Saturday, May 24

Pegaso’s new elf comes out with the knight

 The lauded company Pegaso has brought out two new warriors we thought we would show you for their May releases – one a knight of a secret order and the other who hunts in the forest at night..

Pegaso's May 2014 Figures...

Code: FA75-003
Sculpture: Andrea Julia
Painter: Mirko Cavalloni
Material: White Metal
Pieces: 16
Scale: 1:24th/ 75mm
List price:       € 45,00
This Elven Moon Warrior is seen looking very nice (and not very well armoured) with her skin gleaming in the moonlight. I suppose you could colour her any way you wanted except for tanned!
Pegaso’s Andrea Julia has sculpted this piece in 1/24th scale (or 75mm for the purists) in sixteen parts of white metal. She is seen drawing her bow to take a shot and treading lightly on her toes as she stalks her prey…
Lucky for the strategic leaf covering her “back”

Sculptor: Richard Galiceck
Category: 09 Crusaders
Sculptor: Richard Galicek
Painter: Aleks Michelotti
Material: White Metal
Pieces: 18
Size: 75mm/ Scale:1:24th
Price:€ 37,19 

This Templar Knight from medieval times straddles his large red and white shield as he looks on to the distance. He could be used in a few scenarios or even just by himself.
The battle-scarred shield features several gouges on the front and is well weathered and faded – some very nice painting on the box art here by Aleks Michelotti on the original white metal sculpt by Richard Galicek in 75mm (1/24th scale.)
You can see he has he water bottle, two pouches and his sword scabbard hanging from his heavy leather belt (ohh and a dagger just in case) I would be very worried if I was a Saracen or one of the people who plotted against the Templars.

These two figures are now available from Pegaso Miniatures from their website.