Monday, May 26

Not only is TANKART III ready to roll – TA 4,5 & 6 + Airplane art and Constructart too? Let’s have a look at what RSP has coming soon…

Anticipation has peaked, the readers are ready to soak in the knowledge – and the models are ready to be painted weathered and finished – let’s look at the improvements coming our way in TankArt III and some other surprises to come from Rinaldi Studio Press

All the news that is new about Rinaldi Studio Press' TANKART III & their latest plans
First up, the latest release TANKART 3 Modern Armor. The third installment in the TA series on painting and weathering armor, this title focuses on post-war subjects. At a newly revised and expanded 224-page format, the book is broken down into 3 technique chapters and 6 model chapters, with 1 chapter being from guest author, modern armor specialist -- Andy Taylor. 
TA 3 will also usher a new graphics style and will coincide with a new company logo and rebranded website, set to debut with the new book's release in June.
EXPANDED CONTENT - TA 3 will now be 224-pages (+16 pages), new heavier cover stock with matt lamination for greater durability and style! All advanced pre-orders will receive this version, dealers included.
Here is the link to the pre-order page..
Following on the heels of TA 3, will be a revised and updated TANKART 1 German Armor (2nd Ed.) printing. This book will be a finalized version of the title, cleaned up and corrected in the same expanded 224-page format and revised graphics seen with TA 3. Included in this 2nd Ed printing is a new chapter from a new guest author, (a complete model chapter in it's own right) by world class armor modeller Lester Plaskitt. His Gold Medal EuroMilitaire winning Sd.Kfz 251 halftrack and figures will be featured in print for the first time and make TA 1 an even more substantial volume. 
Shortly after the release of TA 1 (2nd Ed), RSP will release TANKART 4 German Armor, featuring another round of extensive painting and weathering of new camo schemes to bolster the collective knowledge of this broad subject matter. A new guest will appear, again with new unpublished work from Mario Eens, a Belgian modeller whose work is continually the standard by which all armour modelling can be judged against. His captured Char B1 bis is at the highest levels seen in the hobby and TA 4 will feature that and 5 additional model chapters from the RSP workbench. 
For the second half of 2014, TANKART 5 Allied Armor and TANKART 6 Modern Armor will complete the year.
But that's not all that is in the works from RSP. Two new titles are set in place and will begin production in the coming months. AIRPLANEART 1 Allied Aircraft is currently being developed to take the same fantastic format and style started with the TA series and apply that to aircraft subjects. Alongside this effort, a non-military subject series called CONSTRUCTART is planned to showcase what can be done with endless variety of equipment used in the civilian sectors. One walk by any construction site will illustrate what is coming from RSP for the future expansion of their catalog! 
This new TankArt III and all of the other Rinaldi Studio Press books (as well as some combo packs) are available on their website.