Saturday, June 7

Alpine's Italian parachutist from the Nembo division comes with to head choices - seems two "fasces" are better than one..

Alpine Miniatures has released a larger 1/16th scale figure as their usual companion to match the Panzer commanders we looked at the other day - so we thought that we might have a look at this sculpt from Mike Good in our Sunday preview:

Italian Paratrooper "Nembo" Division
Alpine Miniatures
Cat No: 16025
1/16th scale
The pictures show the figure with 2 different heads.
Sculpture by Mike Good / Boxart by Calvin Tan
Alpine Miniatures has combined the sculpting skills of the very talented Mike good and the painting skills of Calvin Tan to release this their newest full body sculpt of an Italian Paratrooper of the famous “Nembo” Division from Mussolini’s army in World War Two.

184th Airborne Division Nembo or 184th Divisione Paracadutisti Nembo (Italian) was an airborne division of the Italian Army during World War II.
The Nembo was formed in December 1942 from the 185 Parachute Regiment from 185 Airborne Division Folgore. The 183 Regiment was sent to North Africa, where it was destroyed. After the Italian surrender, a significant part of the Nembo went over to the German side, eventually becoming the basis of the 4th Fallschirmjäger Division. After the battles of the spine of Italy the remainder of the fascist Nembo was one of the last Italian units to surrender on 4 May 1945

You can see here the Italian Parachutists with the German comrades – These shots of the paratroopers in a forest at Monte Cassino, Italy, 1943-1944, it was from this time that this sculpture was inspired…
The resin sculpt comes with the choice of two heads with a very different look and both wearing different head gear. One is the standard pattern Italian steel helmet with the padded leather cushion on his forehead, the fellow being clean shaven whilst the other head choice is a more hard faced man, Moustached with a much harder face silently looking on with a cigarette in his mouth. The parachute badge on the centre of the hat and the NCO’s stripe on the left.
He carries the favoured sub machine gun of the Italian paratrooper the Beretta Model 38, his pistol and as well as a holstered M39 fighting knife which the Italian parras' carried. His camouflaged smock is covered by the “samurai” bodice ammunition vest for the mags of his Beretta. The mobile nature of these parras' style of warfare meant that they had to transport much of what they needed on their person so this and the twelve pouches for grenades covering his waist under his belt is faithfully replicated here in Mike’s sculpture.
In his camouflaged smock you and see his collar protruding from his ammo vest with  the RSI military symbol that replace the stars of the Italian army clearly. The pants are very folded and creased as would these pants be in real life.
This figure is now available through Alpine Miniature’s Stockists worldwide.