Thursday, August 7

Verlinden's August items feature three men lying down - at least one without clothes...

Verlinden keeps ‘em coming out with four new products for the month of August. Some kits to “wake up” your Vietnam dio along with some destruction and a “large Sarge” are just some of what’s on the way…

Verlinden's New Items of August
1:35th scale
“Gooood Morning Vietnaaaam” to these two GI’s who look like they haven’t really had a good night sleep at all.
The two soldiers are seen inside their swags – one not wanting to rouse whilst the other contemplates the next step towards waking up. This set in cream resin features the men in their sleeping bags, their pack and two jerry cans, a full duffel bag and the soldier’s jackets with their packs and most importantly their weapons on top of them keeping them clean of the dirt and grime.

1/35th scale Bugs, mosquitoes and ants sold separately….

1:16th scale
This “extra-large Sarge” from the WWII European theatre of war. He looks pretty much the archetypical Sergeant with years of experience and a weather-beaten look.

Cast in cream resin he carries a large Thompson sub-machine gun  and some grenades hanging from his crowded webbing with an entrenching shovel, spare med pack and another satchel packed with who knows what – probably whoop-ass!

1:35th scale
This ruined house is crafted from cream resin and you can see the structure and pointed windows hint at a European or colonial building in the Far East. The tall walls form onto a derelict corner you can either fill with rubble or cracked timber. The frames of the windows are still in and you can make your own cracked glass from Perspex or maybe your clear take away container from lunch!

This G.I. from the Vietnam war is taking cover on “Hamburger Hill” - or Hill 937 – but it can be anywhere in South East Asia in the time as well.  This Sergeant in the army is seen is seen resting against the mud on the hill. 

He is wearing jungle fatigues, an M1 helmet and large knife with a full pack on his belt with ammo for his M-16 rifle. He also has a large surprise for the NVA with a LAW rocket launcher along to clear some bunkers. This soldier and the base are made from cream resin and make up a little vignette by themselves.

All of these are now on sale at an introductory discounted price on the Verlinden Website…  get them by clicking the links above..