Sunday, March 2

Andrea Miniatures are giving us "the itch"

If you are a classic movie fan or even someone who has watched the Oscars at least once you would know Marilyn Monroe and here iconic scene from the movie “Seven Year Itch” Well Andrea Miniatures has recreated this scene in their latest figure….


Andrea Miniatures February 2014 release
Code: WY-15
Scale: 1/32 (54 mm)
Material: White Metal
Parts: 5
Sculpted by: Andrea Studios
Painted by: Andrea Studios
September 15, 1954, at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 52nd Street in New York City George Zimbel took Iconic this photo of Marilyn Monroe called "The Flower" above the updraft of the subway – without doubt it was the inspiration for this beautiful sculpt from Andrea Miniatures.
This figure fits in well with Andrea’s other “Pyn-up” figures.  This figure emulating Ms Monroe is cast in five pieces of white metal in 1/32nd scale or 54mm size whichever you work in – and includes the subway grate which she is seen standing on.

Glad we don't need to paint he guy as well.
Seen with her white dress billowing and her face in surprised elation this figure is sold unassembled or painted up by Andrea Studio’s craftsmen – it is your call but it doesn’t seem like a chore to have to put her together and paint her to me!
This figure is now available through Andrea’s Distributors or directly from their website.