Saturday, May 17

Six new new periodicals from Ampersand Publishing give you no excuse not to improve your reading skills!!

Crazyness at Ampersand Publishing as they shoot out SIX new publications in May/June – they are calling it their BOOK-A-PALOOZA – let’s have a look at all that is on offer…
Ampersand is pleased to announce a monster release list for May and June - six great publications in 60 days set for release on June 15th -
Allied/Axis - AA30
• Sherman Tankdozer, 32 pages
• sFH 18 15cm Howitzer Part Two, 39 pages
• M23 Ammunition Trailer, 24 pages
Ninety-six pages total, $15.95 retail

Allied/Axis - AA31
• Panzer-Abteilung 40 in Finland, 60 pages
• 5cm PAK 38, 18 pages
• 7.5cm le.IG 18 Infantry Gun, 17 pages
Ninety-six pages total, $15.95 retail

Military Miniatures in Review: MMiR 60
• The M48 Patton, a Primer: Part Two: The M48A2 and M48A2C.
• The Little Tractor that Rocks: The Pit Road IJA Type 98 4t Prime Mover Shi-Ke.
• Dust(er) in the Wind: Blown away by AFV Club's M42 Duster.
• Pint sized Puma: Gettin' teeny with the Italeri/Tamiya kit.
• Pocket size Puncher: Tamiya's New Type 10.
• Heavy Lift'n: Tasca's Sweet M32B1!
• A T-90 Tale: A story of steel and styrene.
• Red Leg! Red Leg! This is Bravo Six: Bronco's 155mm Howitzer (Vietnam).
Eighty pages. $9.95 retail.

Military Miniatures in Review: MMiR 61
• The M103, a Primer: Part One.
• Beautiful Bofors, Times Two: Looking at the AFV Club kits.
• Get your Goat: The Tamiya Gama-Goat.
• Ma.K'n it up as I go: Building Wave's KetzeR.
• Ha-Go-a-Go-Go: The Return of the Smart Kit.
• Patton, pathologically: Dragon's M48A3.
• Thrilling Drilling: AFV Club's Sd.Kfz. 251/21 Ausf. D "Drilling."
• Great Leapin' Leopard: Meng's Leopard 1 A3/A4.
• Model Citizen: 29th Infantry Division Bar Gunner.
Eighty pages. $9.95 retail.

The Big Macks
A Visual History of the Mack Wheeled Prime Movers In U.S. Army Service 1940-1958
One hundred twelve pages, over 180 b&w photos. $19.95 retail.

The D7 Tractor
A Visual History of the D7 Tractor In U.S. Army Service 1941-1953
Once hundred twenty pages, 130 b&w photos and over 60 color photos. $22.95 retail.
These new publications that will be out very soon and you can pre-order them very soon from the Ampersand Website along with their other great books.