men originally came from -  shaggy in appearance in their winter coat this is replicated very well here.
As usual with Pegaso this warrior is adorned with lovely features such as his ornate shield and bow pouch, his sword scabbard and his saddle and stirrups are just as finely detailed as the leather and metal armour this soldier is wearing.
He comes painted or unpainted in 39 white metal parts and is sculpted by Richard Galicek.

Code  200-049
Height            100mm
Painter           Fabrizio Russo
Sculptor         Viktor Konnov
Scale: 1:9
Pieces:           5
Weight:          100g
Height:           100mm
List price:       € 52,00

This Celt warrior is seen here doing his best audition for “Game of Thrones” – his long brpwn locks and blue woad tattoos are very well represented in this painted version by Fabrizio Russo.

A resin bust in 1/9th scale – this five part bust is on sale now – as is his Mongolian companion – from all Pegaso's Distributors

Pegaso Models August 2013 new figures.

Elite Series
CODE: 75-102
CATEGORY: 11 Europe XVI Cen.
SCULPTOR: Carles Vaquero
PAINTER: Danilo Cartacci
MATERIAL: White Metal
SIZE: 75mm/SCALE: 1:24
PRICE: € 42,15

This Capitan in the sixteenth century carries a large black and red variation on the Burgundy cross - it was the Italian flag of "Giovanni dalle Bande Nere" one of the most famous "Capitano di ventura" in Renaissance. there were some variations on the flag in Spanish oriented nations at the time so there are a few painting options open – though this one was painted by the genius painter Danilo Cartacci.

Made in 1/24th scale out of white metal pieces that make not only this dashing Capitan but also the large flag he is carrying in rather a dramatic fashion. He is available painted or unfinished.
Elite Series
PAINTER: Diego Ruina
MATERIAL: White Metal
SIZE: 90mm
SCALE: 1:20
PRICE: € 76,03

This Panzer Grenadier is dressed in a mid-late WWII tunic and uniform which encompassed camouflage in not only the colours it is dyed in but the little loops in the helmet cover which can hold vegetation.

Painted here by Diego Ruina here he comes in either painted or unfinished forms in bare white metal of 16 parts. Ebroin the sculptor carefully added lots of accessories that these soldiers would normally have, including a gas mask, entrenching tool, bread bag, canteen, a grenade in his belt of which there is also some ammo in his pouches for his “widowmaker” the Kar. 98 rifle.

CODE: AS-002
SCULPTOR: Viktor Konnov
PAINTER: Diego Ruina
SIZE: 200mm
SCALE: 1:9
PRICE: € 131.40

This large Templar standard bearer looks very dramatic as he has a raised foot on a battlement block. In real life He didn't actually "bear the standard" in battle — he marched in front of the banner and led his marching column.
The Standard Bearer – who was also called the Confanonier, was in charge of the Squires and he was in charge of paying the wages, he also was their disciplinarian, and the man who checked over their very important work of keeping the knights' horses and weapons in good order.
These figures are now available at Pegaso’s website. (Along with all of their other great sculpts!)

Pegaso Models June 2013 new figures.
Category: 03 ancient Rome & italics
Sculptor: Ebroin
Painter: Danilo Cartacci
Material: white metal
Pieces: 18
Weight: 280 gms
Size: 75
Scale: 1:24
Price:€ 37,19
The Draconarius was a type of signiferi who bore a cavalry standard known as a Draco in the Roman and then later the Byzantine army. These soldiers bore a large pole with a dragon’s head looking fearsome on top with a large cloth body hanging behind it.

This Soldier of the Byzantine army is in full mail armour with a large round shield and double sided axe. You can see his roman heritage in his armour and the sculpt by Ebroin has some lovely fine detail.


Code: 200-048
Category: busts
1:9 (200mm)
Sculptor: Viktor Konnov
Painter: Diego Ruina
Material: resin
Pieces: 7
Weight: 110
Size: 100
Price: € 42,98

Wowsers this bust from Viktor Konnov shows a real emotion in his face as he dives into his final target, scarf flailing in an open cockpit and an intense look on his face. The emotion of his final moments is conveyed here very well in this sculpt.

