Thursday, February 13

Sneak preview of Zoukei Mura’s P-51D/K/ Mustang IV in 32nd scale - plus many add on decals, pilot figures and paint sets to match

We have previewed the new 1/32nd scale Horten Ho-229 from Zoukei-Mura recently – and we have even been shown a lovely “Horten Ho-229 see-thu kit” from the SWS manufacturers – but now it is the turn of the fan of the P-51 Mustang – one of if not the most famous fighter plane in history – Zoukei Mura has produced the famous “D” version in 1/32nd scale to some acclaim – now it takes in the younger and improved "Early D" & “K” version as well as incorporating the British Mustang IV to get the comprehensive inside out treatment by this Japanese juggernaut.

Mustang IV, P-51D/K Mustang IV from Zoukei Mura
"Now, here is the WWII strongest fighter to wear Roundels!"
With this new "inside Out" structure of building you can feel like you are recreating a real aircraft! Furthermore, you can learn the aircraft’s "skeletal" structures, mechanisms, and even learn about the circumstances of its development!

With the modeller's heart firmly in mind, the SWS Mustang IV is developed aiming to return faithfully to the starting point of the scale model. The “P-51 D”, “P-51 K”, and “Mustang IV” are perfectly recreated with various optional parts like Air Products propellers with no cuffs, intakes on the side surface of the nose, and tail unit without dorsal fin. As assembling SWS kit, you can see the differences of the fighters’performance which the pilots felt, and imagine the scene of the battlefield.
■Country of Origin: Mustang IV (UK), P-51D (Early Type) & P-51K (USA)
■Aircraft Type: Fighter
■Item Number: SWS09
■Release Date: Saturday 22nd March 2014
■Price: 9,500yen (with tax)
■Scale: 1/32
■Length: about 304mm
■Height: about 115mm
■Width: about 356mm
■Parts number: 292
■Mould parts in 2 colours (including clear parts)
■Plastic Model Kit
■4 marking sheets included (Mustang IV x 2 types, P-51 D Early Type x 1, P-51 K x 1)
The after parts for the P-51D kit can be used.

This exciting new kit features many points to note to the modeller..

1: Auxiliary Intakes
Don’t miss them!! 3 kinds of detailed auxiliary intakes carefully & individually built are enclosed!
Auxiliary intakes have been fixed behind the intakes used for the carburetor under the nose. Some filters have been placed inside in order to prevent the plane from foreign substances when being on an accidental runway. There are 3 different types of shape for this panel: one with 32 round holes, the “closed” type panel, and the shark panel seen on the RAF Mustang IV. All these 3 types can be recreated with the SWS kit. 

  2: Propellers
Thoroughly enjoy the difference!! From Hamilton Standard and Aero Products: a set of 2 different propellers
Enjoy the difference between the Hamilton Standard propellers with a hollow steel cuff, and the Aero Products propellers made in solid aluminium to make them lighter. Both types are reproduced thanks to thorough investigations.

You can choose the tail without the dorsal fin that was adopted until the initial version of P-51D!
The Mustang left and right horizontal stabilizers have been made as 1 single part, and were designed to improve the productivity since right and left flippers are common. Then, regarding the fixation to the fuselage, a unique method of fixation was employed. Moreover, the vertical stabilizer deals with the engine torque, so an offset of 1 degree from the central axis of the fuselage was applied! This unique and unknown structure is magnificently reproduced to the fullest in SWS!!

Brand new aftermarket pilots, paint and decal sets from Zoukei-Mura for the Mustang in 32nd scale...
There are 4 types of decals that will be released at the same time as the kit so you can enjoy more Mustang! A large selection of  parts and additional figures, all with accurate details, will increase your appetite to build this kit.

Mustang IV, P-51D (Early type) & P-51K Colour Set
Vallejo colour is washable in water, non-toxic, and doesn't give off fumes! Hand-picked by the SWS developers themselves as the perfect colour for the Mustang IV!

■Item Number: SWS09-C01
■Release Date: Saturday 22nd March 2014
■Price: 2,800yen (with tax)
■Vallejo Acrylic Colours
        Interior Green 71010 (MA010)
        Olive Drab 71043(MA043)
        US Grey Light 71045(MA045)
        Dark Sea Green 71053(MA053)
        Pastel Green 70885(MC109)
        Lime Green 70827(MC077)
        Deep Yellow 70915MC014
        Silver (Metallic) 71063MA063
■Brush Cleaner x 1 included

Limited Edition Forward Facing Pilot Figure
Special offer for VS/VIP members: easy-to-use, front-facing seated RAF pilot!
■Item Number: SWS09-F01
■Release Date: Saturday 22nd March 2014
■Price: 1,500yen (with tax)
■Total of 1 figure: Forward Facing Pilot Figure
Limited item to VS/VIP members
■Number of parts:
■Resin Kit
■In collaboration with Master Box

Forward Edition Side Facing Pilot Figure
What reflects in this historic pilot’ eyes is not the course of the defeat but the enemy fighter that doesn’t give him a break.
■Item Number: SWS09-F02
■Release Date: Saturday 22nd March 2014
■Price: 1,500yen (with tax)
■Total of 1 figure: Pilot looking away at the enemy bombers.
■Number of parts:
■Resin Parts
■In collaboration with Master Box

P-51D Marking Set 1
The “Detroit Miss” of Lieutenant Urban Drew that shot two Me262 planes in one sortie, plus "Hurry Home Honey" & "PI-J"

■Item Number: SWS09-D01
■Release Date: Saturday 22nd March 2014
■Price: 1,800yen (with tax)
■Decal: 1 sheet 3 types
361FG 375FS "DETROIT Miss"
357FG 364FS "Hurry Home Honey"
356FG 360FS "PI-J"
■Decals printed by Cartograf of Italy

P-51D Marking Set 2
 “Bid Beautiful Doll” of Colonel John Landers. plus "miss Steve" and "Ridge Runner"

■Item Number: SWS09-D02
■Release Date: Saturday 22nd March 2014
■Price: 2,200yen (with tax)
■Decal: 2 sheets 3 types
78FG "Big Beautiful Doll"
■Decals printed by Cartograf of Italy

P-51D Marking Set 3
Reproduction of the loved “CRIPES A MIGHTY” of the top ace Major George Preddy

■Item Number: SWS09-D03
■Release Date: Saturday 22nd March 2014
■Price: 2,200yen (with tax)
■Decal: 1 sheet 1 type
■Decals printed by Cartograf of Italy

P-51D Marking Set 4
 “Dove of Peace” of Colonel Glenn Duncan. 1 other type included!

■Item Number: SWS09-D04
■Release Date: Saturday 22nd March 2014
■Price: 2,200yen (with tax)
■Decals: 2 sheets printed by Cartograf of Italy for 2 aircraft
353FG "Dove of Peace"
20FG 79FS "Chattanooga Choo Choo"
We will have more on this kit – and all of Zoukei Mura’s other kit as the info is sent to us..