Tuesday, May 6

Hobbyboss are following the rule of threes with their trio of new releases

Hobbyboss have released three new and sure to be popular kits this month from land sea and air – they should be in your local hobby shop soon – we thought we would show you some sprue shots of their new ME262, T-37 tank and the USS Iwo Jima kits…

 Hobbyboss new releases of May

"Iwo Jima" is the "Wasp" class amphibious assault ship launched in June 2001. She is 257.3 meters long, 34 meters wide and with a displacement 40,500 tons, the largest tonnage and the greatest number of the amphibious assault ships available in one ship in the world today.
The ship is equipped with hovercraft and mechanized landing craft & she is equipped with the V-22 "Osprey", AH-1Z and AV-8B aircraft. In addition to integrated air and sea delivery capability, but also that the landing force to provide air support. In addition to conventional combat missions, "Iwo Jima" was also with the U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups or alternative maritime control and command tasks.

Model features:
Item No              83408
Item Name         USS Iwo Jima LHD-7
Scale      1:700
Model Dimension        Length: 371.5mm   Beam:89.5 mm
Total Plastic Parts        610+
Total Sprues     36 sprues , lower hull , upper hull , deck and stand
Photo Etched Parts     3 pcs
Kit contains features:
-  Detailed Flight Deck is a single piece casting
-  US Marine Assault Vehicles :
    LCAC Hovercraft×2 and LCU Landing Craft×2
-  Aircraft and Helicopters:
    AV-8B Harrier×2CH-46E×4CH-53E×4
    MV-22 Osprey×4AH-1W Cobra×2SH-60F×2
-  3 pieces of Photo-Etched detailing parts  for aisleradar parts etc.

The Me262 was the first and only fully operational jet-powered fighter aircraft developed during World War II. Because of the special handling characteristics of a jet-powered aircraft verses a propeller driven one, a two seat training conversion became necessary. This was designated the Me262B-1a, and was equipped with a second seat for the instructor along with full dual controls, and a pair of external fuel tanks.
Model Features:
Item No              80378
Item Name         Me 262 B-1a
Scale      1:48
Model Dimension        Length: 244mm   Wingspan:260.6 mm
Total Plastic Parts        170+
Total Sprues     11 sprues
Chromeplate Parts       n/a
Camouflage Scheme              Luftwaffe
Metal Parts        nose gear cabin
More kit Features:
-The kit consists of  over 170 parts, includes 4 clear parts for the canopy.
-Detailed fuselage&wing w/accurate design
-Detailed gear cabin
-Optional metal nose gear cabin

The T-37 was a Soviet amphibious light tank. The tank was first created in 1932, based on the British Vickers tankette and other operational amphibious tanks. The T-37 was the first series of mass-produced fully amphibious tanks in the world.

In the Red Army, they were used to perform tasks in communication, reconnaissance, and as defence units on the march, as well as active infantry support on the battlefield. The T-37 was used in large numbers during the Soviet invasion of Poland and in the Winter War against Finland. The T-37 was also used by the Soviets in the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, but most of them were quickly lost. Surviving tanks of that type fought on the front lines until 1944, and were used in training and auxiliary defence until the end of World War II
Model features:
Item No              83820
Item Name         Soviet T-37TU Command Tank
Scale      1:35
Model Dimension        Length: 109.8mm   Width: 59mm
Total Plastic Parts        320+
Total Sprues     17 sprues and lower hull
Photo Etched Parts     2 pcs
More Features          the kit consists of over 320 parts
-  Multi-directional slide moulded turret & lower hull
-  Photo-etched parts included
- 196 individual tracks links

These kits are slated for release this month, and more info can be found on the Hobbyboss website..