The painted figure here that has been painted by Diego Ruina really has a lot or drama in his face and his large red Japanese flag insignias which add colour to the bust. It surely will attract a few collectors out there from aircraft circles as well.
These figures are now available at Pegaso’s website. (Along with all of their other great sculpts!)

Pegaso Models May 2013 new figures.

CODE: 75-100
CATEGORY: 01 Barbarians
SCULPTOR: Richard Galicek
PAINTER: Massimo Pasquali
MATERIAL: White Metal
SIZE: 75
SCALE: 1:24
Available from 22/05/2013
This early Germanic-Roman warrior shows off his Roman heritage in this 75 mm sculpt. He wears a mail chain shirt and roman style helmet – the rest though is pure Germanic – a large round shield with an equally large axe. He also carries a large – non Romanesque sword and a short curved handled gladius or dagger.
The large fur on the rear of the figure as a cape and you can see the tufts of the cape which would look great with some dry brushing and careful shading.

Delaware Warrior, XVIII Century

CODE: 90-059
CATEGORY: 15 Old West
SCULPTOR: Andrea Jula
PAINTER: Aleks Michelotti
MATERIAL: White Metal
SIZE: 90
SCALE: 1:20
Avalaible from 22/05/2013
The native Americans who settled along the Delaware River were often called the "Grandfather" tribe because they were respected by other tribes as peacemakers since they often served to settle disputes among rival tribes. The Delaware Indians were also known for their fierceness and tenacity as warriors when they had to fight, and this warrior indeed looks very fierce in this sculpture.
This figure has only chaps and a waist cloth on and carries an early musket  while he still carries all of his traditional garb, necklace, earings and a large headdress  and armbands on this sculpture all look great loosely flowing of the sculpt’s body.
The figure is indeed made in 1/20th scale by Andrea Julia and at that size I am impressed by the detail. To finish him off this example is painted by Aleks Michelotti who has improved on the original by making him look quite “hard” in his war paint

Pegaso Models new for April 2013
Product code:75-099
CATEGORY  Barbarians
SCULPTOR: Richard Galicek
PAINTER: Aleks Michelotti
PRICE:€ 37,19 ex VAT & P&P

The Slavic Warriors were sandwiched in between the Germanic and eastern hordes in the mid first century – against these two superpowers of their time they still forged a strong identity of their own and a strong culture that endures to this day. This warrior captain looks like he is an experienced or wealthy man as he is decked out with all that was important to a warrior of his time.
From his long Lombard eastern style helmet to his large round shield which he used in tandem with his long spear and sword, not to mention his picket axe on his belt he means business.
The figure is sculpted in 1/24th scale white metal by the very talented Richard Galicek and in this instance painted by Aleks Michelotti – he has brought out all of the detail in this warrior. His ornate carvings on his regalia and the fur on his chest can be seen in all it’s glory here. Yours however will come in 11 pieces and unpainted for 37 euros.
These figures are now available at Pegaso’s website. (Along with all of their other great sculpts!)

Pegaso March 2013 Release..

Height            75mm
Painter           Diego Ruina
Sculptor         Ebroin
Material          White Meta
PRICE:€ 37,19 - The price is not inclusive of VAT & shipping
This highland warrior of the “dark ages” in what is now Scotland certainly looks the type. His warm clothing certainly betrays his Nordic heritage and his large battle axe looks pretty bad*ss and he has also a sword and dagger on his ornately decorated belt.

Having lots of expensive weapons and armour often told a lot about the warrior in those days – the higher up the chain you were the more you could afford to adorn yourself with. This nobleman with his weapons, padded and chain armour reflects his high social standing. Many warriors of that age did not even have much more than a club they fashioned themselves.

The windblown large cape on the Nobleman’s shoulders is fur lined and covered with his clan’s colours – this could be coloured how you like it – opening up lots of different possibilities…This figure is on sale right now unpainted and unconstructed .

These figures are now available at Pegaso’s website. (Along with all of their other great sculpts!)
February 2013 releases from Pegaso.
Looking very much like a bust of the Roman Praetorian guard released from Pegaso last year – this bust is of a brave soldier of the emperor’s personal guard in the Ancient Roman times.

