Wednesday, February 5

Italeri’s new items of January 2014 truly are a mixed bunch of interesting plastic....

Small scale classic airliners, large self-propelled howitzers, little rocket launchers and a shadow are part of Italeri’s newest kits for the first month of January this year…

Italeri’s new items of January 2014

1:48 scale
The ES-3A Shadow has been derived directly from the famous twin-engines anti-submarine Lockheed S-3 Viking. It was designed as a carrier-based, subsonic, all-weather, long-range, electronic reconnaissance aircraft with the specific purpose to replace the aging EA-3B Skywarrior starting from the beginning of '90s. Basically the ES-3A was developed on modified S-3A with an extensive set of electronic and modernized sensors and communication tools that replaced the submarine detection and maritime surveillance equipment.
The new operating configuration has not changed the flight performance of Lockheed airframe. The ES-3A has in fact a good flight range and it is very reliable. Such features were very appreciated for its new mission profile to support the U.S. Navy fleet in the tactical communications of the various units of the battle group.

Super decals sheet with 2 versions in U.S. Navy service

Kit no: 7071
1:72nd scale
The Nebelwerfer was an extremely effective weapon that was central to the strategy of massed rocket artillery during the Second World War for the German Army. The 15 cm Nebelwerfer 41 was probably one of the versions with highest rate of production and use. It was built by a six-tube rocket launcher and it was able to use gas, smoke and high-explosive warheads. It was mounted on a towed carriage adapted from that used by the Pak 36, able to provide a good mobility and flexibility of use. The 15 cm NbW41 has a range of almost 7,000 meters.

This kit comes with the rocket launchers, spare ammo and twelve figures included in the box.

6518 - 1/ 35th Scale
Upgraded Moulds!
The M-108 self-propelled artillery was introduced in the early '60s, to satisfy a specific need of U.S. Army: develop a high mobility howitzer able to replace the aging M52. The M-108 mobility, achieved thanks to the powerful diesel turbocharged 8-cylinders engine and to the efficient suspension system, was its main strength. The armament was formed by the 105 mm howitzer and by one 12.7 mm machine gun, fitted to the rooftop, for close defence purposes.
The solution based on 105 mm howitzer as main gun, however, was not so successful. U.S. Army decided in fact very soon to adopt bigger calibre howitzers characterized by more effectiveness. The M-108 was used during the Vietnam War but it was gradually flanked and then replaced by self-propelled 155 mm. and 203 mm. artillery.

Decals for 3 versions from the Australian, US and Brazilian army.

Kit No:1349
1:72nd scale
The twin-engine DC-3,”Dakota” or “Skytrain” was developed by the Douglas Aircraft Company, during the mid-30s. It can be defined as a real milestone in the history of civil aviation. Its low-wing configuration, strong engines and the excellent performance made it one of the most significant transport aircraft ever made and a real revolution for the airline industry. In civil aviation, a lot of commercial operators and airlines used the American twin-engine to perform short and medium range routes. One such company, Swissair, which is the national airline of Switzerland, employed the type in the late ‘40s and in the ‘50s. Very soon the aircraft was appreciated for the high reliability, the low running costs and the good loading capacity of the aircraft opposed to other competing aircraft in it’s class.

Decals for one version (in- you guessed it – Swissair colours)

Kit No: 7505
1/72nd scale
Contains Two Fast Assembly Models
The Tiger was certainly the most famous armoured vehicle of World War II. Its fire power and protective armour made it the dominating factor on all battle fields during the years 1943-44. It did, however, present considerable problems, due to its complex mechanical construction. The Tiger crews were continuously engaged in maintenance work, which was aggravated through extreme conditions in the African desert and the Russian Plains. This kit contains two quick assembly models.
Decals for 2 versions in German service during WWII

All of these kits will be available from Italeri’s stockists from the end of this month…