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Review: 120 millimeters of Fräulein Feldgrau – and all of the other puns you can think of..

Kamil from KFS Miniatures is a really talented modeller – in between magazine and book build he makes his own figures as well – last year he made a great modern warfare soldier in 120mm – this year he presents us with a lovely Fräulein in Feldgrau to keep us at our modelling desks for longer…

Fräulein Feldgrau
KFS Miniatures.
120mm / 1/15th scale
Resin kit
Sculpted by Kamil Feliks Sztabala
Box art by Przemysław Szymczyk.
Price: USD $28
S&H: USD $10 worldwide airmail
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Kamil’s boutique shop – KFS Miniatures, releases some very nice resin figures and add-ons to other kits which are lauded as interesting and top quality. This month he releases through his website the new figure of a WWI era German Fräulein posing for the troops in 120mm resin form.

Six parts in cream resin form this lovely lady from  the early century – she is long haired and helmeted and carrying an entrenching tool  - here is how she arrived in the box to my door:
and the parts she consists of... casting blocks are still attached to the pieces but they were not too difficult to remove with no collateral damage..
The resin in the parts is bubble free and not at all smelly. There are some tiny dark spots on the resin but that is only on cosmetic. There are some fine nuances of the sculpt especially the hair and the  details on the clothing.Before go go any further into the kit i thought we would look a little at the inspirations of the sculpt and where the culture of this figure comes from..

During the time of the First World War (and no doubt once or twice after that ) the Germans used propaganda heavily in their push to keep the troops morale “up” – and they releases several series of spirit boosters – one of these was the interesting series f photos and printed matter called “Fräulein Feldgrau”.  
Pretty girls in the German Feldgrau uniform – but including no nudes - some of the women even sported fake mo’s & beards - they worked like the later Vargas Pyn-ups. Even the Kaiser’s family was not immune – as his only daughter Viktoria Luise also posed for pictures in uniform as well.

There are some modern style(ly-o) steam punk type pyn-ups we found out on the “internets” s well. Interesting….
There is a great thread from the sculptor Kamil on the forum called “Scale fun” that shows just how this kit was first sculpted – it is very revealing and shows the mind-set of the sculptor as he went about sculpting this lady.. we will build ours up but on the way we will look at the parts our Frau is made from..

The helmet sits neatly on the head in a kind of recess that enables it to sit neatly on the lady's head. All you need to do is to remove the casting block on top of the helmet and you are left with the old "squarehead" type helmet with exaggerated lip and square shape. Her face is feminine and the lips are long and her face cute - you could spend some time painting her!
The torso of the frau comes with head attached with a slender and feminine neck. In fact inside the large "Grau" coat every part of her seems small and delicate. Apart from her accentuated bosom and rump which look in great proportion to me ( then again i might not have seen many of them to know if she is right to scale). The jacket is trussed up tightly at the waist which makes her proportions even more delicate/buxom. The jacket at the bottom flares out like a skirt - and no I'll not take a picture  from that angle. I'm not going back to jail for anyone!
Nice folds of the jacket at the rear and delicate sculpting of the hair which comes out from under the helmet are on show here as well as her tiny waist line accentuated by the tight belt..
The arms of this figure are seen inside open cuffs which again accentuate how little she is in this big man's coat. 

You can see here the fingers on her hands are posed open - on the box art there is a cigarette in her hand and this is easily enough made with stretched sprue. I left this detail out however, but im sure you can make her into a smoker if you like..
 The other hand is open as well at the palm. Her small hand inside the large hollow cuff is seen here in these pictures. She is grabbing an entrenching tool (mini shovel) in the palm of her hand and it fits in there just fine without glue. This arm has a slim seam running down it that needs a little scrape to remove- no sweat.

 Her hand is seen here - she looks like she is pointing here but the fingers are grasping the shovel. A nice study of the hands see the gripping of the tool (too many puns here I'm sure)

Lastly her shovel here that just needs to be removed from the casting block - nice bolts coming through them and a nice thin edge on the blade...

So now w e have all the parts - i can say she went together without a problem in about ten minutes..Here she is  in all built up - all she needs is a cigarette - beautiful!
So there she is - looking spectacular and rather sexy in that 100 year old fashion (could be your great grandma)..

Before you go thinking too hard about that ill let you know i liked this figure very much - she went together easily, She isn't expensive and I am sure that she will be a limited edition. I would look for a few of these on competition tables soon enough.

The thing is I am already calling it a "she" which means that I have more than the usual connection with a resin figure :-)

Keep 'em coming Kamil!

Adam Noreneberg

Feel free to contact Kamil at his website if you want to purchase this lovely lady.

Her she is all painted up - not my work but this is what is possible - or even better? it's up to you