Roman Pretorian
Sculptor: Victor Konnov
CODE: 200-047
Scale: 1:9 (200mm)
SCULPTOR: Viktor Konnov
PAINTER: Danilo Cartacci
WEIGHT: 120gms
PRICE: € 42,9
This Roman Praetorian comes in seven resin parts unpainted – though you can here by the painting by the very talented Danilo Cartacci how this excellent sculpt by the equally gifted Viktor Konnov could look! With his blood red cape and his ornate breast plate underneath to his large red plume on his decorative helmet he is every bit as impressive as he would have been capable by the looks of it.
I really like the way the feather and the cape are caught by gravity and drape down on the body – this is more impressive the longer you look at it painted up like this.

Sculpted by the very talented Andrea Jula we guess he must have been wandering in the mind recently – certainly we had not heard of the Ra'eesah Desert. The funny thing is that the name “Raeesah” means Princess in Arabic – so that MAY explain a few things – ohh there goes my mind again!
Model facts..
Ra'eesah Desert's Guard
Sculptor:Andrea Jula
CODE: FA75-002
CATEGORY: 22 Fantasy Worlds
PAINTER: Aleks Michelotti
MATERIAL: White Metal
WEIGHT: 180gms
SIZE: 75mm
SCALE: 1:24th
PRICE: € 37,19
The figure of the princess comes in 1/24th scale or 75mm for the old boys like me, and it is made from six parts of white metal. She looks to me like an ancient Arabic warrior of some far away sect forgotten in time – so I suppose that she is well sculpted – as these figures should take your mind away from the here and now.
I like very much the sword and shield or “buckler” which is ornate as well as it is beautiful. This is a figure best not left alone with – the painting here is excellent as well and brings out the subtle lines in the sculpt.

These figures are now available at Pegaso’s website. (Along with all of their other great sculpts!)
New Item from Pegaso in December 2012
This Gladiator is from Pegaso’s “Gladiators” series of 1/24 busts – he  carries a short “Gladius” sword and a battered but beautifully ornate shield which is a “V” shape and in this painted version (by Aleks Michelotti) has a warrior with the torso of a man but the legs of an octopus.
His helmet is ornate and decorated with feathers and his body is only covered with light cloth and a belt around his wait but a fully armoured sword-arm and leg bracers give him some protection. He also has a gilded but mainly decorated chest plate
CATEGORY: Gladiators
SCULPTOR: Richard Galicek
PAINTER: Aleks Michelotti
MATERIAL: White metal
SIZE: 75
SCALE: 1:24
PRICE: € 37,19
This amazing mounted figure comes unpainted in 1/24th scale – the detail here is astounding for such a scale – the horse armoured like a dragon and Toyotomi himself – resplendent in armour and a large fanned head dress – this will make for an impressive model on the competition tables I think..

Lauded in Japan as one of their national folklore heroes – this man was very real - Toyotomi Hideyoshi was born on February 2, 1536 and lived until his death in September 18, 1598. He was a daimyo, a warrior, a general and politician of the Sengoku period in Feudal Japan.
Toyotomi helped to unify the political factions of Japan at the time which had been a society of many different kingdoms until then. He succeeded his former liege lord, Oda Nobunaga, and brought an end to the Sengoku period. The period of his rule is often called the Momoyama period, named after Hideyoshi's castle. He is noted for a number of cultural legacies, including the restriction that only members of the samurai class could bear arms. Hideyoshi is regarded as Japan's second "great unifier”
CODE: 75-907
CATEGORY: 10 Samurai & Far East
SCULPTOR: Andrea Jula
MATERIAL: White Metal
SIZE: 75
SCALE: 1:24
PRICE: € 85,12

Called the Ułan in Polish these soldiers were used mainly in the 17th to the 19th centuries. Their main function on the battlefield was of a traditional cavalry unit – they were amongst the last unit types in Europe to cease using armour whilst retaining the ancient pointed lance.
The polish lancers served with many army’s including Napoleons – and this lancer seems to be from Napoleon's French Imperial Guard as the 1er Regiment de Chevau-Legers-Lanciers de la Garde Impériale. He has the large “N” on his helmet whilst it still retains the traditional Polish shape.
This lancer – sculpted in resin 1/9th scale by Richard Galicek has been beautifully detailed with the accoutrements of many soldiers of the time – braids and medals are clearly defined  - he has enough material here to keep a haberdashery shop into good business!

