Thursday, May 15

Verlinden’s 3 new items for May2014 kick the door down of your local hobby shop..

Verlinden’s three new kits for May capture the imagination – There is a large scale German Luftwaffe general inspecting a medal – some WWII soviet tank riders as well as two Modern US Soldiers forcing their way into a suspected enemy house. Let’s have a look.

May 2014 items from Verlinden.

Cleaning House Iraq Vignette
1:35 Scale
As a dead enemy looks on with lifeless eyes these two US soldiers kick the door in to the suspected abode of more insurgents.  The kit features three figures and a base and wall/gate section in 1/35th scale.
The resin walls feature cracked concrete and bullet holes to give a suitably worn look of the dry buildings in the Middle East and the soldiers are very heavily laden for bear with their full packs, assault rifles and one of the soldiers carries a heavy SAW infantry support machine gun.

Russian Tank Riders WWII
1:35 Scale
These two Soviet troops are made from cream resin and are suitable for a winter scene as they are covered from head to toe in all white camouflage – armed with Ppsh-41 sub-machine guns.
Looking like they are just about to dismount – looking cautiously over the side of the tank they are really well suited to this Su-122 with it’s large flat rear deck – but any soviet tank will do!

Luftwaffe General WWII
1:16 Scale
Haven’t I got one of these? This German Luftwaffe General is seen looking down at the ribbon of the medal – he maybe is in the process of awarding it and maybe just looking at it..
The large scale 1/16th figure has a fair few medals on his chest already – finely detailed in resin. He has the striped pants of the General staff and the Iron cross and several other awards so I think he is just about to hand this one over to one of his flyers.

These kits are currently on introduction sale price on Verlinden’s Webstore.