Saturday, June 28

Andrea Miniature's latest pirate male both in 32nd scale

Andrea miniatures have two males in 32nd scale for us this month of July. One is a swashbuckling pirate and one actually isn’t even a male at all! Understand that if you can – or if not check out our preview of their two latest kits.

Andrea Miniatures July 2014 Items

Code: S3-A03
Scale: 1/32nd / 54mm
37 parts in white metal/ 4 parts in Resin
Sculptor: Andrea Studios
Painter: Andrea Studios
In what can be claimed as a direct response to any new injection moulded plastic kits coming out from Asia this month, Andrea Miniatures brings out their own bolted behemoth from the first world war in 32nd scale white metal parts with four resin parts added to that.
This is actually a good counterpart to their earlier release of the German soldiers swarming all over a marooned MK IV in no man’s land that we previewed a few months ago. It would be very nice to show them both together. One broken but not beaten by battle and the other fresh and clean…

Code: PC-12
Scale: 1/32nd / 54 mm
Material: Metal
Pieces - 7
Sculptor: Andrea Studios
Painter: Andrea Studios
This swashbuckler from Andrea’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” series and he comes packing a punch (as well as a hipster chin-beard as well) he is seen here cradling what looks to us as a long blown barrel of a Boat Gun from the 1700s era as well as a pistol in his belt which was called a Blunderbuss. 
Ragged sea worn coat and pants and hat with some of jack sparrow’s feathers in it. He could be painted up in any colours you prefer so he can make him any lurid colours that a pilot might wear. His frilly shirt would make Jerry Seinfeld proud as well! 
Both of these figures are now on sale and are available from AndreaMiniatures website and their distributors worldwide.wide.