Sunday, January 19

Who doesn't like a quick little tug?

Kasl Hobby sure do!...And in a short while this little Harlan HTA-40 Tractor should be arriving in your hobby shops – we thought we would show you what is in the box in our preview..

Scale: 1/48
Material: resin
Release Date: 2014-01-15
Item No.#: K48045
USD 31.48
The people from Kasl hobby have a great bunch of mainly 1/48th scale modern aircraft accessories and improvements – but their latest kit seems to have some “pull” in modeller’s heartstrings.
Model : HTA 50, Baggage Tractor
Brand : Harlan
Details :
Ford 300 6 Cylinder Gasoline Engine
Automatic Transmission
5000 Draw Bar Pull
1/48 Harlan HTA-40 Tractor is the first edition of this kit with the accompanying tow-bar set (48045) from Kasl Hobby.  Originally launched with just the tractor in 2009, this kit has been improved in the actual measurements and tweaking of the external markings like the water stickers and signage for a more accurate kit.

 The resin masters for this kit - first the tractor
and the towbar and wheeled trailer - this can be put in front or behind the tractor
The kit now includes the MD-1 Tow bar universal aircraft tow bar and the 2 wheel gear wheel trailer to support it plus the aircraftman in resin who is guiding the aircraft onto the tower. We thought it might be a good add on for any of the modern NATO and US jets now being re-tooled by every manufacturer it seems. You never can have enough tugs!

And here they both are all made and painted up

Kit contents Include: Harlan HTA-40 trailer body * 1 , front wheel * 2 * 2 rear seat * 1, * 1 the dashboard, steering wheel assembly * 1, * 1 set fire extinguisher before the tow bar assembly * 1, * 1 after the tow bar assembly, other details parts group * 1, water stickers * 1 Pre privilege: MD-1 Dedicated towbar group * 1, ground crew (standing) * 1, round file * 2
Well we were impressed and thought more people should see this little gem - it seems that Kasl have done their homework on this and it will be a great little addition to an airfield dio.

 You can order this little yellow engine from the Kasl site direct as well as some of the major Asian online model shops like Hobby Easy.