Thursday, May 8

Look what just blew in – a bleedin’ Whirlwhind!

Today we give you the release details of  Valiant Wings new title – “Westland Whirlwind-A Detailed Guide To The RAF’s Twin-engine Fighter” it is their new book in the  Airframe Album No.4  series – and we have some pre-order discount info and another good reason to have a look) - So let’s do that…

Publisher: Valliant Wings
64 pages.
English text.
Available from: Valliant Wings' Website directly (£2.00 OFF p&p on all individual pre-ordered copies before May 25th)

Hot on the heels of Trumpeter's Whirlwind kit Valiant Wings have released news of their new title in the Airframe Album No 4 series – this one is centred on the late WWII twin engine fighter the Westland Whirlwind
Airframe  Album No 4 – The Westland Whirlwind-A Detailed Guide To The RAF’s Twin-engine Fighter by Richard A Franks will publish week commencing May 19th.Valiant wings have included some cracking isometric drawings by their new artist Wojtek Sankowski showing off all the detail differences between variants-you might be surprised at how many there are.

As an added bonus Valiant are extending their pre-order postage offer and our prize draw offer with a chance to win a Trumpeter Whirlwind kit to May 25th.
 Trumpy kit boxart
What’s more they are making a set of 1/48 scale plans for the Whirlwind available for all customers who have pre-ordered a copy. These plans have been carefully crafted by Richard J Caruana and will be the perfect companion to both the book and your new Trumpeter Whirlwind kit.

The Westland Whirlwind-A Detailed Guide to the RAF’s Twin-engine Fighter retails at £15.95 RRP. Order before May 25th and get £2.00 off post and packing, a chance to win a free kit PLUS a free set of scale plans.

Keep looking in here or on their website  for more on their great books as they come to light