CODE: 200-046
CATEGORY: Busts 1:9 (200mm)
SCULPTOR: Richard Galicek
PAINTER: Massimo Pasquali
PARTS:  11
SIZE: 100
SCALE: 1:9
PRICE: € 42,98
These figures are now available from all good hobby shops and from Pegaso themselves

New from Pegaso in November
15 Old West
Code: 90-916
Sculptor: Andrea Jula
Painter: Diego Ruina
Material: White Metal
Scale: 1:20
Pieces: 46
Weight: 1460g
Height: 90mm
The Lakota are a part of the western most tribes of the Sioux Indian tribes of North America and at the time of western settlement in the United States. These men and women were a proud part of the first nation of that country.
There were many famous Lakota warriors – amongst the most well know is the warrior chief “Crazy Horse” – and this warrior could well be him – Painted here by the master Diego Ruina – he is rearing up on his brown and white spotted Piebald steed in his full feathered head dress and his colourful war gear in place.
The 1/20th kit comes unpainted and in fourty six white metal pieces and is sculpted by Andrea Jula. Delicate feathers are flying in the air and the horse’s mane is flying up in the air as this horse rears up. The warrior chief is muscular and apart from his head-dress carries his weapons he looks pretty full of life and movement in this pose..

New from Pegaso in October
The Roman Signifier has been made by a few companies but the latest – this example from Pegaso was available – painted up impressively by Diego Ruina and sculpted by Ebroin in white metal this was indeed turning some heads at the Pegaso stand!!

Model Specifics:
CATEGORY:03 Ancient Rome & Italics
PAINTER:Diego Ruina
MATERIAL:White Metal

The signifier is the soldier that bears the signum, a typical Roman symbol. Its origin was a simple tuft of grass tied on a stick. In time it was gradually adorned with solar and Lunar emblems in metal and then later with symbols of glory and victory.

The Signifier in the Roman Imperial army acted as a strategic marker to tell one unit and also their own units from other’s on the battlefield  He also directed his own troops into battle with the wave of his standard – showing where to attack the enemy. Standing just behind the front line the Signifier would be safe from imminent attack – but often they would join in and fight in the front – though they were more valuable to the commander than just front line soldiers and their capture would be a blow for the whole unit.

These soldiers were usually a senior man who led the unit in all marches, he also was entrusted as the soldiers pension master for his unit, he paid for the soldiers funerals when they died and so was well respected and held a lot of trust in his unit.
This figure is available now on their website...

New from Pegaso in September 

Product No: 75-095
Series: France XVII-XIX Cen.
Scale: 1:24th
Parts: 15
Sculpted by: Mike Polski
This kit painted by: Danilo Cartacci
Material: White Metal
 This French Grenadier is seen in the (ever popular) Napoleonic War era scenario – he is wearing the dress uniform of the Grenadier's a Pied You can see little details like the bearskin cap which comes complete with feather and top patch and silver braid festoon, the soldier carries his rolled overcoat on top of his hide knapsack a and wears his long blue jacket with red cuffs and tail pockets. He also has the white leggings and long boots which we have come to identify these soldiers with.
 Mike Polski sculpted this 1/24th scale figure and he comes unpainted in fifteen pieces of white metal. Painted in this case by the very talented Danilo Cartacci this figure was available at the Euro Militaire last week and it looked very detailed.

Product No: 90-056
Scale: 1:20th
Series: Samurai & far East
Sculpted by: Ebroin
This figure painted by: Pietro Balloni
Material: White Metal
Parts: 31
Height: 90mm
This Samurai warrior was a fan favourite at the Euro Militaire show – even though it was inside the glass presentation case the flowing long feather s and colourful ad excellently sculpted armour and accoutrements made by the very talented Ebroin really did catch the crowd’s eye.
Called the "Flying General". His image usually as a handsome and mighty warrior wearing a long pheasant-tailed headdress and wielding a ji known as the "Sky Piercer" (simplified Chinese: 方天画戟; traditional Chinese: 方天畫戟; pinyin: Fāngtiān Huàjǐ) on top of his steed Red Hare was later popularized by Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In the story, he is considered the single most powerful warrior in all of China.
This figure was painted by our man Pietro Balloni and he really has brought out he features in this figure – standing at 90mm tall (1/20th scale) this figure will surely be at Euro Militaire next year – maybe on some judging tables with some gold awards.

