Saturday, May 3

Just don’t jump out too high! The new UH-1N Helicopter & IDF Paratroopers in 35th scale from Dragon

Now this is pretty nice looking – for all of those IDF  ( or fans of something different) the new(ish) UH-1N Huey from Dragon sees the addition of some not so new but pretty useful IDF paratroopers – lets see what the kit entails in the preview…

Dragon New item for May 
SCALE: 1:35th
Box Size: 16.9" x 12.2" x 3.5"
It is not often that Dragon releases a 1/35 scale helicopter, which makes the present time even more exciting! Why? Because Dragon has released a UH-1N helicopter in this scale! The Bell UH-1N Twin Huey first flew in 1969 and it could carry 14 passengers in addition to the pilot. The UH-1N has been widely used by the US Air Force, US Navy and US Marine Corps, but another interesting user nation was Israel. The first Iroquois helicopters that Israel obtained were of the UH-1D type, but in the end it operated a mixed fleet of some 64 UH-1s of various types. Israel used its helicopters in various Middle East conflicts and against Palestinian militants for more than 30 years, before they were all retired in 2002 after being replaced by the UH-60 Black Hawk.
This plastic kit of the UH-1N is beautifully detailed, and it looks mightily impressive in this large scale. Cartograf supplies a set of well-registered markings to finish off this Israeli Huey. To make the set even more attractive, Dragon is throwing in a figure set of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) paratroopers. The Paratroopers Brigade is a renowned fighting force in Israel, and the unit has taken part in many missions. 
The four plastic figures stem from a much earlier release but their quality is still up to today’s standards. Together, the figures and helicopter can create an inspiring scene of air-ground cooperation in the Middle East.
UH-1N rendered w/excellent detail
Clear-plastic parts for windshield and doors
Cabin doors can be assembled open/closed
Fuselage rendered with fine details
2.75-inch rocket launcher pods realistically reproduced
Paratroopers included
This kit should be out in Dragon’s syndicated hobbystores this month…