Wednesday, September 17

Five releases from Verlinden for September – out now and on sale!

Verlinden's latest releases are so varied we are sure at least one of these five is sure to get your interest – we have a flamin’ turret, some grease monkeys, the king rat from the tunnels of Vietnam and the natural enemy of the desert rats… Let’s have a look shall we?

 Verlinden's September 2014 releases

          German Inf. France May 1940    
120mm - 1/16th scale
To make this figure of a German “Landser” in the advance through a beaten France to the channel in 1940 you will need the twenty one resin parts in this kit. 
He holds up a French helmet to examine it in a poetic stance that will look very nice painted and weathered up like it is in the box art picture. The German soldier carries his KaR 98 rifle over his shoulder and ammo on his webbing on his torso with a Luger tucked into his belt  and a stick grenade tucked into his boot - “just in case.”

1:35th scale
There are fourteen resin parts to make this figure of a Vietnam special forces “Tunnel rat” and his faithful tunnel clearing Alsatian. “K-9” teams performed during ground operations with the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy in the Vietnam War.
The “Grunts” often became very attached to these dogs who stuck with them throughout the tour and sometimes afterward – Alsatians were used exclusively for scouting and as mine and tunnel Dogs. The dog and handler were generally deployed with the infantry and combat engineer units. They were trained to sniff out mines and booby traps buried in roads, hidden on bridges or in buildings, and sniff out the location of tunnels. After the dog located the tunnel, a soldier (Tunnel Rat) would enter the tunnel to investigate. 
This tunnel rat has his pistol at the ready and heaps of gear still in his pack – it looks like they have just found this tunnel entrance as the pooch is sitting down after doing his job.

            Erwin Rommel "The Desert Fox"          
1:4th scale
There are four large parts to make this very large scale bust (1/4th scale) of arguably one of the most famous Generals in history. Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel was popularly known as the Desert Fox (Wüstenfuchs) and he was the scourge of all of the enemies he faced in World War II on the battlefields.
There is a lot of fine detail here which you might expect in such a large scale bust. You can see the ornate shoulder boards of a field marshal as well as his Iron cross on his throat and the medal below that is his award of the Pour le Mérite which he won in the First World War.
The national symbol of the eagle on the breast pocket of his tunic and officer’s cap are just as detailed as are the laurels and cockade on his hat. He looks like a lovely bust that can get painted up pretty nicely with the detail afforded to it by the sculptor.

1:35th scale
This “Zippo” as it was named after the famous lighter represents an M113 armoured turret that was used to clear large parts of the jungle and to help establish a perimeter for the troops in support.
There are three parts and copper wire used to form this turret and if it is as bad-ass looking as the real thing we are “cooking” as the turret in real life rotated 360 degrees and the range was two hundred meters. 

1:35th scale
There are three figures of mechanics made from eighteen parts of resin in this set of GI’s in 35th scale. They could be used as mechanics for many things but they strike me as tankmen or mobile mechanics as one of the soldiers wears a tanker’s helmet.

While one soldier uses a chisel and hammer to “adjust” the part two others look on – a sergeant and the private who is enjoying a cheeky smoke as he looks on with a smile on his face.

All of these are now on sale at an introductory discounted price on the Verlinden Websiteget them by clicking the links in the product descriptions above..