Wednesday, July 16

Review: Verlinden Production’s Russian Tank Riders WWII in 35th scale

 After the failed Blitzkreig and the failure at Kursk the visage of the red army soldier charging into battle in full winter gear jumping off the back of tanks became the one we are accustomed to seeing. This is what Verlinden brings us in their latest release we put together today…

Russian Tank Riders WWII
Verlinden Productions
1:35th Scale
$17.95 from Verlinden directly

Verlinden keep on producing three or four kits every month to consumers and they are re-inventing the wheel it seems with new figures of old themes. The Soviet army is the latest target in this new release #2787 Soviet Tank Riders WWII.

The shock troops of the Russian army traveled on the back of tanks into battle – there they jumped off once joining with the enemy and either covered their vehicle’s flank or went hunting on their own – here are some soviet soldiers from summer and winter time doing just that. 
Made from cream resin in seventeen parts, the resin was bubble free on the surface and it had some pouring blocks still attached at the waist and a few other areas that were not too difficult to remove.
These two Soviet troops are made from cream resin and are suitable for a winter scene as they are covered from head to toe in all white camouflage which also served to a degree as protective clothing from the elements. Both of these troops are armed with Ppsh-41 sub-machine guns which worked well for shock troops or for firing from the deck of the tank.

Let’s look at them both individually now..

The first fellow with a flat palm: He is seen in all over very floppy and loose white cloth clothing which covered his uniform and helmet. Made from eight parts of cream resin I was able to put him together in ten minutes with some superglue..
He is seen here leaning on his left arm with the palms flat on the side of the deck of the tank. His legs are crossed off to the side and his right arm is seen holding his sub-machine gun resting the barrel on his shoulder.
You may have to do a little trimming around his arm joint as he has a little too much material at the rear arm joint. Too much is better than too little and the trim is only very small. Notice that he has a spare ammo canister pouch and a small bread bag on his belt as well.
I like the way the creases on the arms of this figure as well as the rest of his clothing especially over the helmet.
The second figure is made from ten parts of cream resin. Like his pal he carries a Ppsh-41 sub machine gun in his right hand (the same parts as his comrade uses) and a spare ammo pouch and bread bag.
He is slightly more active than his pal, kneeling slightly forward he is a good study of balance of the human being.  His left arm is reaching slightly forward to either draw attention of his comrade or to motion in a direction.
Again there is a lot of wrinkling going on in the clothing of this soldier and his baggy white camo looks very nice. 
Pinching at the waist and at places like the tie of cloth on his neck and bread bag look convincing. His helmet is on top of the white hood which again makes him different from his fellow rider.
So her they are together  - natural enough with a little urgency seen on the second trooper adding some interest.
I liked these figures from Verlinden – they are cheap and easy to put together and look like they are from the wildest winter temperatures – coming in from the blinding eastern blizzard – they capture the visage of the invincible Soviet army for mine.

Adam Norenberg

You can get this kit right now from Verlinden directly – thanks to them for this kit to build and review
And here they are all painted up by Verlinden to show you what they look like