Pegaso August 2012 Releases:
Code: 75-094
Sculpture:      Viktor Konnov
Painter:          Aleks Michelotti
Material:         White Metal
Scale:            1:24
Pieces:           15
Weight:          350g
Height:           75mm

This very interesting figure of an Officer of the Tsar's Guard in the early 1830’s is exquisitely kitted out in all over mail armour and red coat accoutrements.
The Officer carries a compound bow and arrow quiver in an ornately decorated red case. The guard is also protected by a close quarter short stabbing sword in a lovely sheath on the Officer’s waist.
You can see by this picture how the figure replicates all of the major facts of the original guards – right down to the horsewhip and headwear. Sculptor Viktor Konnov did a great job in adding detail whilst on this version Aleks Michelotti did just as good a job bringing to life the sculpture with his excellent painting work.

Code: 200-045
Sculpture:      Luca Marras
Painter:          Diego Ruina
Material:         Resin
Scale:             1:9
Pieces:           13
Weight:          150g
Height:           100mm
Although I think that this sculpture looks a lot like Asterix the Gaul I bet that it isn’t the intention here!
The Chieftain bust is sculpted by Luca Marras and in this case painted by Diego Ruina - and gee they have done a great job in bringing the 1/9th figure to life – you can see the life almost in the Chief’s eyes as the wind lightly takes his long hair – gee in the right hands this can come out pretty nice.
Impressive is the Chieftain’s light chest armour and as a feature of Pegaso’s - the shield is ornately detailed as it wold have been on this man of property in real life – his weapons would have told a lot about this man and it is good that this detail is included here.
You can get these figures and see some of the other amazing figures in the Pegaso range on their websiteor even see the guys at Euro Militaire this year – well see you there!

Pegaso June 2012 Releases:
Available from 14/06/2012.
CODE: 75-093
SCULPTOR: Benoit Cauchies
PAINTER: Massimo Pasquali
MATERIAL: White Metal
WEIGHT: 280 g
SIZE: 75mm
SCALE: 1/24
PRICE: € 37, 19 the price is not inclusive of VAT and shipping.
Now this is my type of revolution! This lass looks out for storming vengeance over the aristocracy, brandishing a flintlock pistol and bravely bearing the tricolour flag. She is made from nineteen pieces of white metal in 1/24th scale - the figure is sculpted by Benoit Cauchies.
You can buy this figure unpainted but in this case it is coloured by the very talented Massimo Pasquali who has brought out all of the shades on the different textures to make this an outstanding piece. Considering the small scale it is a wonderful job all round.
Available: from 14/06/2012
CODE: 200-044
CATEGORY: 18 Busts 1:9 (200mm)
SCULPTOR: Viktor Konnov
PAINTER: Riccardo Riva
SIZE: 100
SCALE: 1:9
PRICE: € 42,98
The price is not inclusive of VAT & Shipping
 Made from Resin – this 1/9th scale bust is cast in six pieces of resin and sculpted by the excellent Victor Konnov
Well-received by modellers – the Samurai era in feudal Japan the figure is an older and war weary warrior with a very interesting patch over his right eye (or is he just foxing?)
You can see his beautifully detailed clothing, hair, head wear and face have been brought out excellently in this figure which credit must go to the painter Riccardo Riva.

Sculptor Carles Vaquero has created this model figure of “Aristide Greek General, Plataea 479 A.C.” in the kit no: 75-092 for Pegaso. This wonderful example was painted by Alexander Cortina. Alexander did an amazing job on this figure – from the checked helmet to the muscle tone to the ornate shield the painting is fabulous.
Made from twenty white metal parts, this is a 1/20 scale kit of 350grams and stands 75mm tall when completed.
What impressed me about this figure is his mighty helmet with green horse hair plume (didn’t know there was any green horses back then) and well detailed shield which is just as ornate on the front as on the handle side. This figure has too many nice points to talk about just enjoy the pics J
Sculpted by Mike Polski Kit No: 90-055 “Mamluk Officer, 1805” captures a soldier who well may have been involved in the fighting in the rebellion of Cairo or more likely in the Battle Austerlitz in which the Malmuks fought with great distinction.
Danilo Cartacci painted this individual figure – it is supplied in its natural state as a kit of sixteen white metal pieces weighing 450 grams and stands at 90mm high. The 1/20 scale figure is part of Pegaso’s French 18th century series which makes me think that it is a soldier from Austerlitz.
The figure features nicely flowing robes which are sitting just right, a very natural face with ling moustache and lifelike hands on which you can see sinews and tendons under the skin.
He is indeed armed to the teeth as well with two pistols a long sword and short sword all in his belt.

