Friday, January 31

Add On Parts latest items of January may need more nuts…

Add on Parts bring us big bolts, French slogans, beaten as battered blockages, “flimsies” and a terminal case… confused – read on and you soon will be!

Add On Parts new releases for the month of January:

These “Flimsies” are made from Resin parts and contain enough for ten containers of these very brittle (in real life not here) fuel containers that were hated by their British and commonwealth users.. Still when you don’t have any “Jerry” cans to hand what else can you use…

These damaged Concrete Barriers, (Type 1) could be of great use in any modern conflict diorama or roadblock section – they are made from plaster so you can chip and weather them even more to your heart’s content – that is if you want them more damaged than how they come in the first place…

You can never have enough of these – German 200L fuel drums – the  4 resin drums are neatly detailed with the German writing clearly on their lids.. They certainly look better than most plastic drums you have to sand the length-ways seams off.. (aaarrghh!)

Zut-alors! This small sheet comes packed with propaganda posters of the actual time miniaturised into 1/35th scale for your dio. The kit contains 1 sheet (14,8 x 21 cm) of posters printed in high detail on ultra-thin paper so you can shape them to cracked walls and pattern if you so desire.

This large 1/35th scale Authentic French Street dio is made from plaster cast by  Emmanuel Nouallier  for Add On Parts. The large box contains 4 ceramic and 2 resin parts for the detailing and smaller parts which cannot be poured in plaster.

Included is a bonus of two authentic French propaganda posters so your dio just needs to be primed, painted and littered with more debris and soldiers!
The pictures of this kit being made are of the pre-production prototype, the kit for sale will be slightly different but no double a lot better looking than this one even.
You don’t have to be nuts to love these bolts! Fourty very large bolts in 35th scale to ass to large structures enforced with steel like bridges and factories. One of those things that will prove SO useful when the need arrives!

Going into a paperless economy doesn’t suit WWII – as we need more small scale dio propaganda posters – Luckily Add-On has some of these ready for your 72nd scale French walls – The set contains 1 sheet (10,5 x 14,8 cm) of posters printed in high detail on ultra-thin paper.

Speaking of paper Add-On has gone right off the scale with this base of tarmac containing one sheet measuring 14,8 x 21 cm  depicting a large military or commercial airport.

The Base is ready-made and does not require cutting, painting or gluing – just set your aircraft down on it and you are off!

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