Thursday, May 22

Review: Eduard’s MiG-29 9-13 F.O.D. and Ladder in 1/48th scale

Eduard keeps on helping us improve our model kits by adding updated and improved details in photo etch and resin. Our man Gary keeps on doing some great reviews of these parts - Today he looks at a good way to improve his Great wall Hobby MiG-29 in 48th scale with new FOD covers and an aircrew ladder. See what he thought in today’s review…

Designed for: Great Wall Hobby MiG-29
1/48 scale
Photo Etch parts: 1 fret
Available from: Eduard directly & most model shops

This photo etch detail set from Eduard provides a set of brass parts designed to enhance the level of detailing for the Great Wall Hobby (GWH) MiG-29 9-13 Fulcrum C kit in 1/48. The set contains one PE fret with 16 parts and a two page instruction sheet.

Covered or not? it often is a choice of the model makers themselves who give us little choice but to seal the suckers up.
The MiG-29 is equipped with “Dual-Mode” air intakes which can be closed when the MiG-29 is maneuvering on the ground and alternative louvered intakes opened on the upper wing surfaces to supply air to the engine. This reduces the chances of foreign bodies being ingested into the engines on poorly prepared runways.
Foreign Object Damage or FOD is still a consideration even when the engines are powered down (due to wind for example) and for this reason safety covers are fitted when the aircraft is parked.

These FOD covers are the primary subject of this Eduard detail set and are provided for:
•           The main intakes
•           The auxiliary louvre intakes on the upper wing
•           The exhaust nozzle
The set also includes a boarding ladder which can be displayed attached to the aircraft or separately.
All the parts are contained on a single PE fret and a minimal amount of bending and gluing will be required.Likewise painting will be fairly simple as the FOD covers are usually bright red or orange overall.
The most fiddly part of constructing this set will be bending and attaching the grab handles for the covers.

Page 1 covers the assembly and correct installation location of the exhaust covers and the main and auxiliary intake covers. No kit parts need to be modified to allow the use of this set, which is kind of appealing once in a while.

Page 2 deals with the boarding ladder construction which does require some delicate bending of the steps and sides. This should not present too much difficulty for most modelers with previous experience with PE. 

This is a very simple set and if you plan to model your MiG-29 on a display base all closed up (maybe with some RBF streamers) you should consider this set as well. The one thing I did not test was the fit of the covers to the model. Given that Eduard specifically state this set is designed for the GWH kit I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and trust that they got the sizing correct and these covers will just slide over the model parts as depicted in the instructions.

The set retails for around US$23 and is generally available thru the usual model shops.

Thanks to Eduard for supplying the review sample and for continuing to provide modelers accessory sets for diorama ideas !!

Gary Wickham

Thanks to Eduard for sending us this kit to review