From the new series called “Artistic Statues” this figure (AS-001) is indeed just that – standing at 20cm high this figure is a full body sculpt in resin of one of the emperor’s bodyguards – the Pretorian Guard soldier from the 1st Century B.C..
Sculpted by Victor Konnov and in this case painted by Diego Ruina this figure consists of seventeen pieces of resin weighing almost 500 grams – the figure is actually a 1/9th scale replica – a big model – I think Pegaso have made a great start to the series – he definitely will be popular!
This tall figure of the guard of the Emperor looks magnificent painted up here, the detail of his robes and breast plates can be made out very well in this sculpt and his ornate breast plate, helmet and short roman sword are quite impressive. Nice work indeed and a great way to kick off the series.

Viking Berserkir
Category: Barbarians
Kit ID: 75-090
Material: White metal
Size: 75 mm
Pieces: 12
Sculptor: Alan Carrasco
Painter: Diego Ruina
The first kit – the Viking Berserkir (75-090) from the “Barbarians” series of figures is a sculpt in White metal
The twelve pieces of white metal are sculpted by Alan Carrasco and in this case this figure is painted by the master painter Diego Ruina.
I really like his shield and wolves’ head. The Norseman carries a large long sword and there is woad on this warriors face giving him a fearful look – The fact that he is yelling/ screaming makes him look even scarier!!

Officer of the Guide on horseback, Egypt 1798 is the second figure on the new release list from Pegaso this month

Officer of the Guide on horseback, Egypt 1798
Category: France XVII-XIX Cen.
Kit ID: 75-091
Material: White metal
Size: 75 mm
Pieces: 14
Sculptor: Richard Galicek
Painter: Danilo Cartacci
From the “France XVII-XIX Century” series, this figure again is sculpted in white metal.
The Officer – in 75 mm scale is sculpted by Richard Galicek and you can see him in his full regalia with large had and long dangerous looking sabre. All of his uniform from the top of the hat down to his jacket, pants and boots are all fastidiously detailed with fine details, braid and a small bag on the soldiers back
You can see the great work of the sculpting’s details brought out by painter Danilo Cartacci – the only thing this sculpture is missing – is his horse!!  ?
The Berserker and Officer of the Guide and all of the other figures here are available now by following this link from the Pegaso shop and all (very) good figure retailers

Pegaso February 2012 Releases:
Pegaso from Italy have sent their usual eye-popping preview of new product released this month which are sure to tempt a lot of modellers - Two more releases compliment the Mongolian archer to round off a more varied collection for February...
75-906 Vlad Dracul Sculptor Andrea Jula
This figure is of the (in)famous Vlad  Dracul - Hungarian defender of Christianity and slayer of the turks (and everyone else who crossed him.) Vlad Dracul is represented here in a massive 1/24 scale
This figure and horse is sculptured by the obviously very talented Andrea Jula in 1/24th scale and is available now on the Pegaso website. The piece will be pretty heavy as it is made in white metal of forty pieces.
The figure shows some great work with the billowing of Dracul's clothing and the horse's mane. It looks like another successful release from Pegaso.

This Officer form Napoleon's Régiment de dragons de l'Impératrice (the Empress' Dragoons) in tribute to their patroness, Joséphine de Beauharnais. He is seen minus his mount here sculpted in 1/24 scale
Sculpted by the great sculptor  Mike Polski in white metal this is a great addition to your Napoleonic era soldiers collection.
You really can see the great work done on the intricacies of the uniform and the officer's regalia on his torso. This figure is made of fifteen pieces of white metal.