Saturday, March 22

Kagero’s Latest four for April are ready to order now..

Rarely seen Italians on an English holiday, a French Heavyweight that can keep up with the new boys, a German screamer wreaks havoc and “we are going baaack to Masssachuusetttssss.”

Kagero's April 2014 releases

Air Battles No. 20
Marek Sobski
60 pages, painting schemes, 67 archive photos, format (sizes): (205x275 mm), mate coated paper, soft cover binding
“Lictorian Fasces over England” is the story of Corpo Aero Italiano, the Reggia Aeronautica detachment operating against Britain in 1940 – 1941. Established for propaganda and political reasons, the corps had to face two equally formidable enemies over the Channel: the RAF and the brutal weather conditions to which they were hardly accustomed. The book presents a blow by blow account of the unit's operations in addition to detailed descriptions of the aircraft used in the campaign.

Marek J. Murawki
Marek Ryś
112 pages, painting schemes, 86 archive photos, 78 renders, 2 A4 sheet of scale drawings, format (sizes): (210x295 mm), mate coated paper, soft cover binding Price: €20.40
Part two of the monograph on the legendary World War II dive bomber takes a closer look at the history of the final production versions the Ju-87: the "Dora" – a dedicated dive bomber and strike platform and the Ju-87 G tank buster. In addition to combat histories of the front-line units that operated the types, the book presents profiles of some of the most prominent Stuka pilots. The text is supplemented by first-hand accounts of the men who flew the Ju-87s in combat, as well as a large selection of original photographs and 3D drawings offering a great insight into the intricacies of the aircraft's design.

M.P. Robinson
The new format of the book - A4, about 80 pages, 110 archive photos, 8 color profiles, mate coated paper, soft cover binding
Price: €19.07
The AMX-30 was France’s principal battle tank for over 30 years and continues to serve the French Army in later forms even to this day. In this first work of a two volume study examining the history of the AMX-30 battle tank, M.P. Robinson describes the development and introduction to service of this long serving weapon system. Photographic coverage in Volume 1 is focused on the AMX-30B gun tank, its service life and the supporting vehicles that served alongside it in the Arme Blindée Cavalerie in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Over 150 colour and black and white photographs tell the story of this tank in its environment, as well as in detail, for the historian and modellers alike.

Super Drawings in 3D No. 27
Stefan Dramiński
80 pages, 80 drawings, 146 renders, Gloss coated paper, Format (sizes): A4 (210x297 mm), Booklet binding
The text part of this book describes history of the ship's construction and service. This is accompanied by more than 100 color illustrations showing USS Massachusetts' appearance towards the end of her service in the Pacific, 1945. Elements that are shown in detail include superstructures, armament, fire control instruments, aircraft, boats, equipment, rig, etc. Blueprints in 1:350, 1:200, 1:100 and 1:50 scales (general views and details) are included on a separate sheet. The publication is a great reference for building a detailed model of USS Massachusetts.

All of these titles are available through the links on this page any time after the 31st of March – hence they are APRIL’S items :-)