Wednesday, September 24

Ahhh C! Miniart re-claim the hobby shops with a new Panzer IIIC

Only made in small numbers and used in the invasion of Poland - this kit has never actually been made in injection moulded plastic in this scale MiniArt has made a lot of people happy with their new Panzer IIIB and now the Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.С model is coming – batten down the hatches let’s take a look at the CAD and parts in our preview…
In progress from Miniart
Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.С
1/35th scale
BOX: 380x240x60 mm
This kit contains 1171 parts.
Everything you need for an accurate model in one box.
·    First model of PZ. KPFW. III AUSF. C reproduced in plastic
·    Highly detailed model
·    All New Tooling. State of the art engineering utilising slide mould technology
·    Total details 1171
·    1047 plastic parts
·    63 PE parts
·    11 clear plastic parts
·    Decals sheet for 5 options are included
·    Full-colour instruction
·    Fully detailed interior of turret
·    Crews vision periscopes with clear plastic parts
·    All hatches can be assembled opened or closed
·    Workable chassis
·    Workable track links

Historical  information 
Panzerkampfwagen Ill Ausf C (Sd Kfz 141)
Other designation: 3b Serie ZW
Type: Medium tank
Manufacturer: Daimler-Benz
Chassis Nos.: 60221-60225, 60316-60340
30 produced from January to June 1938
Crew: 5
Weight (tons): 16
Width (metres):   5.92
Width (metres): 2.82
Height (metres): 2.42
Engine: Maybach HL108TR
Gearbox: 6 forward, 1 reverse
Speed (km/hr): 40
Range (km): 165
Radio: FuG5

Armament: One 3.7cm          Two 7.92mm MG34         One 7.92mm MG34
KwK L/46.5
Traverse: 360° (hand)            =                                      hand
Elevation: -10° +20°               =
Sight: TZF5a                          =                                      KgZF2
Ammunition:  121 Pzgr           4.500 Patr Smk

Armour (mm/angel):     Front          Side           Rear          Top/Bottom
Turret:                          15/15°        15/25°        15/0°-21°   10/83°-90°
Superstructure:            15/10°        15/0°          15/10°        10/75°-90°
Hull:                              15/20°        15/0°          15/33°        5/90°
Gun mantlet:                15/rounds

History:   The third vehicle in the development series, the Aust C, was yet another attempt to improve the design of the suspension..

Specific features: The Ausf.C still had eight road wheels on each side, with the first and last pairs on a short leaf spring, mounted parallel to the ground. The second and third pairs were supported by a longer leaf-spring assembly. Also featured were a servo-operated epicyclic clutch, brake steering and a new design for the drive sprocket and idler.

Combat service: By 20 January 1938 there were only twenty-three Pz Kpfw Ill in the total Army Inventory. But this number had increased to forty-two by the end of March 1938. The Ausf C saw action only in Poland. fl was withdrawn from Panzer regiments in February 1940, before the start of the campaign in the West.

Contents of the Box - these sprues are duplicated on some of these multiple times:
Tool for assembling track link

Track Pins
CAD drawings showing the really very good internal turret details.
Clear parts for periscopes/ viewing ports
PE parts - not too many which is great!
And the CAD drawings of this tank showing just whey we are so excited to see MiniArt back in the swing!
OK more on this kit when it comes to our door and we review it – till then you can see all of miniart’s kits at their homepage.