Tuesday, March 25

Yet more brand new Spitfire, Tempest and Hellcat resin from Barracuda Studios has just been released...

Not satisfied with the recent Spitfire and Tempest updates Barracuda Studios has announced a few more new parts for your Spitfire you haven’t finished ‘cos you were wanting to scratch build the new part – well wait no longer! Those in need of a spitfire intake or full cockpit for the Mk. XIX or some Hellcat wheels in 32nd – what about some Tempest wheels in 48th? Well look no further!

Barracuda Studios new resin improvements for March 2014
Barracuda Studios is proud to announce that 5 new resin detail sets are now up on the website and available for order. Four new sets in 1/48th scale and one new set is 1/32nd scale.

The first two sets are designed for the recent Airfix Spitfire Mk XIX in 1/48th scale. This is a very nice and accurate kit. Our upgrade sets add detail and finesse to this kit.

This set consists of a seamless, detailed carburettor intake with separate filter flap designed for Airfix's recent and beautiful Spitfire Mk XIX kit. The kit intake has a very prominent and hard to eliminate seam running all down the inside surfaces. May be adapted to fit other Griffon Spitfire kits or marks.


Designed to be a quick and easy way to add a lot of detail to your kit's cockpit with a minimum amount of work, this set consists of 20 resin parts such as the Seat with belts moulded in, new floorboards with rudder pedals, throttle, gear retract quadrant, camera control and selector boxes, stick compass and oxygen hose. Also included is an extensive set of Spitfire cockpit stencils and placards in decal form. Can be easily adapted to other Spitfire kits and marks.
all of these great pictures of the Mk XIX Spit are from the excellent reference site www.spitfiresite.com/
These two new sets round out the other upgrades we have released for this kit. We have four other sets for the Airfix Spit XIX kit as well, including 3 slot wheels, exhausts, the tapered 5 blade prop fitted the overwhelming majority of MK XIXs and a beautiful vac canopy. Just type Spitfire XIX into the search box to get a full list of all products for this aircraft. We reviewed them here on TMN as well.

Also new in 1/32nd scale is another set of wheels for the Corsair and Hellcat in 1/32nd scale. Super detailed resin wheels with the late production stamped wheel hub and ribbed tires as fitted to late model F6F, F4U, Warbirds, and Air Racers. A simple upgrade for all Corsair and Hellcat kits.

Also some all new and very detailed wheels in 1/48th scale for a number of important British aircraft from the 40s and 50s. BR48151 replaces the existing wheel set BR48004, which is being discontinued after 24 years of production. 24 years!
This set consists of a pair of super detailed, accurate resin main wheels with smooth tires as fitted to Hawker Tempest V, Series II and later variants, such as the MK II and Mk VI when operating primarily from grass or unimproved airfields. Designed for all 1:32 Tempest kits, as well as wartime prototypes of the Martin Baker MB 5, Firebrand and DH Hornet.

This set consists of a pair of super detailed, accurate resin main wheels with staggered block tire tread as fitted to many British post-war aircraft when operating primarily from concrete runways or carrier decks.
Hawker Tempest (all variants post-war)
Fairey Firefly (all variants post-war)
de Havilland Hornet and Sea Hornet (all variants)
Blackburn Firebrand (post-war)
Martin Baker MB5
These wheels are not, however, applicable to the Hawker Sea Fury, as this was fitted with smaller 30" tires (coming soon). For all kits of these aircraft.

All of these very new sets are now available on Barracuda Studios website