Friday, January 17

“Hey - don’t you know the war finished last year?” More info on the overdue Demag halftrack and Pak 38 from Dragon

The new 1/35th scale Sd.Kfz.10 Ausf.A w/5cm Pak 38 combo will was slated for a November 2013 release – and … It’s not released yet.
We do have new information on this very popular combination of kits in Dragon’s new 2014 items…

Update announcement: #6732 1/35 Sd.Kfz.10 Ausf.A w/5cm Pak 38-  Dragon’s new Demag and gun are on the way..
Box Size: 9.6" x 15" x 2.4"
This 1/35 scale Dragon kit does not feature any newly tooled parts. Instead, what sets it apart is the excellent and practical combination that mates a delightful Sd.Kfz.10 Ausf.A halftrack with Dragon’s legendary 5cm PaK38 anti-tank gun. Essentially, it’s two complete kits in one box!

You can always tell that these are war re-enactors 'cos  they are often not so skinny as the wartime soldiers
Model Features:
Authentic-looking folded soft-top rood w/photo-etched detail
Cloth pattern presented in detail
Includes clear lenses for headlamps
Newly tooled photo-etched racks w/toolboxes
Authentic Sd.Kfz.10 Ausf.A w/5cm Pak 38 Produced
Maximum detail achieved from photo-etches components
Exhaust shield and OVM w/excellent detail
Toolboxes included
Intricate engine housing
Accurately detailed radiator frill and hood
Intricately detail internal mechanical components engine, gearbox, fuel tank, compressed-air tank, suspension and exhaust
Driver's compartment w/correct detail
Muzzle brake with fine detail
Gun shield is true-to-scale
Transparent windshield can be folded up/down
Finely dimensioned wing mirror and spotlight
Delicate on-vehicle tools reproduced
Authentic driver's cab w/photo-etched details
5 cm Pak 38 can be towed by Sd.Kfz.10 Ausf.A
Fully detailed steering components
Breech replicates that on original Pak 38
Suspension system as per the real vehicle
Realistic engine hood formed from multiple parts w/open louver detail
One-piece slide-moulded lower hull
Intricate rear compartment represented by multiple parts
Slide-moulded suspension arms and springs w/delicate detail
2 kinds of battery boxes available as options
Seats in troop compartment reproduced
Delicate gearbox included
Injection-moulded fenders made to thinnest possible dimensions
Delicate fuel tank included
Ammo boxes can be assembled open/closed
Road wheels composed of multiple parts
Drive sprocket w/multi-part assembly
To achieve the highest levels of detail and accuracy
Rear chassis w/realistic towing pintle exactly like original
Engine represented by multiple parts
Magic Tracks for convenient assembly
Germany fielded a wide range of halftracks during WWII. The Sd.Kfz.10, one of the lighter types, was conceived as a prime mover for small, towed anti-tank or antiaircraft guns. The Sd.Kfz. 10 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug - special motorized vehicle) measured 4.5m long and weighing 4.9 tonnes, this Demag-designed vehicle had a payload capacity of 1 ton or eight troops. Power came from a Maybach 6-cylinder engine coupled to a transmission with seven forward and three reverse gears. Noteworthy is the fact that this halftrack type was the only one to employ a hull rather than a frame. Demag delivered the first vehicles in 1938, but eventually seven factories were involved in producing approximately 14,000 examples. One of the weapons it regularly towed was the 5cm PaK38 anti-tank gun, which was first used by German forces on the Eastern Front in 1941 to combat the formidable threat of the T-34 and KV-1. The gun remained in service for the rest of the war.

 One of the many colour schemes of this kit

The halftrack, as with earlier releases, features a complete interior, as well as internal components like the engine and gearbox. Another attractive point is that the PaK38 gun comes with an extra third wheel, which allows the cannon to be depicted in a scene where the gun crew is manhandling the gun into position. This is a spectacular little halftrack towing some serious firepower, and it’s certainly a versatile and convenient addition to Dragon’s Sd.Kfz.10 family.

Complete product flyer
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