Sunday, March 30

Need some tips on photographing your latest Mameluke sculpt from Andrea Miniatures? Read on...

Just wanting to sculpt and paint an amazing new kit of a Mameluke Officer in 1808? Need to photograph it? Then Andrea Miniatures has the new sculpt and book just for you…

Andrea Miniatures New releases for March 2014

Code: S8-F56
Scale: 1/18 (90 mm)
Material: Metal/Resin
Pieces -29 Metal / 2 Resin parts
Sculptor /Painter: Andrea Studios
Kit:152 €
Painted HQ:950€
Mamelukes of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard were enlisted by the little general to serve alongside him throughout the entire Napoleonic Wars. The (mameluk or mamluk) warriors were brightly uniformed, and appointed with an array of pistols, maces, daggers and their famous curved scimitars to good effect in Europe.

The Mamelukes were immortalised in this painting by Francisco Goya – “The Second of May, 1808: The Charge of the Mamelukes”
The Mameluke's tactics were to discharge their pistols and toss them to the ground then charge into melee. While this was a success tactic against an untrained foe but this was less effective against the well drilled armies they faced in Europe. They were a feared unit and the subject of many sculpts by artists and a firm fan of figure modellers.
This figure - mounted on his horse is made from twenty nine parts of white metal and two parts cast in resin. In a large 1/8th scale (90mm) he is seen here reining in his impressive mount in his full colourful regalia. There are so many deep parts to this sculpt he cannot help but look lifelike the way he is sculpted and then painted.
There is just so much to like about this figure and the painting as well – he is painted here by one of Andrea’s in house skilled painters – and you have the option of getting a sculpt painted just like this – but you will have to pay for the unique privilege! Or of course you can pour over the model and take ages to paint it like we think you should…Now only if I could take a good photo like these ones… Well now it seems I can with Andrea’s other new release this month in paper form..

Code: AP-54I
• 48 pages
• Format: 210 x 297 mm
• Over 100 full colour photographs
• Soft Cover
• Available languages: English
14 €
With this book you will learn the basics of photography, the performance of different types of cameras and mobile devices. Build your own photography studio and learn how to control the lighting for your scale model shooting with professional quality.

These are now available at the Andrea Miniatures Website.