Monday, April 21

Guess who is about to launch a new F-84F & RF-84E in 32nd scale???

Well definitely not Miss Marjorie Critten, (Miss Missouri 1958) as she has had her turn – read on to hear what’s being whispered about this large scale Thunderstreak…..

New kit from…..??

F-84F & RF-84E
1/32nd scale
Injection moulded Plastic
P/E and some very lovely decals promised as well..
So there you have it – apparently this year is planned a very detailed and well researched F-84F Thunderstreak & and maybe even an RF-84E Thunderflash photo reconnaissance version.
The F-84F was the swept wing version with a Wright J65 engine. Tactical Air Command aircraft were equipped with Low-Altitude Bombing System (LABS) for delivering nuclear bombs. 2,711 were built and 1,301 went to NATO under Mutual Defence Assistance Program (MDAP) amongst other nations were: the Belgian Air Force, Denmark, Royal Danish Air Force, France, German Air Force (Luftwaffe), Greek Air Force, Italy, Netherlands. Royal Norwegian Air Force, Turkey, even the Republic of China Air Force used this aircraft! So heaps of marking choices abide for this kit.
Several Large scale experts in the field are working on a hush-hush (not anymore) Thunderstreak & Thunderflash project with full weapons and an extensive decal sheet for some time later in the year. We have heard of the quality of people mentioned in the research and implementation of the kit that it seems they have got the “Dream Team” together for this one – hopefully it transpires into a great kit.
We will let you know more when we are sure of the details – and no doubt there will be a few hands up to (have) to build it for you when it arrives. Ohh the sacrifices us modellers face now-days!!