Thursday, August 28

We look at the digital HobbyWorld in today’s magazine preview…

With so many new magazines in circulation that are fast catching up with the modern methods of modelling we can’t help but try to show them all to you – today we have a preview of the new English magazine out of Span called HobbyWorld in today’s news.

HobbyWorld English Single Digital Issue - HOBBYWORLD 169
This monthly magazine called HobbyWorld aspires to be the leading Spanish modelling magazine. It is available in English and Spanish languages. Every issue is packed with high quality articles and photography that run all sorts of models and scales and step by step articles, latest news and high quality graphics.
Hobbyworld typically includes:
- How to assemble and paint your kits
- Reviews of the latest products on the market
- Contests and Events worldwide

Contents of this issue 169:
Sherman III DV by Michael Mandau
Henschel 126 A-1 by José Antonio García Moreno
88mm Flak 18 by Simon Antelmi
F-86 F Sabre by Istvan Michalko
McLaren MP4-13 by Joaquín Rebollo
Contest  AMT 2014 2ª part  by Mario Tornel
News round up from the rest of the modelling world.

The digital edition is on sale for 4.45 Euros for each edition - If you want to know more check out their website