Monday, April 28

A new "divine" sculpture from Andrea Minatures

With this band of warriors in the news recently for their service to their country (rightly or wrongly) the latest release of a bust from Andrea Miniatures captures a flying officer of the Kamikaze section readying himself for battle..

 New from Andrea Miniatures in May
Andrea Miniatures
Scale: 1/10 (or 165 mm)
Material: 9 parts of Metal + 2 parts of resin
Sculptor & Painted by: Andrea Studios
Kit: €46.00/ High Quality Unique pieces painted by Andrea’s professional painters, with full lighting and shadows. Painted HQ:€ 250.00 Link here
Following on the heels of Pegaso’s Kamikaze pilot we have another unique bust – this time from Andrea Miniatures on this fascinating band of warriors.
The Divine Wind or Kamikaze as they were called – were a band of flyers and soldiers who swore an oath to defend their country by diving their aircraft straight into the enemy in an attack that saw them and their fuel and explosive laden aircraft taking not just their enemy but the pilot’s life.
This pictures here does remind me very much of the picture here of a Kamikaze pilot tying his hachimaki head scarf with the rising sun motif – though I suppose you could choose any of the slogans used by the Kamikaze pilots of the time.
This bust is available painted by Andrea’s craftsmen or unconstructed and unpainted in a kit with nine parts of white metal and two parts of resin.
This bust is now available from Andrea Miniature’s Distributors worldwide…