Sunday, August 3

Italeri’s August items leave us spoilt for choice

Italeri has some tasty morsels of all different kinds ( 56th scale Panther?) coming our way – tanks, jets and WWII bombers getting the D-Day treatment are just the start of this month’s treats…

 Italeri's august Items..
Kit: 1350 Stirling Mk.IV 1/72nd scale
D-DAY Series - Normandy 1944/2014
Skill: 5
Model Dim.: 36,9 cm
Box Dim.: 440 x 270 x 70 mm
100% new moulds - colour instructions sheet - contains photo-etched fret
The Short Stirling was the first heavy bomber used during the Second World War by the British Royal Air Force. Although it was built around a robust metal airframe and it was able to carry a good offensive load, the Stirling was gradually replaced in RAF Bomber Squadron with the more advanced Halifax and Lancaster. Thanks to its 4 powerful 1,635 hp Bristol Hercules engines, it was able to perform other important duties  in airborne operations : dropping paratroopers and towing gliders. 
The Stirling Mk IV version was adapted to optimize the towing of gliders, such as Horsa and Hamilcar, with the elimination of nose and dorsal turrets and the introduction of mechanisms to release gliders. The Stirlings Mk IV were used in the Battle of Normandy  and Operation Market Garden.
Decals for 4 versions in RAF D-Day WWII Service

Kit# 2747: Hawk T1A ''Red Arrows 50 display seasons'' 1/48th scale
The British Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (RAFAT), the formal name of the Red Arrows, began life in 1964. All the previous RAF display teams were amalgamated in the this new team that was soon equipped with seven Folland Gnat trainers. Starting from 1980, thanks to its performing qualities and its incredible manoeuvrability, the Hawk is used to equip Red Arrows team.
 It is the same as the one used by the Royal Air Force for training, with further improved mechanics to provide even quicker command response times. Furthermore smoke generators have been inserted which are used during exhibitions, allowing for 5 minutes of white smoke, 1 minute of red smoke and 1 minute of blue smoke.

Decals for each of the versions in Red Arrows Livery...

Kit# 1357: JAGUAR Gr.3 "BIG CAT" Special Colours – 1/72nd scale
Super Decals Sheet
Skill: 2
Model Dim.: 23,3 cm
Box Dim.: 290 x 190 x 45 mm
The Jaguar, born during the ‘60s thanks to a development partnership program between French and British aviation companies, is one of the most famous and “long lasting” ground attack and close air support aircraft used by Royal Air Force.  It was used by R.A.F. until the mid-2000s and it showed an impressive longevity and operational efficiency.  Thanks to its two turbojet engines it was able to reach and exceed the speed of Mach 1.6.  It has been used to perform duties in operational areas characterized by a high level of complexity, including the Balkans and Iraq.
Jaguar Gr. 3 was one of the most updated versions of the fighter-bomber. The single-seat all-weather ground attack fighter has been equipped with improved navigation system and weapon target seekers. To celebrate the end of Jaguar active service, the interesting “Big Cat” commemorative livery has been done.

Decals for one version in special RAF Jaguar markings

Kit# 15652: Sd. Kfz. 171 Panther Ausf.A – 1/56th scale
Skill: 1
Box Dim.: 258 x 162 x 38 mm
100% new mould
WWll German Military Vehicle - Easy Assembly
Set is supplied with Italeri acrylic paint, glue and brush.

Kit#6520: BMP 1- 1/35th scale
Skill: 4
Model Dim.: 16,6 cm
Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 60 mm
The BMP-1 has been, for several years, the most common armoured infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) of the Soviet Army. It entered in active service in the early '70s. BMP-1 was characterized by the use of innovative technical solutions. It had a low profile shape with a good level of protection and was armed with a conical turret equipped with a 73mm main gun and a ramp capable of firing wire-guided anti-tank missile mounted on gun mantlet. The BMP-1, in addition to the crew members,  could carry an infantry squad formed by eight fully equipped soldiers. 
The BMP-1 was widely used by Soviet Union and Russia, Warsaw Pact members, Middle East and African countries, participating in a relevant number of conflicts and civil war including Afghanistan, the Iran-Iraq war, the first and the second Gulf War.

Decals for 3 versions

These kits should all be available thru Italeri’s stockists this month.