Monday, March 17

MENG’s new Awesome Foursome for April

MENG have four new products coming out in the month of April – we have a little info and some box art of each of the kits that will soon be in the hands expectant modellers

MENG’s FOUR new releases for April of 2014

SPS-015 Modern U.S. Military Individual Load-Carrying Equipment
Individual Load-Carrying Equipment is indispensable for soldiers in fields of conflict. The burden of Individual Load-Carrying Equipment directly affects the results and enduring ability of fights. In recent years, all countries increasingly pay attention to research and improvement of it, including the U.S., one of the forerunners, which has engaged in modern wars. When building modern military figures or war dioramas, probably you always feel something missing. So, MENG now releases this set of Modern U.S. Military Individual Load-Carrying Equipment after studying a lot of reference materials.

The SPS-015 kit is made up of field packs, hamlets, one water bag, water canteens, medikits, moisture-proof pads and protective cases. The kit consists of two sprues. You can use the equipment with figures and you can also put them in dioramas.

SPS-016 D 640 A Workable Tracks for Leopard 1 Family
Leopard 1 MBT, once as the standard equipment for military in all countries around the Europe, has it been your favourite? Does it take too much time and effort to make annoying traditional workable tracks for Leopard 1? These new tracks consist of upper and lower track pads, pins and ice cleats. Without trimming runners or using glue, actually it is so easy to assemble tracks. Of course, the tracks are also very detailed. The pins, never seen in the past, will be present on this kit.

With light weight, high flexibility, low cost, and easy loading and unloading, more and more soft skin armed pickups have been used in modern wars and conflicts. PICKUP w/ZPU-2 kit represents one kind of various modified pickups. When the videos about Free Syrian Army shooting ZPU-2 guns on pickups in the Syrian Civil War were widely spread on the Internet, were you shocked too? This 1/35 PICKUP w/ZPU-2 kit is a precise replica of real things. It is comprised of 11 plastic sprues, five tyres , four poly caps and one PE fret.

TS-011 French FT-17 Light Tank (Riveted Turret)
You must have known something about French FT-17 light tank from previous MENG TS-008 kit. However, have you ever known that octagon riveted turrets were used because the original cast turret was too small to mount a cannon in the early stage of production? In order to restore the indispensable historical model, MENG brings this 1/35 TS-011 French FT-17 Light Tank (Riveted Turret) kit. TS-011 consists of 10 plastic sprues, one PE fret and metal components including springs. The collocation of an ingenious platform makes it more perfect. With both the platform and model in hand, you can just make a satisfactory diorama conveniently.

The Load-Carrying Equipment, tracks and scale model kits are coming out at the same time – April should be a happy month for many modellers out there! Check out MENG’s website for more info on these and all of their other kits.