Thursday, May 1

Yet more Voodoo for you to make you goo-goo: The 1/48th scale McDonnell F-101A/C from Kittyhawk's sprue shots added to the markings..

If you were to draw an aircraft as a kid you would give it pretty much all of the attributes of the McDonnell F-101B Voodoo – now I am not saying that the designers took their plans home for their kids to draw it and I can say that in making the Kittyhawk Voodoo they have had some help from the guys at Detail and scale to get the plans just right – let’s have a look at what is in store for us.. We have seen the CAD drawings now for the colour for the sprue shots sent from KH themselves
Kittyhawk Models
1/48th scale
4 marking choices from the USAF

We have added new sprue shots and pictures of the decal sheet - this might show us a little more about the  kit and we though we would add some more into the discussion..
The clear transparencies
And the decals and photo etched parts
Kittyhawk 1/48th scale McDonnell F-101A/C Voodoo now has some colour to add to the CAD..We now have the colours of the voodoo from Kittyhawk in 1/48th scale - it has two decal sheets with four different marking on them - and all of them are really colourful as well so there will be no excuses for having a lacklustre kit!

The four choices are..

81st TFW's  aircraft at RAF Bentwater, UK in early 1961. 
And the earlier basic CAD drawings..
Like we said this is all the info we have so far on this aircraft so a few things may change but here is a decent idea of what to expect..
Type: one-seat all-weather interceptor.
Propulsion: Two turbojets Pratt & Whitney J57 -P-55, with 5439 kg of thrust each dry and 6799 kg of thrust with after-burners.
Performance: Maximum speed 1963 km / h 12,190 m; initial rate of climb 5,180 m / min, service ceiling, 15,545 m, maximum range 2495 km.
Weight: Empty 13,141 kg, with normal load, 18,099 kg; Maximum takeoff 23,462 kg, on a mission to intercept area.
Dimensions: Wingspan, 12.09 m, length, 20.55 m, height 5.49 m, ​​wing area, 34.19 m 2
Armament: Two rockets to-air unguided AIR-2A with nuclear warhead missiles and two AIM-4C targeted infrared.

We will give you more information on this great new kit as soon as it lands…