Wednesday, July 9

Panzer Aces 46 goes back to the future....

Previous issues of Panzer Aces have seen World War II covered with some lovely models – Issue No# 46 of Panzer Aces features Post World War II vehicles and some of the best models on the market now. Let’s see what’s in store for us in today’s preview of the mag…

New from Euromodelismo
Panzer Aces 46.
64 Pages, A-4 Format
In English & Spanish languages..
Panzer Aces #46 features scale military vehicle magazine with high quality pictures.
Step by step procedures by the most prestigious hobbyists in the international scene.
The magazine also includes pretty unique visuals of the vehicles enhanced with numerous profiles by outstanding illustrators in the scale military hobby.
Tricks, techniques, scenery tips, scale figure painting (vehicle crews) and photographic reviews about the real vehicles as these appear in the magazine:

Featured in this issue in depth are…

- ABRAMS TUSK II, Dragon Scale 1/35 made by José Luis López Pérez.

- T-72 B, Trumpeter, 1/35 scale. Made by Fabrizio Pincelli.

- M2A3 BRADLEY, MENG 1/35 scale made by Javier López de Anca. 

- M-49 A2C Fuel Tanker, Dragon 1/35 scale made by Sergio Fenoy. 

- T-55 C1, Tamiya 1/35 scale by Jari Hemila.

To buy this mag or any back issues just shoot to the Panzer Aces site for more info