Friday, July 25

Do you want The Ultimate Paint Rack? A great new innovation from Massive Voodoo

NO space – paints falling over, a hassle to find and a pain to store? Well we think the guys at Massive Voodoo have found the answer – a new portable paint rack solution that they have launched a kick-start campaign to get into production. They have already reached their target so if you want one get in quickly to secure yours..
Massive Voodoo is a figure and fantasy painting blog with some very talented artists on it. Like a lot of people I suppose they have been frustrated with the first world problem of having too much paint to keep organized and transport to a buddies house to have  little modelling time with pals – imagine a portable solution that looks good – and works…
Well they are not the only one to envisage a solution – but theirs is the best I have seen so far – 
ill let the video below show you what they are planning…
This is the story from the guys on what they need to get this up and running…

“ We were often struggling with the way we store, manage and travel with our paints. All products and options available at the time were just not what we were looking for.

Some months ago, Raffa decided to build a better paint rack than ever before! Something that fulfilled all the requirements he had. When the first really rough prototype was finished, we both could see the potential for something that a lot of other painters would love to have. Thankfully our friends confirmed this thought.

Almost everyone owns a ton of colours, good daylight lamps, nice miniatures and the best brushes in the world. Why should you settle with anything less than the Ultimate Paint Rack? "
So why do Massive Voodoo need your support? 
We really want to make this affordable for everyone, but we cannot spare the amount of money needed to produce a lot of Ultimate Paint Racks without knowing the demand for them.

With this campaign you can help us cover the production and development. Developing the Ultimate Paint Rack took a lot of time to make it easy to assemble, solid and good looking.
Paint Rack Features:

You can store colors from all typical miniature color manufacturers known to us (Vallejo, Army Painter, old and new GW, P3, Aero Color and more).While storing Vallejo type bottles, it holds up to 108 bottles. This varies with other brands as the bottles have different sizes.

It has a drawer, so when not using the paint rack you can reduce the size of it to 30 x 12,5 x 52 cm (height, depth and width. ~11.8 x 4.9 x 20.5 inch ). This gives you more space when assembling, converting or sculpting your miniatures.

High quality construction. We use 3 and 6 mm wood which makes it really durable.

The Ultimate Paint Rack has an optional carry box that is easily attached to it. When using the carry box you can make use of the three compartments in the back to transport some miniatures, tools or other stuff (seen in the video).

It comes un-assembled, but we made assembly as easy as possible. All you need is some white PVA glue and around 20-30 minutes of your time. Instructions are included.

It's wooden so it takes color really well if you plan on painting your paint rack (Roman's is black while Peter used mahagoni wood stain. Looks ace!)

These are the packages you can buy  - this money isn’t deducted from your stash until the plan comes to fruition and the racks are made – you can choose from:
If you are interested in these racks then go to the campaign site to get yours ASAP…