Sunday, January 12

A new smaller scale lightning front is forecast

Kittyhawk aren’t just going large sale – but small scale now with the first of their 1/72nd scale kits.. Three F-35 Lightings in 72nd.
Kittyhawk announcement January 2014

Not content with their 48th scale F-35th scale Lightings they released last year KittyHawk release three new kit in the most popular ( going by sales alone don’t throw anything at me) scale in 1/72nd.

The first of the three releases is:
The F-35B Lightning II (KH16101) Marine Corps short-take off and vertical-landing (STOVL)
The F-35A Lightning II (KH16102) conventional take off and landing (CTOL)
The F-35C Lightning II (KH16103) Navy Version carrier-based CATOBAR (CV)
Nothing else on these kits as of yet – but as soon as we hear more from Kittyhawk we will flash it up here.