Wednesday, July 23

OK so a nerd built a life size X-Wing model…

This geeky bloke built a fighter from the Rebel Alliance and now he wants us to give to charity? …But seriously J.J. Abrams has just given us all a glimpse at weathering from a long time ago and a galaxy far, far away (and a chance to be in the new star wars…)

J.J. Abrams has revealed the new alliance fighter from Star Wars Episode VII. After toying with us and showing off the set for Tattooine and the famous chess table from the Millennium Falcon. In the latest video he gives the best spoiler so far – a heavily weathered X-Wing fighter. It features a fat twin engine set up and no space for R2 D2 but this fighter is weathered and beaten to within an inch of it’s (new) life.

The video is shot on the set at Pinewood Studios and features  slow reveal with JJ talking about his campaign for “Star Wars: Force for Change” which aims to raise money for Unicef’s Innovation Labs.)

He starts of close  - see the chipping effects going crazy here… 
Then the camera pulls out
And further
Till.. All is revealed - With a pilot and service droid!
So the next thing modellers need to look at is star wars if this early X-Wing is indeed going to be featured – along with a younger Millennium falcon we suppose!

And no it ISN’T an Z-95 Headhunter!
Check the video out for your chance to be in Episode VII!