Sunday, January 5

the last pre-release sprue shots of the KH32001 T-6 "Texan" in 32nd scale from KittyHawk

Just on the eve of release we have the final sprue shots of the large scale T-6 Texan from KittyHawk - it looks like it is nearly ready to jump on the the shelves. Both internal cockpit and all external details are here along with weapons and internal bays and decals in today's edition of the rolling preview..

KH32001 T-6 "Texan"
Kitty Hawk
Injection moulded + PE kit
Markings for 4 different aircraft
January 2014 release

New sprue shots from Kittyhawk to add to the details we already have..

And decals..
We will show you in January on the Kit’s release..

Previous shots of the Kittyhawk 1/32nd scale T-6 in test..

We have been sent some very clear pictures of the second test shot of KittyHawk Models first 1/32 release the T-6 Texan. Previous pics have been a little unclear but this time it looks like the kit it almost ready to go – first the internals…

and the outside..

More on this when we build it in the near future – the release is due for January 2014 (so not long now!)

Previous news about his kit...

Markings for 4 different aircraft:

USAAF Ta-349

US Navy from USS Carl Vincent SNJ-5

South African Air force

RAF Harvard II FT-239
Recently we were treated to the decals on the unpainted test kit – this may look odd to some modellers but it is just a chance to get all of the decals on the kit to see how they might look. 
Here she is put together in the test phase – this is some pretty good detail in the company’s first 32nd scale release – we are looking forward to building it here – well show you in January on the Kit’s release
And in comparison with their 48th scale Starfire..

There is enough detail here to say that this kit is looking pretty promising - More on this kit when it arrives!