Thursday, February 20

Nic takes a reve(aling) look at @what Revell has in store for us in 2014

Nothing makes me feel like a kid as a model-kit catalogue. I remember the fun I had when I received a catalogue and scribbled an “x” next to the models I wanted to have and build. Each time I took it,  more writing appeared in them... I guess I liked all of the kits...

Revealing the Revell novelties for 2014 – The Catalog 2014

The new 2014 catalogue of Revell is 100 pages of fun, with of course a lot of attention for the new and re-released kits. I like the lay-out of the catalogue with all the texts in German and English.

Now, for some of the new stuff for 2014:

Not everything that is new is really new – but still very welcome, if you ask me. Revell will be releasing in February a “Flying Legends 8th Air Force Gift set”; the kits inside this set – B-17G, P-51B and P-47D – aren’t new, but the combination of the kits is. A great idea for a gift indeed!
The first “real” novelties are in 1/144 scale with the A-400M and the Eurofighter Typhoon Twin Seater. Even in this scale, the A-400M is pretty big: 313 x 294 mm. In 1/72, the big Blohm & Voss BV222 and Ki-61 Hien ‘Tony’ are back in the catalogue, while Revell is preparing a new tool F4U-1D Corsair for the summer. In the jet department, a few new markings for the F-16 can be expected as well as a new tool Saab JAS 39C Gripen.
A kit that will get a lot of attention is the new tool 1/48 scale Tornado IDS – at last, we’ll have a Tornado with seperate flaps and slats!  In 1/32 scale re-releases are planned for the Bristol Beaufighter, Mosquito Mk. IV, F4U-1D Corsair and F-4F Phantom II and Hawker Hunter. A lot is expected of the Spitfire Mk II though!

Revell has always had a lot of attention for Space kits and 2014 marks the return of a few interesting ones, all in 1/144: the 77 cm high Saturn V, the Space Shuttle and the Shuttle Launch Tower with Space Shuttle. The only bad news about this last one is that it will be released in a limited edition. A cool novelty is the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip-Two with White Knight Two.
Revell has always had attention for the not so familiar models; in 1/72 a DgzRS 9,5 m. Search and Rescue vessel will be available, as well as a Tug Boat in 1/144.

In the Military ship department a couple of nice additions, this year. Pretty cool is the US Navy Landing Ship Medium (LSM) in 1/144 with lots of extra details and about a dozen vehicels such as tanks & trucks. The “biggest” new kit is the USS New Jersey in scale 1/350. 77,5 cm long, complete with wooden deck, a lot of photo etched parts and metal guns. It’ll have its price, but I’ll sure build one if it gets on my desk  ! (eh-hum...)
A lot of good news for car enthusiasts in 2014. I like the ’53 Corvette Roadster, ’65 Ford Mustang and ’68 Dodge Charger R/T. Also new are the Trabant 601 Universal and Golf 1 in Limousine and Cabriolet version. A future best-seller will be the Mini Cooper Rallye and the MINI Cooper Gift set.
In the Military section, quite a few new products in 1/72, with among others the T-90 tank, GTK Boxer (GTFz A1) and the LKW 5t. Mil gl. In 1/35 the Wiesel 2 LeFlaSys is a release with great value: 3 complete kits in one box! One that will land on the desk – for sure – is the M48 A2GA2. Bring on the paint and glue!
The final 30 pages of the catalogue are for Revell easykits (really fun to do with the kids!) paints, glues and accessoires.

You know, getting this catalogue is a lot of modelling fun! For me, there is as much fun in the anticipation of getting a model as in building it. And this is hours of fun! And it reminded me of the fact that I absolutely have to get me one of those Eurofighters Twin Seaters in 1/32nd.... Have to go now !

Nicolas Deboeck

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